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    I had a 13" macbook and had to replace my magsafe charger twice. I got the MacBook Pro in April and that MagSafe Charger broke......for 79.00 it is a waste of money to keep replacing them. What is the deal Apple??

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    I got my macbook as a christmas present not even three months ago, and the charger is broke. I have tried fixing it, and nothing will work.

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    This charger is terrible

    I've had this charger for less than a month and this past week it started flickering when I moved the cord. Tonight it is completely dead no matter how I move it and I need my laptop for school Monday. I have no way to get to the store to return it either. Why can't apple make decent chargers?!

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    Might as well categorize these as disposable power cords.

    “It’s made from strong, beautiful materials like aluminum and glass. It comes with the latest technology — powerful processors, advanced graphics, and fast memory. And it has features you won’t find on a PC. So from the outside in, a Mac is designed to be a better computer” (Allow me to finish this ad) ...so we’re hoping you don’t notice the extra $79 you’ll spend every month or two for a new power cord so you can actually USE this state-of-the-art computer.

    Seriously, Apple, you should just sell these in packs of 12 and call them disposable, at least then expectations could be managed and you wouldn't exasperate so many people.


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    I got my mac book for christmas and I love it. It isn't even two months and my charger short circuits. It is the most frustrating and annoying thing, i pay 1500 for my laptop and i get the worst charger. If i have to pay 80 to get a new one, i will flip out.

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    My power adapter shorted out after 4 or 5 months of use. At first I thought I had been rough with it in some way, until reading these reviews. I've trie twisting it and placing it in different awkward positions to get it to work with fail. I am a college student who can't afford to pay $79 to replace a power adapter! Curse you, Apple!

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    (February 10 2011) I bought this charger 3 months ago after my charger that came with the computer (2008) died, it was great until a few days ago. The charger started making a loud buzzing sound and also made the computer extremely hot while charging. I got it replaced at the apple store and less then 24 hours later the same exact problem started again. If your going to buy a charger DONT buy this one, I would suggest buying the old design is you want a reliable long lasting charger for you mac.

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    Got it for Christmas in December, now the charger doesn't work. It is now February. Wow, that lasted pretty long! Now I'm spending 80 DOLLARS on a charger for a 1200 dollar laptop? This must be a joke.

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    What is up with this?

    I just bought a macbook pro for $1200 just a little over a week ago and this power adapter has stopped working already. 80 bucks to replace it. I'm not even sure if it's worth it because reading all these other user reviews shows that it does not last very long at all. You shouldn't have to pay 80 dollars every 6 months to keep using a product you spent over a thousand dollars to buy.

    Stop ripping people off Apple!

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    Worst ever

    ThIs charger lasts about two weeks then shorts out. I am on my 3rd now in two months. The old one may have taken more stress but lasted longer. Apple, is this some demonic scheme to make your customers continue spending money? I always loved my Mac but this is ridiculous. I think it's time to get back to the drawing table and you should consider recalling this adapter and giving your customers one that works!!!!

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    Ten Times worse!

    I have bought three of these in the past YEAR! And they work fine for about 2 weeks before botching out completely. No light, no charge, nothing. They may be supposed to be a better design, but if you ask me, they are ten times worse then the old design considering the old one lasted me so much longer, and you know what, I've only had one of the old designs that has ever botched out on me. If you ask me, this is some ploy to get customers to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an item that just doesn't last! Sorry Apple, I don't have time or the money for the stuff, so make a butter cord or go back to the old one because this is ridiculous!

    My opinion for future customers. Avoid this problem and go back to using a PC. It's much less problematic!

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    Just bought - quite disappointed :(

    My power adapter that originally came with my Macbook just died two days ago after endless tries of twisting the chord and switching outlets and setting the laptop in a certain position for the green light charge. So, after endless attempt the charger just died one day so went to the Apple Store to buy this new product. At first, I was delighted by the product because it allowed my laptop to work and it didn't fall off as easily as the older version. Two days later, my power adapter is no longer working !!!!! I just bought it two days ago!!!! Going back in to return it for a new one. I use this laptop for everything! :(

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    This item shorted out on me faster than any charger I've ever owned. For $79, I expect it to last more than 7 months, especially when it had been meticulously cared for and gently handled.

    Sad to have to buy another replacement so soon.

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    Last about 6 - 9 months

    Be prepared to replace every 6 - 9 months.

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    Doesn't last long.

    Much like many of the other reviews, my cord seems to be shorting out after about 6 months of normal use. I have to constantly hold it at strange angles and keep fidgeting with it to keep it from dying. It may not fall out as easily as the previous cord design, but I'd rather have one that I have to keep reattaching than one that outright doesn't work most of the time.

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    Stopped working within 6 months of purchasing....very irritating. Another $80 down the drain for Apple...

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    Very disappointed !!!

    I'm a huge Apple fan but this power adapter is the worst adapter ever.
    I love my Macbook and had mine for less than 3years but I have gone through 3 power adapters already. The cord just breaks so easily. It's absolutely ridiculous, its beyond a joke!!!!
    Honestly, this is such a POOR PRODUCT for such a quality brand.
    PLEASE PLEASE Apple fix this problem and start listening to your dedicated customers.

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    Failed power adapter in less than 6 months.

    I purchased the macbook pro in Nov. 2010, power adapter failed Feb. 2011. Machine is still working for now.

    Had to resort to my old macbook power adapter (June 2006), that machine is also running well. Believe me, my old adapter has seen better days and still works.

    This power adapter is a major disappointment. Makes you question the build quality on the products of today. If there is equipment failure, then a recall should be in effect.

    Advice, if you can find the older power adapter hold on to it. $79.00 for a failed piece of equipment, with no guarantee. Apple that is just wrong!!!

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    C'mon Apple, you can do better.

    Like most people here, I'm about to go shell out money for my 3rd cord in just over a year. The power cord is over-priced to begin with, but you would think for the amount of money they're charging the product would be a better quality.

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    MBP power adapter a failure

    got my MBP on July of 2010 my 60W adapter failed in Jan 2011. The MBP still works fine, had to buy a replacement power adapter. Wish the power adapter lasted longer than just 6 month.

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