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    I bought one of these to replace my old cord and the first one didn't work. Exchanged it for a new one at the store and the new one worked for a day and then quit as well. Headed back to the Apple store again tomorrow (sigh). Very disappointed. Also tired of the amount of time that I've had to spend at the Apple store lately for this issue.

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    This is the second one that I have bought and they are all junk!, going to return the one I just bought to the store!

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    I really did expect more from apple. I had to spend 2 hours to get it to work, and then to find out that if I disconnected my laptop, it would shut down. Never should have bought this product, waste of money

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    Need i say more?

    Everything that has been said is true, I just bought a new charger b/c my puppy chewed through my last chord and the first day it worked fine and second day came it wouldn't charge. I thought my animals might have gotten to this cord as well, until i read these reviews and took out my battery before charging it. After taking out the battery the cord works fine, however, i am highly disappointed in this product. Especially when i pay eighty dollars for a charger that malfunctions. Every time i need to charge my laptop i have to take the battery out in order for it to work not only does the battery life not last long, it is a hassle to take out your battery every time.

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    Pleased with the new design

    I had to order a new laptop because the one I had been using was interfering with the t.v. (it's what I get for buying a cheap one somewhere else). I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it was shipping out last night (well before the 24 hour estimate they said it would be shipped in) and I got it today. I like the new design, especially the "L" shape that plugs into the laptop. At first it wouldn't charge the battery, I even tried switching the cord that goes into the outlet and that wouldn't work. I finally decided to try taking out the battery and putting back in and after I did the cord works great. If anyone has a problem with the adapter not charging when you use it for the first time, simply take the battery out put it back in and that should solve the problem.

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    Worthless junk

    Bought my MacBook early afternoon like a kid exited to use it and the when I wanted to charge my mac to start using it the charger is not working the book has a little battery life as soon as you buy it but even tho the charge doesn't work now I have to wait the next day during buisness hrs to go complain :( what a shame !

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    magsafe 60w

    I love apple products. However, i am disappointed about the new Magsafe 60w adapter. Soon after I bought my macbook , it stopped working. I bought another one in best buy and had the same problem. This is not an inexpensive adapter that you can easily replace every month. Apple should take these technical issues into consideration and correct the problem.

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    not good at all

    check out the US websites reviews before purchasing one of these. I have to remove the battery on my 2008 MacBook just to make this charger work.
    I need a reliable charger, and this is not it.
    It's going back to the shop tomorrow, hopefully for a refund

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    MacBook power cord too fragile

    Only had my MacBook a few months. The cord is too fragile and I already have to replace the whole thing. It would serve us better if only the skinny little cord needed replacing and plugged into the larger unit as do cords for other Mac products. Cord is unrealistically fragile.

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    Broke 2 so far

    I've broken 2 power supplies. The one that came with my MacBook (Sep-2007) frayed at the connector end. The one that just died frayed at the brick end. I'm buying another one now -- where will it fail?

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    I would give 0 stars if I could

    My old power adapter for my (apparently old - bought in April of 2008) Macbook died last week. I abused the cord a lot - traveled with it everyday and wrapped it up, so I understood that.

    I bought this power adapter to replace the old one. It worked for 7 days, and then died, and simply wouldn't charge my computer anymore. I was able to charge my computer with an old-style adapter, but the new one was completely kaput.

    Incidentally, my husband bought a new Macbook Pro yesterday, and his new cord won't charge my computer either. What a waste of my time and money.

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    Absolutely Horrible

    This is the most useless piece of junk we have ever purchased from Apple.

    My old charger finally broke after a few years of reliable service, so we had to go out and buy a new one. I got the magsafe, and originally I was unconcerned and I believed that it would function just fine. However, when I tried using it, the light would not activate. So we returned it and got another one. At first it worked fine, but the next day I tried to use it and again it would not activate.

    I'm all for trying to streamline design, but guys, come on. Don't sacrifice functionality for something that looks pretty. Don't you guys test for this?

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    Apple, are you listening?

    I'm reading all these reviews and they're saying exactly how they feel. After having the old charger for 3 years, it finally died out and I had to replace it. I got the new design charger around may and it's september and it looks like I'm going to have to buy another one and I'm not happy. It charged on and off and today it just gave out. I don't understand how everyone is complaining about the same problem but you still fail to change it. I always support apple but this is just ridiculous. You guys have got to get it together.

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    I brought this from a Mac retailer and within one day it stopped working at random intervals and was a complete mission to start working again!

    I never had a single problem with my T shaped charger and if the dog hadn't have chewed through it i certainly wouldn't have brought this product!

    i hope these chargers aren't standard with the new Mac laptops!!

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    Good design - might need rework

    I bought a replacement 60W MagSafe Power Adapter for my MacBook 13" Black. When I got home and tested it, the adapter worked fine. However, when I needed to use it because I had left my original adapter at work, it would not power up. I have since contacted the Apple Store where I purchased the adapter and I am waiting for a refund or replacement.

    Also if you have a cover on your MacBook, you might have to remove it to ensure the adapter gets a secure fit with the magnet connector.

    I hope Apple has not begun to descend slowly to the level of mediocrity.

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    I had to replace my old style power cord for my 13 in MacBook as mine got damaged. I received my new style magsafe adapter and noticed that it was not charging. I finally got it to work once out of several attempts to connect. I have since discovered that every time you disconnect it from the wall outlet or from the computer itself you have to remove and replace the battery just to get it to work. This is a major inconvenience and there seems to be no alternatives. I will see if I can get my old adapter repaired. I am disappointed that a product that I give such high praise to would have such a faulty important element with no known solution or replacement.

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    My 10-month-old broke three of these in two weeks. less than 10 seconds of him sucking on the magsafe end is all it takes. Replacing this cheap peace of plastic is surprisingly expensive. It´s actually horribly expensive.

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    Usual Great Mac Design, Terrible Mac Construction

    Today I had to go and shell out another $80 for the third power cord I've had for my MacBook in under three years. This is completely unacceptable. It's like Apple has spent every dollar it has on coming up with stunning and sophisticated design and then hired community college dropouts to actually construct its products. Its batteries die faster than other computers; the cheap plastic surface of the laptops crack and chip easily; the motherboards don't seem to last longer than 24 months; and once again the power cord has become frayed (through completely normal use) right at the end where the thin cord attaches to the power block.

    I love the Mac user experience, but for what I pay versus what a PC costs, I should get a computer (and accessories!!!) that can withstand normal use. This is now $160 I've had to invest beyond the initial overpriced laptop in the first place. At this rate, I'm switching back to a PC once my MacBook finally dies.

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    After my second T-shaped cable frayed and stopped working (I think that's a problem in itself), I ordered this L-shape. Like another reviewer said, it didn't work right out of the box. Fortunately that reviewer mentioned removing the battery, which I did, and for some reason now it's working, but the same reviewer said he's had to remove the battery repeatedly since to get the charger working again. None of the troubleshooting advice on the site is of any help. For $80 plus tax, this is a huge disappointment. Apple, I've been your number one fan since I was about 9 years old. Please don't force me to the dark side with shoddy design problems like this!!!

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    Doesn't work with my Macbook

    I bought a new MagSafe adapter because my cat chewed the cord of my old one and it stops working sporadically. Unfortunately when I got home with the product I found out it didn't even work with my computer. When I went to get my money back the employee there told me that he had never seen the new plugs work with an older Macbook. Luckily I was able to get a refund. Fix your products Apple!

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