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    Apple and cables

    Apple has the worst cables I've ever seen. They don't end long and they always broke even if you really take care of it. Congrats Apple... not even able to make good cables.

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    Terrible...Steve Jobs would have been embarrassed.

    I have gone through 3 of these. It would cost Apple a couple of cents to reinforce the end of the cord. Also, $75 for a charger...

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    Either Change the Design or Stand Behind it with Applecare

    I have totally changed to Apple products for almost everything -- and I would not go back to the fake computers. But, the power adapter for the MacBook Pro absolutely MUST be redesigned. I have to buy a new one about every six months, and I am extremely careful with my equipment. I also have purchased Applecare for my products and this is absolutely one product that should be covered but is not. Come on Apple -- make a product that meets your standards. Look at the reviews of this product!

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    It literally took just few weeks to see the cable starting to deteriorate. Now, after few good months, the cable is split. RIP.

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    Upset! It Burned My Laptop!

    I love Apple products. I have always found their support crew when I have an issue to be stellar! If only these power adapters were on the same page of service. I have been through too many of them to count and it is not because I don't take care of them or properly handle them. The first one that originally came with the laptop lasted for about 2 years. Once I started to replace them, as I mentioned, I've lost count of how many I've purchased at $80 a pop! This last time was a financial setback, because the sizzling sound and burning/frayed look on the pins of the adapter was the same damage where the adapter connected to my laptop which forced me to ship my laptop to Apple to have repaired and cost me over $500! I'm very upset that I had to pay such a high amount for something I feel is entirely the fault the of the adapter, which by the way, was only 2 months old! For the price of these Apple computers, laptops, etc., the accessories should match the quality of the product. I scrolled through pages upon pages in these reviews where the majority of the reviews were a poor rating and reporting similar, if not the exact same, problem as I have. It has to be an issue with these adapters. Apple, please listen to your loyal customers and improve the quality and performance of these adapters.

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    Apple chargers are rubbish. They tear easily and after few uses begin to show signs that they are about to fall apart. I have only had this charger for a couple of weeks and it is already starting to shed the exterior casing around the part where the cable meets with the actual charger. It is disappointing and infuriating.

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    My 7th charger in 5 years. Awful design, awful performance, and awful durability. Please apple make a better charger. I have spent wayyyyyy to much money on my laptops to have them keep breaking.

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    Power cord fine one day, then completely frayed with burn marks the next???

    I have owned my macbook pro 13 in since 2012 and have nothing but positive things to say about it. The magsafe power adapter is a completely different story. I was always careful with my power adapte. One day it was working fine and literally the next day the skinny cord that plugs into the laptop has frayed and will not charge at all. How does something become that damaged in one days time?? I am really unhappy about this.This isn't just about quality it is about safety. A power adapter should not become that hot to the point where it burns plastic. Seriously. This was one of the main reasons I switched from a pc to a mac. Having to replace a cord every year can be annoying and I didn't expect to have to deal with the same thing when I bought my mac. Apple, please start making better quality power adaptors for a better price. $80 is a little steep, especially when that produce doesn't even stand up to regular usage.

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    Bad cord ever

    At tension points the cord always fumbles away. This being my third cord in 5 years, I took extra good care of it. However, in the last month it has broken at the tension points and has also started rotting away elsewhere as if the cord has reached it's expiration. For the amount they cost, this is absolutely just a money grabbing ploy from apple - no other cord in my life has ever broken like an apple branded cord. It does work well when you need it, but the fact that it has a lower lifespan than it should have is disappointing and kills any positive experience. My recommendation: Electrical Tape or a different laptop.

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    Horrible quality

    The cable only lasts about a year... I have an HP laptop 10 years old and the charger is still intact...

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    Terrible power cord

    I bought my Macbook Pro in 2009. Since then I've had to buy 3 more same power adapters due to only one reason - lousy power cord breaks again and again. Hope Apple fixed this problem in newer generations.

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    bought 2 and 1 failed so far

    I've got two p/s' and had one fail even after 4 years of being careful. Had to crack the plastic open and pull out the soldering iron to fix it. I'd rather have a Frankenstein p/s than to buy another one of these poorly designed p/s. They could easily fix this by using better vinyl and thicker copper wiring, but no they insist that their customers either upgrade systems or buy another p/s.

    For this reason I won't be buying another Mac Book until this p/s issue is resolved satisfactorily. It's not worth the hassle.

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    What's with all the hate?

    My MagSafe charger on my MacBook 2010 lasted 6 years of heavy use before even taking damage (pulled the powerpoint end out at a bad angle, bent a prong) and the only issue before that was a weak magnetic connection on the computer's end (fixed, FYI). What's everyone else's problem? My mate had one too, and his was fine...

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    Actual Garbage

    This will be the third adapter I will have purchased for a fantastic laptop that just keeps on going. Too bad the adapters don't last... Though the first one died under the original warranty, I have not been lucky with the last two- they are defective and begin overheating and become too hot to touch after about two years - and that's if the cord lasts. Wish apple could make a better product for the price as I have a hard time buying an $80 product that I know will probably only last a few years and I will have to replace out of my own pocket.

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    Two MacBook and four chargers already!

    I bought a new MacBook pro 15 in December 2011 and in 3 year 2 chargers, I bought another MacBook pro 13 in December 2014 last month I was compelled to buy a new charger again. How on earth is that possible for so long. Do not tell me Apple do not know the problem, for instance many Apple employees do have those same MacBook, I cannot believe they are not concerned so what's the reason there is no improvement at all I really would like to know...because yes I am disapointed of course. I did owned my first Apple computer in France in 1992 a Mac SE I remember it very well...and stayed faithfull ever since, I had a performa with a 500 Mb hard disk LOL also an iBook an iMac...and nowadays they managed to disgust me of the company with this poor charger... ridiculous I reckon. By the way I have had 7 iPhone an iPad an iPad mini but some old couple sometimes could divorced for futile reasons too!

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    Design does not stand up to durability

    The design of this is sleek and goes well with Apple's brand. However the cord end that is attached to the power adapter will be the first to break on you. If not visibly, the wires will break on the inside and you will have to find the "sweet spot" where the cords will connect. I've been through two already and now my current one didn't even last a year.

    Love Apple, but this is an issue they really need to fix.

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    Magsafe Power cord for Mac Laptop

    Cord is garbage must be made of bad faulty or cheap materials
    plastic/rubber coating pretty much rubbed away in 2 spots we spent $ 4834.14 on this lap top and the power cord breaks 16 months later great paper weight !
    very disappointed in mac
    best isn't always the best!

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    Overpriced piece of junk

    My cable is two years old and now looks like an electrician's nightmare. The plastic covering the wires has shredded and about a foot of the internal wires are completely uncovered and starting to separate into thin metal tendrils. The rest of the cable is covered with electrician's tape applied when the covering first started peeling away, a year after purchase. The odd thing is that the cable continues to charge but that may change at any minute so I was forced to purchase another one of these low quality cables at the outrageous price of $79. For that money, the cable covers shouldn't be peeling like a molting snake. And now I'm off to cover that foot of naked wire with some more electrician's tape.

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    I would rate it 0 stars if I could.

    Hands down the shoddiest thing Apple has ever produced. The cord keeps breaking or tearing after only a couple of years of use. And it costs €89.00 to replace! I will not be buying another Macbook when I decide to replace my current one. I will by a Windows laptop that will come with a charger that will last the entire laptops LIFESPAN.