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    I am appalled at apple. I got my macbook pro this past summer, and it came with the new "magsafe" charger. at first I thought it was much better-looking and sleeker than the old white charger, but I now regret praising it. After a mere 5 months, the charger started acting up. I would have to fidget with it and unplug and replug until the little orange light showed up. Then, of course, the slightest shift of the computer caused it to stop charging or reset itself. It was so annoying! Not to mention my macbook has fallend from my bed a total of THREE times because I or someone else have tripped over the cord, bringing my entire life in a computer crashing down. Now, 6 months after purchasing, my charger has completely stopped working, and I've been using my roommate's old charger for the time being. There should be a recall on these chargers. I just want one that works and lasts; I don't care how it looks!!!

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    First the hard drive and now my Apple 60W Magsafe Power Adapter...broken

    In May/June 2010 my 13" 2007 Macbook hard drive died but I did get a replacement due to an issue with some hard drives for that year. Dec 2010 the wire casing on my original 60W Magsafe Power Adapter suddenly separated leaving the wire(s) exposed not by the magnetic end but at the other end by the adapter box. I am always careful with my Macbook and never handle it roughly. I also never leave the power adapter lying around after using it and never pull on the cord, so I am extremely surprised that the casing should come apart. I have taped it with electrical tape, but it will not work. Also, the adapter would get extremely hot. I cannot use my Mac until I can afford another power adapter. I don't have enough space to explain the issue I had with the replacement hard drive....all I can say is I like Apple but it's just too expensive.

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    This is a dud

    I have had to replace the power cord from the original T cord because it wouldn't charge at all and now the new charger is stuffing up after 6 months. It gets really hot and I have been burnt by the connector. It only charges when i twist and position the cord on different angles. Worked great to start but hopeless now. I got an exchange with the first one but they were trying hard to blame it on me. Now I have no chance of getting a new one as warranty has run out. POOR DESIGN.

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    Poorly thought out redesign of a good product.

    This new design sacrificed function for the sale of a pretty design. The prior version would break away when the cord was tugged from any direction. With this new, pretty (useless!) design if the cord is tugged straight away from the computer the magnetic end locks into the attachment port and your valuable laptop winds up on the floor. If you are looking for a replacement go to eBay and find a good used version of the old version and you will be much happier. Do the apple design people read these comments? If so, then my advice is to think about function a bit more and pretty a bit less.

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    I purchased this product as a replacement for the standard "t" adapter, and for about 2 weeks it worked splendidly. Then it stopped working unless I had maneuvered it into just the right position, until finally it stopped working altogether. It's a horrid piece of work if it breaks after 2 weeks. The old T adapter served me well until it overheated and died, perhaps Apple should let a third party take care of their chargers, since they're obviously grossly incompetent.

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    Bad design, breaks down

    I find it hard to have the charger connect into the computer. It falls out easily, and can block ports if it's oriented the wrong way.

    This is the third charger I'm on, and I had to buy a backup in case this one breaks down. I don't trust it.

    Poor design in general, and then there is a flaw somewhere in the wiring--I kept burning through them!

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    Great Charger!-- Not sure why people are complaining

    So I have two of these chargers. One at home and one in my bag at all times. People must be really rough with the charger to have all the problems they are stating. I use one or the other each day, and have absolutely no problems. I always connect and disconnect the charger with the metal tip, and not by pulling on the cord.

    So I have no problems with cords fraying, or any of the other problems people have stated.

    I gave it 4 stars, as the one I have in my bag is starting to look a bit dirty, and I cannot get rid of the stains...

    Except for that no issues with either of them

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    Falls out too easily

    I hate it! I want the old design back. The new one is hard to get into place, sometimes doesn't charge b/c it didnt go in right, and too easily comes off. It cant be trusted being left alone.

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    Not cool

    I love my Mac, but the Magsafe has not won me over. The first one I had died not even a year after getting my Macbook Pro. The replacement is so far holding up, but some days the green light will go out for a second, which doesn't inspire confidence.

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    Could do a lot better....

    I'm on my second Magsafe PSU of this year.

    My first one remained live even when disconnected from the macbook and my current one is now presenting with exposed wires....both high risk for burning your lovely home or office down! (I wonder if it would take a libel case in relation to this against Apple for them to improve this Apple exclusive product?)

    If I could purchase the PSU from another supplier, I would as I am sure that another company would have sense to look at the common errors that occur with this product.

    I even ensured with my second PSU, that I did not wrap the wiring around the 'feet' to try and reduce any potential problems, but still the PSU has failed to last and therefore ceases to be 'fit for purpose'.

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    This is the 3rd one of these I've had to buy in a year and a half. Looking at the other reviews, product failure seems to be pretty common. How Apple can charge 80 dollars for this veritable trash is beyond me. This is a criminally bad product.

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    Third charger in a year? No way

    My first charger/adapter almost caught on fire--if I was not home at the time to smell the smoke, this could have ended badly.

    Not having the receipt, because it was a gift, I went on this site to just buy a new power adapter. Less than 6 months later, the chord came disconnected from the head of the adapter. I came on here and bought another, because Apple was unable to replace it for me, they said.

    Now, this has stopped working...it is really getting to be too much. I have to continue to pay to just keep the computer working? Unacceptable.

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    just NO!

    I have the old mac book the black one, and it some what works with it. When i was getting it, it wouldn't work with my mac, but they told me i have to turn it off take the battery out and hold the on button for about 10 seconds, it dose work after but every time it unplugs it will not charge so i have to do the turning it off all over again. It is very annoying i am very disappointed in it. I dont have the money to buy a new mac every year. I am sorry to say but this charger is horrible.

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    costly repeated replacement

    I have had to replace the magsafe charger a total of 4 times on my macbook. The original seems to have lasted the longest, but each replacement is a costly one, and my last one has just failed although it was purchased less than a year ago.

    Aside from the cost, it is also a safety issue. In each instance of failure, the wires at the base of the connection seem to disconnect from the magnet's base. When I first noticed this I would wiggle it around some to get it to recognize the charger, but when this caused sparks one time, I quickly disconnected it. Because of the safety issues alone, I feel like it should be replaced via apple, but it is not and so I have to continue to purchase them repeatedly. While my computer is reliable, at this rate I will have spent enough to purchase a new one within the next two years. VERY disappointing.

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    fails to charge after 5 months of use

    The L type magsafe adapter would fail to charge continuously after 5 months of apple-recommended usage. This may be related to the strain relief problem as mentioned in apple's support website. My charger was working fine until a few weeks ago. It would charge my MBP 13 intermittently depending on the orientation of the cable. Sometimes I would need to loop the cable a certain way just to maintain the charging process. The frequency of charge failures gradually increased in the succeeding days until it finally refused to charge my laptop--prompting me to bring back the charger to an apple store for replacement. There was nothing damaged on the outside of the charger causing me to suspect that the problem might be inside the cables.

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    Piece of Junk

    This is an awful adapter. I can't recall when I bought it to replace the other (which lasted from 2008) but it was earlier this year. At any rate, this thing is broken already, and I am very careful. It began when the little plastic circular portion just plopped out, and would not reinsert itself. After that the smaller wires began to fray and thus, we see the problem now. DISSATISFIED, what are some other options???

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    The whole point of the "magsafe" is that the end detaches when someone trips on the cord, saving your macbook from crashing to the floor. That safety feature worked flawlessly with the T design, no matter which direction the cord was pulled, but with the new L design, YOUR MACBOOK CAN BE PULLED OFF THE BACK OF THE DESK IF SOMEONE WALKS BY AND TRIPS ON THE CORD. Why the change? How could this possibly be considered an improvement? It's a step backward in every way.

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    The cable broke

    I have the 13" macbook pro, the power adapter for it broke. I don't like the fact that apple could fail in seeing how feeble the power cord could be to break so easily.
    I am unhappy and don't feel like visiting the store.

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    I've had 2 of these die on me in the past 3 months. The latest one to kick the bucket only lasted 3 weeks! None of them have been abused in any way, they're just poorly made and I'm getting sick of taking these things back to the apple store!

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    60W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook (2006; Black)

    My old charger burnt out and couldn't charge anymore so i decided to buy a new charger. I visited my local Apple shop where I found the new design above, I didn't like it at first but after sometime the design was sleek and really cool.

    I have had some problems such as the magnetic connector gets really hot, I don’t even know why that is and the new design also restricts how you hold or move your laptop. Overall I think this new charger was a good purchase, although there are some drawbacks, they will pass by and you will fall in love with it.

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