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    It's okay

    I've had this product for over two years. It's the same one that came in my macbook pro box. Just be sure to take good care of it and don't have it plugged into an outlet for too long because you'll just be draining the power on the battery. The whole product is very fragile and I'll admit that in the two years I've owned this, I've gotten wears and tears but nothing electrical tape can't fix. I only wish this wasn't so expensive because I'll need to buy a new one soon. $80 is a bit hefty..

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    Fed up with this inferior product

    There seems to be a common theme here, these products are substandard compared to the high quality of the laptop.

    Mine has packed up after a year of use where the thinner cable leaves the many transformer body.

    I work from home so it's just typically daily use that has done for it.

    Really need to make these more rugged, it seems like there is a total design flaw, they shouldn't be breaking down this regularly, leaves a sour taste after having invested so much in the overall product.

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    Reliability is shocking!

    Got this with my MacBook Pro a few months ago and it has already stopped working, the same situation with my old mac, went through 4 of them. Apple needs to sort this out as my patience is wearing thin.

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    Power cord for my Mac Air

    I love my mac air! I dislike the power cord! I am about to buy another power cord going on my THIRD?! I know its not me now by all these comments but also after I replaced it the first time i knew it not me because I didn't coil it, it stays in one place and it still ripped and exposed the wires.

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    Like everyone else, my laptop is fine, just about to purchase my third charger. The first one, the wires became exposed and then stopped working this second one just stopped working this morning for no apparent reason. At $80 the chargers need to be better lasting. I've only had my MAC for 18 months. Right now I'm trying really hard to remember why I made the switch because none of my PC's chargers ever broke, and lasted me at least 4 YEARS each.

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    Such a superlative computer. Such an admired company. Why such a cheesy part? Why such customer gouging prices? What a shame.

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    The planet is fine, the people are f*ed

    This product is fine - it's sturdy for it's size and weight and efficient for charging time. For all the people complaining about it breaking near the tip of the charger - who's fault do you think it is?

    Do YOU:
    *even use the clip-on on the wire to make a straight connection?
    *you carefully wind the wire around the "horns" when carrying it?
    *you ever pick up the whole charger by the small cord?

    If you do, then it's your fault. Get huge chargers with mega layers of protection - go buy a DELL, that will last you for ever...

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    Good for new MacBooks, bad for old

    When my old MacBook charger eventually broke, I bought this as a replacement, however it didnt work properly and as a result had to buy a new MacBook in the end. It works great with that and this is 3 years after I got it, so overall I am very happy with it

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    Please do something.

    I've bought 3 chargers at this point. I take care of them as if they where made of crystal and they just won't last!

    Guys from Apple: Do you really use this product as much as an end user does?
    Please upgrade this. I love all of your products but this one is just not working for me.

    I live far away from an Apple Store so, when I order something online, it takes 1 month or more to arrive and I really need to use my Macbook everyday.

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    Terrible quality

    I have a Macbook Pro and a Mac book Air. Computers are fine. Can't say the same for the power adaptor both work on occasion now neither work . One is one year old the onther is 3 yrs old.
    I will seriously look at other computers in the future. Completely dissatisfied.

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    It won't last

    This adapter won't last. Mine lasted for about 2 years and now the inner wires are totally exposed. Apple should recall this product!

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    Not worth it...Short Life.

    If the cord rarely leaves the room then, I suppose this product would be fine. However, as a college student, this cord will last at MAX maybe two years. I've seen it with all of my mac friends too. I am tired of purchasing replacement chargers. It is not worth so much money. Why can't the design be FIXED?!

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    This is the most embarrassing product apple makes. How can a company charge $80 for a charger that is only going to last a year?

    My chargers have always stopped working with no signs of damage on the outside.

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    No charger should ever cost this amount of money. They never last well, mainly because there's no good way to coil up the cable - it always causes tension on the cable and breaks.

    But then what's the customer's alternative? There is none. Apple win again.

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    These chargers are great when they actually work, however in the past year I have replaced my 80$ charger three times. It appears to be the skinny cord that constantly looses its connection. One of these days Apple should put a little effort into their charger design, I would think that 1K+ horrible reviews would be enough for them to realize their pos product needs reworking.

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    Not durable

    I own my Macbook pro since a year, and this is my third charger. Product breaks easily, and it's way too expensive for its cheap quality.

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    Shocking build quality

    Apple make rock solid aluminium laptops and supplement them with these shoddy, plastic pieces of trash. I am a student and I'm on my 3rd charger in 5 years.

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    Fix it!

    I don't know how a company can make such polarizing products that are forced to work together: the mac book pro (which I love) and the charger (one of the most incompetent pieces of electrical equipment I have ever owned). I am on my forth charger in four years and will NOT be buying another one. The last one only lasted 6 months before it just randomly stopped working without any warning. I hope they understand this is a deal breaker for customers, but maybe they don't care. Please fix this immediately!

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    The expensive part of the charger is obviously the charger itself, but the cord coming out of it is weak and cannot be replaced.

    Is it possible Apple designs them poorly so you have to buy a new one every few years? Maybe, but it's not like you have any choice.

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    I am on my second 60W Magsafe...and the same problem is happening...all of a sudden I am noticing that the rubber coating is splitting and fraying...most noticeably where the dumb little adjustable cord clip is....MAKE A MORE DURABLE PRODUCT...I REFUSE to pay $80 for another one of these in less than 2 years

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