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    My charger quit working in just 10 months!

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    Worst adapter ever!

    I can't believe this cable! I take good care of my computers and this cable is absolutely terrible! I can't believe I have already gone through 3 of them in a year time. I am very very disappointed in Apple and I am really considering to go back to windows.

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    4th Charger in 4 Years

    I absolutely adore my 2008 13" MacBook. Unfortunately, the chargers are laughably delicate. My original charger (T-Shaped) began fraying at the head after my year's warranty was up (Though I treated the computer and charger like a baby), but I paid no thought to buying another one, thinking to myself that I would be even more careful with it's (T-shaped) replacement.

    Without fail, after a year, the wires around the head began to fray underneath the covering once more. This time I had read into the flaw, and that Apple had altered the design. Again, I paid no mind to buying a second replacement (L-Shaped), believing that Apple had addressed the situation.

    Here it is, 2 months to the day after the one year mark and wouldn't you know... There is a bump underneath the covering near the power brick, which I can only assume is fraying. But whatever the problem, my charger is not working and I am either out $80 or SOL.

    Never on a PC have I had problems with a charger. Those things seem to work even after withstanding the most brutal of beatings. The lack of improvement for Apple's design and building maintenance costs have actually led me to *GASP* switch back over to PCs. Congrats Apple, you may still have your pretension and sub-par accessories, but you've lost a customer. Shame on you.

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    Not so great

    i love apple haven't had any problems with them not until i got this new charger for my 2008 MacBook, the teeth don't always hit the main charger holder so i have to sit there and play with it until it works. Plus, on one of the teeth is smaller then the other. Now i have to go buy a new one, little disappointed apple.

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    The part that plugs into the computer consistently breaks.

    I have already replaced one such adapter and I'm about to have to buy another. The part that plugs into the computer consistently breaks. On the inside, the wires gradually break completely apart. I've noticed that the warning signs of this are inconsistent charging. Sometimes you have to jiggle the wire to get it to start the charge. Eventually, the piece just falls off. I've taken great care not to damage the wire in any way, either, it seems to inevitably happen no matter what.
    I'm very unhappy with the quality of this adapter. For having a reputation for selling quality products, Apple didn't do a great job meeting that standard with this product.

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    Broken in 5 months

    Look after my macbook pro more than I would my 1st child... Randomly today the mag'safe' just stops working!!! So I'm now screwed for work as I only have 2 hours battery time left, moaning about this charger in them important 120 minutes felt needed!!

    I spent over £1000 as I thought I was getting a good product.. I love the Macbook it's perfection but the charger can go do one and it looks like its going to cost a bomb to replace.. JOYFUL.

    Thanks Apple for the ridiculous design.

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    Replacing the power cord... in less than 6 months.

    Bought everything new 5 months ago and now my power cord won't even work! So now I have to drive an hour to the nearest apple store to buy a new one because this product won't even power my macbook. Useless.

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    Failed Product

    This is the second time I will be getting a power adapter replaced. The first time was with the original MagSafe adapter, in which the cable frayed and broke at the brick. This happened in the first year of having my Macbook. Now, I've had a Macbook Pro since last year and I have the same issue, except this time with the newer l-shaped adapter. Also, this time the cable has frayed and become completely broken from the magnetic tip. The problems first began with the adapter not consistently charging, the light would flicker, or it would suddenly stop working. I noticed today the tip seemed loose, and when I wriggled it around, I noticed it was completely loose and came right off. Its really a shame to spend over $1000 on what you think will be a good product and end up with the same issues and replacements costs. Whats the point of paying for a brand if the brand doesn't ship quality products? Never again Apple.

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    Extremely disappointed.

    The original charger I had for my Macbook Pro, which I've had for about two and a half years, which was also the old design, worked for about two years. I had to purchase a new charger, which was the newer design, about six months ago and it totally crapped out on me after only a couple of months! I then bought a new one about two months ago, and I'm already experiencing problems with it. What makes this even more frustrating is that I've gone through three batteries as well, and even though I didn't leave my Macbook plugged in constantly, the battery life still dwindled. So now, unless I want to purchase another overpriced battery, I have keep it plugged in all the time. Which I haven't minded doing for the past two months, however, the fact that I own this awful charger makes that rather difficult. I know people who still have the old design of the charger, and have had it for years, and have NEVER experienced any issues with it at all. The fact that I've had so many troubles with this, and have literally thrown away hundreds of dollars, almost makes me regret purchasing my Mac in the first place. If I could rate this lower than one star, I most certainly would have.

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    Stark contrast to the quality of the Macbooks themselves

    My wife is now on her 4th adapter in the two years she has had the computer. The Macbook itself is great but these adapters are terrible. For the price, they should last a lot longer.

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    Poor Cord Design

    Generally I have to say that mac products are well designed and durable. However, this charger is not one of them. The cord coming from the adapter to the computer is too thin and becomes easily damaged. I took very good care of mine, and it ended up failing after nine months due to internal burning/melting where the thin cord exits the adapter.

    I hope that it will be covered under warranty, as this is clearly a design flaw that numerous people are experiencing. In the mean time, I had to purchase a new one for work, which outside of the USA cost me closer to a $150. I am very disappointed in apple's charger design and pricing for such a simple piece of equipment and it makes me consider switching to a PC in the future.

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    Just Terrible Should Give it zero stars if possible.

    The power adapter that came with my Macbook lasted longer than the one I replaced it with which is terrible considering the original lasted for three years and the replacement lasted for a total of two months. If I'm spending eighty bucks on just an adapter I expect it to last, especially when that adapter is made by Apple. I DO NOT have a disposable income where I can just buy adapters like it's no bodies business. Apple, everything you make does not have to be pleasing to the eye. If anything I want a tough durable power adapter that won't break after two freaking months. I might just go back to PC, thanks apple.

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    Thank god for the warrenty

    Thankfully I got the extended warrenty when I bought my almost two years ago. I have gone through four adapters and my latest one just died yesterday! I was going to go switch it out and buy a second one for when it happens again but forget that! At $80 a pop! This is ouragous! Especially since I haven't had one last even 6 months. That is about $15 worth of maintence I will have to spend on my laptop PER MONTH once my warrenty runs out! Not including the time I have to go sit at the Apple Store and get the silly new wire! It is absurd. I paid a great deal of money for this computer and I expected quality products. I am severly disappointed.

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    Scratches everywhere.

    For Lord sake, please design a normal accessory. Why everything has to be glossy? It has now thousands of deep scratches and millions of mini scratches. I'm tired of this, every single Apple product is super scratch-attractor.

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    Bad power adapter

    I just got my Macbook 6 months ago and all of a sudden my adapter dies! From the reviews it seems like this is a common problem. I'm disappointed by Apple

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    wasting money

    I'm beyond upset with the performance and price. No one has money just to pull out of no where and keep paying for a new charger. I have nothing good to say about this product that you need in order to have a MacBook Pro.

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    This is my third adapter in approximately 2 and a half years. I am beyond frustrated. This third adapter was purchased less than 6 months ago and it just stopped working one morning, after working just fine not even 5 minutes before. Not to mention the fact that the price is too high for such a cheap, unreliable and faulty product. They need to either make a better product to reflect the cost or lower the price to what is reasonable for this very poor quality product. This is very unsatisfactory, and you would think with such a name as Apple, they would want to take pride in not providing customers with this type of service, but I guess that is how they make more money.

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    APPLE = communists

    owned my cord for a whopping 6 months. the cord pulled out of the magnetic tip like nothing. all the Amazon cords are used, leaving Apple as the only way to get a product that is new. but they don't ship to Military APO. thanks apple for stranding me in the desert with out a computer. you ever want to right this email me.

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    My second power cord in 4 years has melted again up near where it plugs in. I was talking to a technician and they said the 85 watt cords last longer because they do not heat up as much. Do not buy the 60 watt. If you've got to spend the money on a new one as I am sure you do get the 85 watt cord. Apple, you need to make a stronger long lasting design. I love my mac but I hate the cord and spending the money on them. I may not get a mac again because of their faulty cords.

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    I've been waiting for four weeks so far for my replacement adaptor, under warranty ,which broke after five months. I'm absolutely horrified to read so many negative reviews for this product. Had I read them previously I never would have bought the MacBook Pro. If the replacement adaptor doesn't last for a reasonable amount of time I will be complaining long and loud to my Department of Fair Trading. This appears to be a product that is not fit for its intended use or of merchantable quality. About time people started petitioning and complaining. I have no intention of repeatedly forking out money for a faulty product. Plans to buy an iPhone and iPad are on hold for now.

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