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    Overpriced And Low Quality

    I bought one two years ago and after one year it just stopped working one day, so I bought another one and once more it has just stopped working after about one year. Ridiculous that I have to pay $80 each year for a new charger. I don't think I ever had to buy a charger for any other computer I have ever owned before buying a MAC.

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    Only lasted a month when handled with care, shocking!

    Firstly - this only gets one star because it looks good (and you can't put 0 stars). I have had this product for 1 month after replacing an old charger that had stopped working. It has already stopped working and after the issues with the last one, I had handled this one incredibly gently to try and get as long out of it as possible. Obviously I can get a replacement but I really shouldn't need to waste my time.

    Serious problems here apple - listen to your customers - replace this charger.

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    OTHER options??

    I am on my second MagSafe Power adapter in a year-and-a-half. Both have just stopped working . . . not sure what the problem is. I see that MANY others have the same issue. FIX IT, APPLE!! Not sure what I'm going to do when this one breaks - can't afford an additional $80 :-(

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    Terrible Quality!

    I find it rather insulting that Apple continues to use such cheap material on the MagSafe Power Adapters. My MacBook is less than two years old but my power adapter looks like I've owned it for ten years. The insulation has begun to fray so much that I find pieces of it on the floor below my desk. This is very unsafe!

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    Adapters are poorly made; terrible quality

    As a long-time owner of three types of iPods, two MacBooks, and an iMac, I've come to expect high quality from Apple products. This power adapter fails miserably in the QC area, as reflected by its poor ratings. After a little over a year of use, the cord began to free near the adapter box, and now, it has come apart altogether. Electrical tape worked as a band-aid solution, but only for a while. Now, it only charges my MacBook intermittently, which is unacceptable, especially for a student. I hope Apple recognizes the default in this product and offers an official replacement program.

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    Most awful product ever by any standards.

    So far this is the most awful product i have ever come across by any reputable company. I have mac book pro for 2 years and so far i had to change the charger 3 times. Every time the charger will heat up and will stop functioning. Not only me but same problems with my colleague who uses mac book pro as well. Cant imagine that a company like apple will come up with such a trash !!! What is the point of making a £1000+ mac book if they cant make a quality charger with this. Just to annoy even further, thanks for keeping the price £50 for a new one!! Next time this charger goes off the macbook will go away with it (in the bin). Never going to buy any apple product again

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    Got my pro in july 2010. Within the past few weeks, I noticed that the charge light doesn't come on unless its getting pushed at an odd angle. Now that technique doesn't work anymore! Seriously though, $79.00? Go to an oem part store. Not to mention my iphone doesn't charge anymore unless I take the back glass off. I'm so tired of my favorite electronics being low battery all the time !!

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    Damages quickly

    Well, I have had my cord for less than a year and it hasn't really been working properly for 6 months. I am disappointed by the design, it seems that the wires are not properly connecting because I have to twist the magnetic adaptor to MAYBE get my computer to charge. Also, Apple is disheartening because they have no information on the bad charge cord. "links have been removed" I was trying to see if it was under warranty, but no prevail.

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    MagSafe Feature is Wonderful

    I've had this power adapter for years now and never had a problem. It seems very well-made. And the MagSafe feature is just amazing. There's been a few times when I've tripped over the cord and this feature probably saved my MacBook -- that alone is well worth the price.

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    MagSafe Power Adapter Cord – rubber insulation keeps splitting

    I have read many of the reviews posted here to find out if any one else has experienced my problem. It seems that problems with these adapters are common, but I did not see any reviews that address the same issue I have with the power adapters.

    I am on my fourth MagSafe Power Adapter since I bought my MacBook Pro in 2008. Apple replaced the first one under warranty and I have had to buy three others since. The problem I have found is that the rubber insulation on the cords tends to split very easily. If any tiny split develops, the cord will not work.

    I did find that if I use electrical tape to seal the area that is exposed, the cord will work again until the split worsens or another split forms somewhere else on the cord. The cord I am using now has a split that has traveled about ten inches down the cord. I have had to completely remove the rubber insulation around the length of the split and the wiring beneath is now covered only by electrical tape.

    I always try to make each cord last as long as possible, limping them along with this "band aid" method. But, I will eventually need to buy a fifth adapter and see how long that one will go before another cord split happens.

    Apple, something needs to change. Maybe it is just a matter of using another type of more durable cord insulation that will hold up better.

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    Inadequate lifetime of use

    Am about to purchase my 3rd adapter in 2 years which to my mind makes it an appalling product, inadequate for its intended use. Apple really need to resolve this - it lets down a good product in the Mac.

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    Maybe Mac is NOT better than PC

    I bought my MacBook SIX months ago and just had the adapter die on me. I take good care of my things; the cord was never twisted or kinked and I always used the 3-prong grounding extension. I had noticed it tending to feel hot at times, as does the laptop itself...nothing consistent enough to know it would heat up if I took it in for techs to examine. I had a HP laptop that lasted over 8 years with no adapter cord problems. I chose to spend the significantly higher price for the Macbook (over pc prices) after having 3 defective pc laptops since that first HP. I was willing to pay more if it meant quality, even though it meant repurchasing Quickbooks (knowing the Mac version was getting poor reports) and other software to convert all my other business records to Mac. Now it seems I could have saved the money as Mac quality is not proving to match the price, and the reviews I'm reading on the adapter have me fearful that I'll be faced with the inconvenience and expense of buying more adapters on a regular basis if I stay with Mac. If I go back to PC, I'll be challenged to convert my business records and Quickbooks back to PC. Either way I decide, Mac and it's adapter problems have proven unreliable and unworthy of the high prices.

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    Sort it out, Apple!

    I'm now having to buy my FIFTH charger in 3 years. Completely outrageous. I wouldn't be able to function day-to-day anymore without apple products but this one really lets the brand down. I'm furious.

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    Not bad :)

    I like it. I had an issue with my old one that was causing the computer to crash completely almost eveytime I plugged it in. After hours of waiting at the mac store for help we finally figured out it was the charger that had something wrong with it, not the computer. I'm still on the same computer, but different charger. So far so good. It seems to be working fine now. I however, do not like how small the charger part is, I think thats part of what the problem was. It seems they could break easily, although with my new one I have not had an issue, so as long as you are careful with it it should be fine. As with anything, mac is always good with their products and replacements. They replaced my charger absolutely free after I had all the issues.

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    Looks good but bad cabling!

    Any Engineer will tell you what one of the problem is here - it is the thinness of the wire that connects the "brick" to the MagSafe plug. Mine lasted 2 yrs but the wire broke where it enters the brick because of constant bending - it's called "work hardening". Would I pay £50 for a new one - you must be joking. I ran my hobby saw round the seams on 3 sides of the brick to cut thru the plastic; prised the two halves apart; cut the grommet from the wire (where it enters the brick); stripped back the covering on the wire that is attached to the MagSafe plug; separated the wires and re-soldered them to the wires inside the brick, put insulating tape on them and put both halves of the brick back together again and secured them with electrical tape!

    It ain't pretty but it works and about an hour's labour saved me £50!! This charger needs a wire on it that is at least double the thickness of the present wire in order to make it more robust. Or is this a sneaky ploy to introduce a limited life to these things so that we have to constantly purchase new ones and thus increase Apple's revenue??

    Don't bother buying a new one, if you can use a hobby saw, craft knife and a soldering iron - FIX IT YOURSELF!!! It's not hard and what have you to lose?

    Come on Apple - don't be so arrogant and get your act together on these things and LISTEN to your customers!!! We're not all wrong - this is a bad design with inadequate wiring and will continue to cause problems until YOU fix it!!! As for the cost of a new one - you're taking the mickey aren't you???

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    Love my macbook, hate this power adapter

    I absolutely love my imac, my macbook, and most recently my new macbook air. But this power adapter has been terrible. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, ready to bring your computer to the office for a presentation, and finding a dead computer that you thought was charging all night.

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    I'm on my 3rd in one year and I'm tired of this...

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    There is a flaw with this product.

    I have had a MacBook Pro for just over a year now. I am about to have to buy a third charger, because my last two adapters have stopped working without reason. There is no damaging to the adapter. I am very frustrated with this.

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    What they say is, in this case, true. My new MagSafe power adapter lasted a month (with little use). Luckily, it was warranted and replace at no charge. But, still....it's cause for concern.

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    I can't really complain, though I'd like to.

    There are 780 reviews for this power adapter, it's clear its junk. Or is it? My dog has chewed through the skinny cable that goes to my Macbook, and he chewed the fat cable on the extension part. I taped both of them back together thinking I didn't have a prayer of it working again. Well, that was 2 years ago, still ticking. A common problem I've had that I attend to, is dirt build up on the magnet. I do the old blow-on-it trick for both the female and male ends. Voila. last night was the first time I couldn't get it to work. This morning I shut it down, took the battery out, unplugged everything. Rebooted and plugged it back in. Nothing. Did it a few more times, Voila. again.

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