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    10,000 Stars

    Best keyboard i have ever typed on. At first i had doubts on this new "aluminum" model because i just happen to be one of those people who have mammoth hands-it was surprising on how small it was, compared to the backlit Saitek Eclipse II. Keys feel great, perfect spacing, instant plug-and-play on my MacBook. And having F1 through-F19 keys is great, Number keypad is a great addition to any Mac Notebook user. Great Price.

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    This keyboard is awesome! I was doubtful of waisting my money on a keyboard but I am glad I did buy it. I have an eMac running Leopard and it works awesome. The special function keys are great for expose, itunes, dashboard and more. With the slim design and the new keypad touch pressure thing, it is awesome. What I mean by pressure thing, I mean that if you press h and hit h and a little bit of j by accident, it will sense it and it knows that you meant h.

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    I like it

    I was a little concerned about buying this keyboard due to some of the reviews. I like the idea of the extra USB ports and it seems that most people are having trouble with this feature. I also noticed that some people are having issues with the F3 and F4 selections.I decided I would purchase it anyway because I got tired of how dirty my old keyboard was. I purchased the iMac last yr and although I liked the keyboard that came with the computer, I was a bit surprised at how dirty it became with its see through bottom. No matter how many times I tried to blow out the dirt with air canisters, the junk stayed put. I so far, have not had any issues. My F3 and F4 buttons work just fine. Also, the USB ports took my SLR camera just fine with no error messages of not enough power. So maybe Apple has worked this out? The keyboard does type like a laptop so if your not crazy about that feel, this prolly would not be the keyboard for you. It types just like my Macbook and Im fine with that. I would have preferred the wireless board but I like having a number pad. So over all, I am quite happy with my purchase.

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    Greatest Keyboard!!!!

    I got this keyboard from my wife as a Christmas present. I LOVE IT. It is the greatest and the best keyboard from Apple. It is a lot better than the previous one. I can type a lot faster now with any typo.

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    This keyboard is simply amazing! I can't believe how effortless the typing is, the look and feel is fantastic. The shortcut keys are also very nice. Buy this keyboard.

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    I used this keyboard for about 10 minutes once, and now I have to buy one. It looks very cool and is much better than the old keyboards. The keyboard I'm using right now (old) is very messed up and the "q" key is practically impossible to use. The new keyboard is amazing. :-D

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    Great but 1 defect (also solutions for some other reviews)

    I just purchased this keyboard for my powermac g5 because it sure matches the look of it better than the white one that came with it. Unfortunately, my right arrow key is sticky. It just seems to take a split second longer to come back up than any of the other keys and sounds different too.

    I noticed that in another review somebody said it doesn't work with vista. I believe if you insert a leopard disk while running windows, it will install drivers for the function keys. Also somebody else was disappointed because the usb ports were not powered enough to support his ipod, but almost all keyboards with usb ports on them are this way. They are just enough for a mouse and perhaps some other small accessory.

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    Perfect Keyboard

    I just hooked up this new slim Apple keyboard for Christmas! It is perfect.

    I had went to my local Apple store over a month ago to seek advise on why the keys on my current keyboard had such a 'sticky' feeling and if there was a way to fix it. Other than placing it in the dishwasher, which the salesman noted was a recommended solution by some users via the internet, he introduced me to this new Apple keyboard. It was designed in line with the laptop keyboard and the low key profile and soft touch keys are just what I needed.

    The color style matches the iMac with its white and brushed aluminum look even nicer than the original all white and clear plastic look.

    The low profile is so less stressful on your wrists and, if you are having 'sticky-key' issues with the old keyboard and/or have short fingers, go buy this new Apple keyboard - it is awesome!

    The 'Apple' logo is missing on the 'Command' key. But if you need an apple, go to market.

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    love love love this product

    i love this keyboard. it makes my old g4 feel brand new again. i love the way you have to hit the eject button harder then the rest. i use to have it just pop open all the time on my old one. great absoultuely love it. very thin

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    Works with Vista fine

    Got the keyboard today to replace my old apple KB - I dont have a mac but love the keyboards - and it works fine on my PC running Vista32 bit and yes even the apple keys - all you need is the boot camp msi and a reboot and it all works fine, if you get something like sharp keys you can even remap most keys. Superb KB to use and worth it even for us PC users.

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    Review: Apple Wired Keyboard

    For people that love the feel of soft, smooth typing, this is the keyboard for you! it is amazing! this would have to be the best keyboard ever! it's so thin, i can move it in a second. the two USB ports are easy to get access to, so it's easy to plug-in your iPod or digital camera.

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    Aluminum + Apple = Yummy

    I bought the keyboard, admittedly, because it matches my Apple Cinema Display and PowerMac really well (in other words, its sexy). But it feels sexy too. Trust me, if you can type, you will love this even more! I can type 75 to 100WPM and this keyboard keeps up no problem.

    I also have no problem syncing my iPod shuffle on it. Haven't tried my full size iPod yet - I've read that it doesn't work. I have a feeling it will. :)

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    Apple Button

    Where is the Apple button? Other than that, this keyboard is awesome. usb 2.0 ports are awesome and it feels great to type.

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    Slick And Functional!

    as a programmer i spend a lot of time jamming on my board - i'm thrilled by the softer keys, the built in expose and iTunes function keys (although i do need my F12 regularly ;)).
    I've got the new keyboard paired with the last generation imac - still looks good altogether, ha.
    Love the slim profile, makes my desk feel less cluttered, which in turns frees my mind a bit more to focus on the work at hand.
    excellent product!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    LOVE IT!

    I bought this keyboard after losing my right shift key on my old Apple keyboard and deciding that it was about time anyway to upgrade. So i bought myself and holiday gift. The second i started using it i couldn't stop. Its just that amazing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I am using this keyboard for my studio and wow! Works perfectly! I use alot of short keys in Protools and this keyboard works awesome for that propose! Light, thin, and love the keys.
    GOOD BUY!!!!

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    Excellent keyboard

    I've had this keyboard for about a day and it is so nice to type on. The time it took to get use to it wasn't more than 30 minutes. The keys have a nice tactile feel and are spaced so that you don't tend to hit the wrong key while typing. The low angle it forms with the desk top makes it much easier on your wrist which is great if you have problems with arthritis like I do. It also seems to be well made and is surprisingly heavy for something this thin.

    I would recommend this keyboard to anyone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I am very pleased with it (except for one point)

    I spilled coffee on my old keyboard (FYI: not good to do). I tried my best to clean it, but to no avail.

    I almost ordered another keyboard (an ergonomic keyboard), then read a review that the other keyboard didn't have a numeric keypad. That wasn't acceptable.

    Then I found this keyboard. Reasonably inexpensive. I bought it.

    It is a great keyboard.

    Good points:
    19 function keys!
    Useful icons on some of the function keys (Dashboard, Exposé, etc. In other words, made for Mac OS X)
    Unbelievably slim
    Aesthetically pleasing

    Bad point:
    The USB ports on the keyboard are off of the ends instead of the back. Not good for my USB memory stick.

    But the Good points far outweigh the Bad points. Bottom line: I'm very happy with my purchase.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great keyboard

    I really liked the look of this keyboard, but that's not the reason to get it. The feel is better than any one I have ever used before. I'm not good at typing and just going to this keyboard made an improvement. The controls are simple and useful, volume etc. it's not too expensive, and well worth the price!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No more ant farm of crumbs on my desk.

    So glad to have this new keyboard on my studio desk.
    It types so smooth and soft. Also looks fantastic.
    What was up with the previous Apple keyboard design? It caught every crumb throughout the years. It would have made a great studio ant farm.

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