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    Apple should be ashamed

    These things seem to be made to be disposable. I have had to purchase 4 of them in the past two years. The MacBook is a great little laptop but the power adapter is just horrible. Apple should be ashamed to say that they even manufacture this. I wish I was able to give it no stars at all.

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    Very Good!

    Worked really well as a replacement for the old charger that was shredded by my dog. It does not get hot like the old ones and the MagSafe design has saved my computer a few times from a hard drop to the floor!

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    Poor Quality

    I have only had my laptop for a few months and the power adapter that came with it (which is this one) has already shorted out. I assume it's from it bending from the magnet connection the way that it is. I am beyond upset that I have to shell out $85 to replace this. I love Mac, but I'm very disappointed in this product. I expected more.

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    I absolutely love the MagSafe Power Adapter since I have tripped over my laptop charger cable before, this one just detaches from the computer without bringing the computer to the floor.

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    Absolutely terrible...

    I love the design of these things, and I get that the magnet prevents undue strain on the cord...but that is absolutely no excuse for poor quality manufacturing. This is my second cable within less than a year of buying my mac to quit on me. The problem has always been the connection between the cord and magnetic head. Just because the magnet protects that connection does not mean it should be any less strong than any other cable for any other computer. Especially considering the company these come from and how expensive these are, I expect something of quality, not the garbage I keep having to shell out ridiculous amounts for.

    You'd think Apple would do something about it, considering the hundreds of negative comments on these cords.

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    The chord isn't long enough to reach most of the plugs from where i sit. In my room, the chord doesnt reach to my bed so i end up sitting on the floor. They need to make the chord MUCH MUCH longer.

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    Freaking HORRIBLE!!

    I bought my first Mac in August 2010 and I needed to buy a new charger four months later! It just stopped charging and purchased a new one for over$70. Ridiculous! As much as I pay for the sleek, efficient mac book I would expect just as good quality when it comes to accessories but I guess Apple needs to get its extra buck in somewhere. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED...

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    You would think that when buying an $1800 Apple computer, the adapter would be better made. The insulation on this piece of junk is NOT at all flexible like the 60/85W old style magsafe adapters were. This is a worthless pile of spew, and Apple seems to have abdicated any responsibility for these.

    Apple used to stand for quality, exceptional products. Now that they are a consumer electronics company, they have gone cheep on everything, and long on price.

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    Cat attractor

    It's better than the old power cables, but the white coating is incredibly attractive to cats and they will chew right through it the first chance they get.

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    love this thing

    funny,lots of bad reviews, mine has worked beautifully,until my cat decided to chew on it! Wasn't funny whne I had to pay 85 ( with tax) to to replace but bound online several places for as low as 35.00,going to order a backup!

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    broke in less than 7 months

    Spent $80 on one and lasted only half a year.

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    after replacing the charger that my laptop came with I had the new charger for only 6 months and had to return it.....Im using the new one they gave me which was 6 months ago AND its slowly starting to show signs of the previous one so I'm sure ill have to take this one to an apple store and exchange it for a new one...they really need to work on a better laptop charger!!

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    great piece of equipment

    I have the original magsafe charger for about 2 and a half years now and it is just now fraying. I will be buying a new one shortly. I do have to agree that apple is too overpriced.

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    Horrible quality. On #3

    I enjoy my MacBook Pro... When I can charge it. In less then a year, I have gone through three of these cheaply constructed adapters. I fully admit the first adapter broke because my pet got a hold of the cord and chewed the wire covering. The 2nd one was kept safely stored and just stopped charging one day. Now on #3, I have covered the entire cord with thick aquarium tubing so it can not bend at all. It's pathetic, but hopefully it will work. If I go to the electronics store, Apple is the only manufacturer that has a shelf of power adapters for sale. Why is this? Because Apple knows these things break easily. I have never had to replace a laptop power adapter until I bought this MacBook Pro. I really wish Apple would construct a power adapter that was as high quality as their laptops.

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    Unbelievable Piece of junk

    After 5 years with a Dell laptop and 5 years with an IBM laptop, I finally "upgraded" and splurged on a MacBook Pro. I'd never had a problem with either of them, but the Mac glitz seduced me. Within 6 months the first power cable frayed and I replaced it. Yesterday, the rectangular housing around the contact pins on the replacement cable separated from the cable. I haven't had it a year yet. In case you think I'm tossing this thing around in my backpack, that's not the case. I'm a 65-year old woman who handles all this stuff carefully and respectfully. This is a huge manufacturing defect, and I am really surprised that Apple went to market with something so seriously flawed. It really frosts me that I'm facing a $20 a month "cable" cost on this laptop.

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    Stupid Charger...

    While I do like the more slimline charger head, at least the old charger was one piece. Mine broke (The magnetic piece separated from the main part of the charger.) about 7 months into having it, so until I buy a new one, I have to tape it to the computer to stay in. :/

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    Made to be constantly purchased

    I haven't had my laptop for more than a year now and the cable already broke. Thx Apple, now I have to spend $80 for a new one.

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    I love you guys and your products!

    I have been using Apple computers since the early 90's. Awesome machines and now I have other Apple devices in my home and we love them. For whatever reason my wife's power cord just randomly started dying on her Macbook (less than a year old) and she had to buy a new one. When she told me it cost her nearly $100 at our local Best Buy to replace her much needed cord yesterday, I nearly started crying! Really? $100? It takes me way too long to earn $100 these days... Oh how I wish I could get that time back...

    I just had to take the time to tell you that I still love you, but our love affair sure does cost a lot!


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    really annoyed

    I have an 08 macbook. The original charger lasted about a year but had all the flaws like getting too hot. I bought another that lasted a year too. Now I am on the new model that won't work at all. I have now received two of them and neither work. Won;t be buying another. This product is a joke and I cannot believe that apple with all it's technology is selling overpriced junk. Due to the age of my laptop I will likely just get a new one but if Mac products continue in this direction they are going to lose customers (that have a unique history of being very loyal to this company).

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    Made to be Constantly Replaced

    Macbook power cords are really bad quality! This is the second time I've had to PURCHASE a new one and my Macbook is not even 2 years old. For what a Macbook costs, they should be replaced for free for the lifetime of the Macbook, since you seem to be unable to produce a good one,

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