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    Not good at all

    I would have graded it half a star if I could. This charger died in 4 months....I bought my macbook pro a year a half ago. My first charger that came with the laptop broke in a year and 2 months. Therefore I bought this one to replace it. This "brilliant" charger decides that it is time for it to retire after 4 months. $80 for 4 months. Apple needs to start ripping me off and provides customers qualified products

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    I hope the new is better than the old...

    I have a mid-2009 model, purchased 18 months ago. Has the old T-style 60W Magsafe adapter. Of course it failed. Although I made it a point to take care of the adapter and it never left my home, it clearly had design issues with too much torque at the magnet even with careful use. Horrible design and, to be honest, somewhat embarrassing that Apple has made the user foot the bill on a clearly faulty product. At $65-80 bucks a pop, that's a huge PR misstep on the part of Apple, especially when one considers the inherent quality and design issue of a product that costs $2K and above in many cases.

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    'problem solved' was right

    mine lasted a year, then quit, then worked, then quit...after buying a new one, i tried what was recommended...i unplugged the bad one from both wall and macbook, let it sit for a while, plugged back in to wall, then macbook and voila! a green light. at least i have a spare, and will be spared another 45 minute trip to get a new one again.

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    I am on my THIRD charger in less than two years. I love my Mac Pro 13" dearly, but I am getting tired of spending $80 for this unreliable charger. I don't understand why these chargers stop working so easily. I have never dropped or in any way mistreated my chargers at all, and it's getting annoying having to pay so much money for a product that can't even last a year... :/

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    Overpriced, fails often, ruins battery

    I'm on my thrid charger in just over a year. No big deal if Apple didn't overcharge by a factor of 4. Unfortunately I also believe it toasted the battery on my MBP. I was promised 10 hours of battery life when I bought it, but now I'm lucky to get 1.

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    Poor design

    The original adapter for my 2007 MacBook lasted for three years. It finally died, so I bought a replacement- this 60W MagSafe Power Adapter. It lasted only 7 months before it broke. I replaced it again, and THAT one broke down in 6 months. Today I very grudgingly bought another adapter- my THIRD 60W MagSafe in 13 months- and I don't expect much longevity out of it. I've purchased every time at an official Apple Store.

    Compared to the previous design, the current 60W adapter is shoddy.

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    Apple, do cord and adapter separate

    I need to replace whole adapter cause of pin. let Apple do charger and cord as two separate things, everyone would be more pleased - now its more unfair than "Not eco friendly"

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    60w magsafe power adapter

    Apple needs to improve their power adapters. I shouldn't have to wiggle at the base of the "L" shape adapter in order the get the light to turn on. It hasn't been a year and I already have to get a new power adapter! From the reviews that I have read, Apple seems to have had this problem for a while. My MacBook was my first lap top, I hope it's not my last!

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    I bought this product 7 months ago. I am now buying a replacement. This is the second time I've replaced this in less than two years. $80 x 3 is too much money to spend on a product that should work and last longer than 7 months.

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    Poor quality

    I've had two break on me. Poor quality.

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    Good idea, but failed execution.

    The magnet part of the power adapter hasn't failed me due to the fact that I have tripped over it several times already and I enjoy not nocking my laptop onto the floor. But due to the fact that the cord itself is about 4 feet long, it renders the power adapter almost useless, unless you have an extensive cord of course. Since the chord is so short I find myself pulling the adapter falling out of my computer almost every time I move. Good idea apple, but make the chord a little bit longer for easier reach.

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    very unsatisfied

    I have enjoyed macbooks for years but there is one thing I hate, the charger. Currently it has stopped working after only 5 months, where I took very extensive care of it only to end up with it to stop working for no apparent reason. I am very disappointed with the workmanship and am an unsatisfied customer. This should be a top priority or you will lose customers, I much preferred the hp cables which I NEVER had to replace.

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    Works Fine But...

    Why is it 80 bucks? Way too much for just a replacement power adapter. I also must say that while the right-angle design of the power connector to the computer is great for people who charge their laptops on a desk or in a stationary place, people like me who don't always sit at a desk but still need charging for power hungry applications will find this design troublesome. The reason I needed a replacement adapter was because this right-angle design puts too much stress on the cable while on the go, and eventually the repetitive bending wears out the copper cable inside. Under daily use, these adapters will not last longer than a year, and 80 bucks a year is too steep a price to pay just to charge my computer.

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    Apple should be ashamed

    These things seem to be made to be disposable. I have had to purchase 4 of them in the past two years. The MacBook is a great little laptop but the power adapter is just horrible. Apple should be ashamed to say that they even manufacture this. I wish I was able to give it no stars at all.

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    Very Good!

    Worked really well as a replacement for the old charger that was shredded by my dog. It does not get hot like the old ones and the MagSafe design has saved my computer a few times from a hard drop to the floor!

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    Poor Quality

    I have only had my laptop for a few months and the power adapter that came with it (which is this one) has already shorted out. I assume it's from it bending from the magnet connection the way that it is. I am beyond upset that I have to shell out $85 to replace this. I love Mac, but I'm very disappointed in this product. I expected more.

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    I absolutely love the MagSafe Power Adapter since I have tripped over my laptop charger cable before, this one just detaches from the computer without bringing the computer to the floor.

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    Absolutely terrible...

    I love the design of these things, and I get that the magnet prevents undue strain on the cord...but that is absolutely no excuse for poor quality manufacturing. This is my second cable within less than a year of buying my mac to quit on me. The problem has always been the connection between the cord and magnetic head. Just because the magnet protects that connection does not mean it should be any less strong than any other cable for any other computer. Especially considering the company these come from and how expensive these are, I expect something of quality, not the garbage I keep having to shell out ridiculous amounts for.

    You'd think Apple would do something about it, considering the hundreds of negative comments on these cords.

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    The chord isn't long enough to reach most of the plugs from where i sit. In my room, the chord doesnt reach to my bed so i end up sitting on the floor. They need to make the chord MUCH MUCH longer.

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    Freaking HORRIBLE!!

    I bought my first Mac in August 2010 and I needed to buy a new charger four months later! It just stopped charging and purchased a new one for over$70. Ridiculous! As much as I pay for the sleek, efficient mac book I would expect just as good quality when it comes to accessories but I guess Apple needs to get its extra buck in somewhere. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED...

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