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    Fray, fray, fray!

    Forced to purchase my 2nd replacement power adapter which means I've now gone through 3 - including the one that came with the laptop. All due to fraying on the cords. What a waste of $85! I'm very disappointed - not at all the level of quality one expects from an Apple product!

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    Our second cord is fraying now just like the first one did. The rubber just starts to split. I used electrical tape to "fix" it but the split just stars at the edge of the elecrical tape and continues to get longer. At this point I have about a foot of the cord wrapped in electrical tape and I have to add more.I refuse to buy another MacBook until Apple redesigns this cord. I'm going to go leave a bad review for the computer now based on this cord. Maybe Apple will pay attention if it's their actual computer getting the bad rating because they seem to be ignoring everyone reviewing the charger.

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    Cheap construction, overpriced, absolutely horrible, a total failure

    I really have nothing nice to say about the cord other than it plugs well into the machine. Everything from its construction, its durability, its design, the usage that design infers, and price is horrifically atrocious.
    * If you use the clips that are built in to it to wrap your cord then your cord will fray and die in less than a year.
    * If the cord encounters any resistance or rough surface on the outside then it will quickly fray.
    * The white coating quickly acquires dirt from the ground leaving you with a beautiful laptop that has a dingy power cord.
    * The cord is so thin that it is easily frayed from normal usage. For example, if your chair rolls over the cord while working on your laptop, it will fray.
    * The cord is so thin that kinks develop between the cord and the connector to the computer. Among my large number of coworkers, I see more frayed connectors than good ones. Lots of users have tape on these things.
    * The large power unit only really works well for outlets that are vertical. Horizontal outlets introduce problems.
    * At over $70, it is expensive to replace. One would think that if they decided to make it thin and cheap they would at least give it a disposable price.

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    Horrible. every. single. time.

    This is my third charger in four years... Nothing is wrong with the cord's exterior, yet AGAIN it crapped out on me. I'm a designer and work part time from home. I need my computer at all times. Apple, how can you make such a worthless product??? I'm SO angry. I bought two other chargers on ebay instead of investing in your worthless charger again.

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    Very poorly made - an excuse for apple to print money

    Poorly made - I've been through 3 of these in the past few years. The thin cable to the mac either frays or they just suddenly stop working all together. They overheat something dreadful too. Worst thing is - they slap an extortionate £65 price tag on them! for what?! An item that (no matter how well you take care of) will break after 18 months. Sort it out, apple.

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    Worst customer experience ever

    I cannot tell how many chargers have I bought....
    the following is quote from your annual report:
    ''....is committed to bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software
    and services..

    I have all except BEST EXPERIENCE AS A CUSTOMERS...This charger has been around for what? 10 years now or close? I had my first mac book in 2006...

    If you cannot make a better charger than what you are actually making, then you should probably MAKE SOME REORGANIZATION...Get rid of the entire ''charger team'' from A to Z...maybe it will help....no seriously please stick to your mission; committed to bringing the best user experience to its customers!!!

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    breaking cord

    It hasn't broken yet, but I'm impressed with how well this cord has stood up. I have had my macbook pro for three years and this is still the original power cord! I hope my next one stands up better than others. I really love the design and last year i was pleasantly surprised to find that i was able to cram the adapter into the weird plugs at my schools library. Very good for traveling to and from the library and classes.

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    Fabulous Charger

    I haven't had any issues with my MacBook Pro charger and I am a busy college student who takes it around and uses it nearly everyday. I am impressed with Apple's designs and I am super happy with how my laptop runs. This cord is easy to use. It has an extension cable or a smaller plug in to save space in my backpack... None of my old PCs had any features like these in the charger cables. Plus I love the LED indicator to let me know if it is 100% charged yet so I don't have to open up the laptop and check when it has been charging. Good work on this design, Apple!

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    Random off moments

    So my 2012 mac book Pros magsafe charger decided to have a fun end by killing my mac with it overtime i disconnected it from the input on the mac. Instant hard shutoff and a 20 minute wait for the computer to start back up, not to mention the charger works when it feels like it. Unfortunately just this morning it did that for the last time because the mag “safe” no longer works at all, a useless brick it has become. Now I’m here wondering should i get rid of this computer and get myself a surface pro 3? Lets be honest 79 dollars for a charger thats had so many issues and has little support when its just known to go bad. C’mon Apple adress this problem and fix it, because it seems like you’re having the same problem as the old mag “safe” 2 for the older mac books.

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    Get your s**t together Apple!..

    Ok, I own a 2011 13" MacBook Pro. I just bought my 4th charger! (60W Magsafe Power Adapter)...
    And at $80.00+ a piece, it's getting ridiculous!...
    You guys SERIOUSLY need to reconsider the design of this product!...
    I'm sure everyone will agree that the problem is the thin cord.
    It's the spot where it comes out of the power box, that gets bent and eventually gets a "short" inside and stops working...
    And you can't blame the consumer for bending it, as it has flip-out hooks that are meant for wrapping the cord around,
    which causes the cord to bend at the exact spot where it always gets a "short"!
    I mean c'mon, this product has a 1 1/2 star ratting on your own website!..
    That should tell you that it's time for a redesign!

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    Frayed cords

    I have used a hot glue gun to coat the portion of the cord that is frayed and overlap onto area that is not frayed. As the glue starts to get hard, just mold it around the cord. This worked great for me and saved me from buying another cord. It would be best to do this sooner before the fraying gets too bad.

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    Are You Listening Mac?

    I was about to purchase another MagSafe Power Adapter when I started reading the reviews. This will be only my second cord, but I'm worried it will not be my last. Too many costumers have written on here that this is there 3rd-6th cord. My brother has had the same PC for six years and has never once replaced the charger. A charger should last as long as the computer, especially a high quality computer such as Mac. So hey Mac! Listen to your costumers and create a better design for your chargers. If you pride yourself in high quality products, then make them high quality.

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    I love my macbook but hate these chargers...

    Today, I will be buying my fourth magsafe power adapter within a three year period.

    What more needs to be said?

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    On number 6. Keeps fraying and breaking. 80 dollars every time. Awful.

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    Constantly Breaking

    Tomorrow I'm about to purchase my 4th power adapter. The one that came with the computer lasted just a few months. The second one lasted a while, but then the end broke off after fraying (the "L" shape causes extreme stress on the end of not constantly flipped around). I then borrowed one from my sister-in-law because she doesn't use hers anymore, which just broke on me. So tomorrow morning I march into Apple to pay my dues, yet again, just to use the computer I bought. Ridiculous.

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    Take care of them and they will last!

    I know a lot of people complain about the longevity and pricey-ness of these chargers, but I have had mine for almost 5 years now. If you compare that to any other laptop chargers it's pretty much the same. The way it is designed is for you to wrap the wire after first using the bunny hole technique so the wire doesn't bend then fray easily. I try to always put mine away when not being used. I just bought my new one today and plan on keeping it for more than 5 years. My older sister has had hers for almost 8 and has some electric tape where the wire started to fray (genius idea).

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    Macbook power cord is so sensitive it keeps breaking.

    I never heard of any other company's power cord adapters needing replacement, ever. The Mac 60W Magsafe Power Adapter has to be treated with kid gloves. There are many Interenet sites on how to repair the adapter BECAUSE IT KEEPS BREAKING! Also, there are Internet sites showing how to take care of the power cord so it would not break. Are you kidding?How stupid is that?

    You are suppose to be a great computer company. I am outraged by having to replace the power cord 3 TIMES ALREADY! Apple made the contact for the laptop in a way that you can't use any generic cord.

    I give it NO STARS!

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    Worst Adapters

    For as much as you spend on the MAC Pro computer and later the adapters (because you WILL need to purchase additional), it's a rip off....it's the worst! They get extremely hot and after about 2 years the cord starts to fray! We purchased two Mac Pro's in 2010 and as of today, both computers need replacement adapters (3rd one each).

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    Cable tears and frays very easily

    The cable between the brick and the computer is made of some cheap material that if it is twisted or comes into contact with some objects it will develop little abrasions and tears. This seems like a safety risk, and considering how easily it occurs, I have my suspicions that either Apple is trying to save every last dollar by opting for the absolute cheapest option it can sell, or is deliberately making the adapter prone to damage so as to force us to buy their (ridiculously priced) AU$119 replacements. I have had mine for roughly 6 months, and it is already seriously damaged despite my attempts to solve the problem with electrical tape and careful usage. I am going to take it into the Apple Store to hopefully claim a replacement, however I am worried they might try to claim it was due to my 'careless usage' that it was damaged (surely you don't take your power adapter with your laptop and wrap and unwrap it every day? We couldn't have accounted for that kind of abnormal abuse...)

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    Disappointed in the loss of fastidious action & vision that once pioneered

    I am here to purchase my 3rd charger for my MacBook Pro, late 2011 model. That equates to 1 charger in less than one year's time, given that one came with the laptop...in fact, I didn't purchase it until March, 2012, so each one has lasted appx 10 months on average before the cords end up frayed & damaged. I am a 42 year old woman who works from home. I have been disabled since receiving this model, as the result of the sudden onset of a neuro-muscular disease that seriously limits my mobility. I use my MacBook Pro daily for work and personal use, yet have managed for the most part to resist urges to use it in my lap. I create organic handmade soaps, body care products, aromatherapy and more, and the majority of my work is physical, so I simply work at my own pace. I use the MacBook for recording my recipes, running recipes through the "Lye Calc" googling Q's, purchasing ingredients, creating labels & more, I'm sure. I am also privileged to be a mom twice to 2 children, 1 dog (currently) and 2 bunnies. I am sharing all of this personal info to paint a vague selfie of my lifestyle & charger habits. The pace of my life is super mellow as I am at the mercy of muscle spasms & more day and night. I believe that I use my charger responsibly, although I may have been guilty of over-using other things in life, just saying. I am not wrapping my cord up into a ball or squishing it into a bag~ever~and yet, the cord literally frays apart from gentle, normal, daily use. My complaints re:the MagSafe charger are easily outlined; first being that despite how carefully I consciously pamper these $80.00 connectors, they continue to obliterate. The box becomes very hot despite proper ventilation. I have never had to replace any other charger, for any electronics, at anywhere near the pace commanded by the MacBook Pro MagSafe chargers. I have been working with Mac's since 1992, introduced at 19 yo & have always been an advocate, particularly for Mac's user-friendliness. Yet, the deliberate & lumping ignorance to the glaringly epic issue with the MagSafe charger is prominent, as currently over 2,250 of your users & customers have chosen to post a review in writing here, relating it's low, 1.5 star rating...& that does not include those who have called, posted elsewhere or have simply discussed this "at the water cooler" in person. I am left feeling sincerely disappointed in the loss of fastidious action & vision that once pioneered at Apple, Inc. The inattentive, insensitive attitude about the conspicuous obstacles w this charger, in addition to the compounding & cumbersome replacement costs, seem to be in avarice, leaving me to feel dispirited about a company that I once believed to be higher in integrity.

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