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    This is my 3rd charger in 4 years. For $70 per charger, its is not fun to replace it every year. I wish Apple do something with replacement program.

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    Quality Decline

    It seems evident from the reviews that there has been a definite decline in the quality of the chargers - almost every five star review (including mine) is of the original charger that came in the box that has since lasted years with no problems. It's no doubt a different product at this point, or just in general, from what is sold in stores at an outrageous price point. I still have the 60W MagSafe that came with my 2009 15-inch MacBook Pro and only recently started having an issue with cord tearing, and I'm pretty sure it was my fault. Chargers shouldn't have to be babied to last, and I doubt the folks giving one star reviews have been destroying their chargers. Point is, I'd trust the masses on this one, as the rest of us are talking about a product you won't be purchasing.

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    This is now my fourth charger I've had to buy within three and a half years. FOURTH. At $80 a piece, you would think Apple would resign their cords so that they literally do not snap off and fray one month after I buy it!!! Why Apple probably is aware of these issues and hasn't don't anything about it is perplexing. If you're going to portray yourself as being so high-tech and high quality, then make your dang expensive chargers worth the money spent on them.

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    Apple Prides Itself on Design and Quality & This is Junk

    Disgusted with Apple. I've been through three chargers. They constantly break. Customer service representatives have bounced me around. I'm very unsatisfied and unhappy with Apple at the moment. The product either breaks completely, starts to fray, or the plastic comes off.

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    Absolutely useless

    I am disgusted at the price of this charger compared to the durability. I have had this charger for a grand total of two months and it has completely broken. For weeks the charger has been going off with the slightest bit of movement and now it is totally unresponsive. I am dumbfounded at the fact that these £80 chargers are our only options and they are lasting no more than two to three months. Classic Apple charging absurd prices for sub-standard products.

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    I have bought two of these over the past 5 years. They are so expensive and break so easily. The chord side where the charger box is is so brittle and snaps so easily, making it so you can't charge it at all. I've only had this charger for a year and a half. Boo apple

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    Another failure

    Like many other reviewers - my second adapter is on the verge of failing and I am going to have to buy another - come on Apple you need to do something about this.

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    Really Apple???

    When/IF I buy another adapter, this will be my third one in 5 years. Meanwhile, the cheapest, most ridiculous appliances and gadgets that I purchase have power cords that last forever! For $80 bucks, it needs to last a lifetime. My next computer will most likely not be an Apple. I need something VR capable and if you did have something VR ready, it would probably be too expensive anyway. I'm tired of you guys acting like you're the Maserati of computers when you REFUSE to make a decent power cord. Please get it together.

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    Too expensive!!

    I had to buy a replacement charger due to my original chargers insulation splitting & exposing the cables. I was disgusted to learn of the price of a replacement charger. It is far too expensive but I have no choice but to buy one in order to continue using my laptop. It leaves me strongly doubting as to whether I would buy another Apple product in the future due to the excess expenses.

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    Literally awful

    It lasts less than a year. Also the price has dramatically increased since I last had to purchase it.

    Basically... the cord isn't sturdily supported at any of its connections save the plugin to the wall, so it bends and breaks at all of its junctions (i.e. weak points).

    Reinforcing it with duct tape around the weak points (read: at the L-tip, and at the connection to the adapter) immediately after buying it seems to have prolonged its life by at least two months.

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    Surprised at the negative reviews...

    I have had my MacBook pro 13 in for 7 years and my power adapter is just now going out. I am a bit taken aback by the price of a replacement that fits something as technologically ancient as a 10 year old laptop, however my computer still runs flawlessly. Well worth it if you don't have to keep up with the Jonses (or Kardashians.... ugh). That being said, I have never had an issue with my Mac power adapters until now so (fingers crossed) I will replace it today... I was also surprised at the over 2K negative reviews. This has simply not been my experience. I treat my electronics like the expensive necessities that they are but have also traveled the world (literally) with this computer/power adapter for the last 10 years. Not a single issue. I was also in the "sand box" (for those of you that will identify with that terminology) which is one of the harshest environments for electronics on Earth. I stand behind Apple.

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    About a 4-year Lifespan

    I believe I've had to purchase three of these in 11 years. The white rubber/plastic coating just shreds and flakes off, exposing the bare wire and causing it to fray. Why not use industrial strength coating? Oh wait, because then you can get $79.00 every few years from each of us.
    I would give three stars if it weren't for the price. Way, way too expensive for a simple cord.

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    One of the worst Apple products out there

    These chargers are incredibly fragile and not built to last more than a year or two. On top of that, they're insanely overpriced, so you can be assured you'll be wasting all kinds of money replacing these over time.

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    Apple you're better than your chargers

    On my 3rd charger! Come on Apple, we invest in your company and your product the least you can do is provide quality accessories to go with your $1,000+ computer. Paying $80 for a charger is ridiculous.

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    This Charger Isn't Worth What It Costs

    I spent over $80 for this charger and within a year's time it stopped working. Keep in mind this is the second one I've had to buy since I bought my computer 3 years ago.

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    Do you make them terrible on purpose?

    I don't understand how you can make such nice computers and such terrible chargers. Is this purposeful or just an oversight? I love your computers but I don't think I can stomach spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on replacements over the lifetime of one computer.

    The poor durability of these cords is criminal. What a tremendous waste of environmental resources. Please try to do better.

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    Life spam 2 years

    In four years 2 Power Adapters.Life spam 2years each...80€ for new one? Is this really a joke?Going to search for alternatives on AMAZON.goodnight

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    The worst thing in Apple product line.

    Same story as all other users. I've bought replacements from Apple several times. Obviously this is a product quality issue, and Apple simply wants its customers to pay the bill for it. Giving one star is over generous.

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    9 years strong!

    Well I have had my Macbook since 2008! I am looking to get the next model because it is now obsolete. I can't get the latest versions and need more memory! Anywho I haven't ever had to replace my L cord til now. Still charging def no sparking. Just now see some fraying in the cord so will buy a replacement for my backup 2008 MacBook. Glad I didn't have any issues. They are very expensive.

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    Designed for the dump

    I have been an Apple customer for almost 20 years now. My first Apple product was an iMac. Throughout my history with Apple, I have never had a product with worse longevity than the Apple MagSafe and other iterations of laptop power adapters. I have never had a power adapter last for the lifetime of the product it accompanied. Why is this?

    Like a compostable fork that begins to degrade before you finish your meal, MagSafe adapters essentially "crumble" apart. (Although make no mistake with this analogy--they are still highly toxic garbage when they inevitably end up in a landfill). They don't stop working, in my experience, but I stop being comfortable using them when they have been patched with black electrical tape in so many places they look like a zebra tail.

    I implore you, Apple engineers, to overhaul the MagSafe line and/or outsource their production to a company dedicated to creating high quality, safe, and responsibly produced power sources.

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