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    Life spam 2 years

    In four years 2 Power Adapters.Life spam 2years each...80€ for new one? Is this really a joke?Going to search for alternatives on AMAZON.goodnight

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    The worst thing in Apple product line.

    Same story as all other users. I've bought replacements from Apple several times. Obviously this is a product quality issue, and Apple simply wants its customers to pay the bill for it. Giving one star is over generous.

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    9 years strong!

    Well I have had my Macbook since 2008! I am looking to get the next model because it is now obsolete. I can't get the latest versions and need more memory! Anywho I haven't ever had to replace my L cord til now. Still charging def no sparking. Just now see some fraying in the cord so will buy a replacement for my backup 2008 MacBook. Glad I didn't have any issues. They are very expensive.

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    Designed for the dump

    I have been an Apple customer for almost 20 years now. My first Apple product was an iMac. Throughout my history with Apple, I have never had a product with worse longevity than the Apple MagSafe and other iterations of laptop power adapters. I have never had a power adapter last for the lifetime of the product it accompanied. Why is this?

    Like a compostable fork that begins to degrade before you finish your meal, MagSafe adapters essentially "crumble" apart. (Although make no mistake with this analogy--they are still highly toxic garbage when they inevitably end up in a landfill). They don't stop working, in my experience, but I stop being comfortable using them when they have been patched with black electrical tape in so many places they look like a zebra tail.

    I implore you, Apple engineers, to overhaul the MagSafe line and/or outsource their production to a company dedicated to creating high quality, safe, and responsibly produced power sources.

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    Disappointing :(

    Breaks so easily. Every Macbook Pro I've seen with this adapter features a power adapter held together with electrical tape.

    I'd be less upset if the chargers were less expensive. But I don't want to pay 100$ for another poor quality charger that will break after a few months. Apple can make amazing chargers. I have a Mid 2009 Macbook Pro with a power cord that's just as good as the day I got it. So what's up with this one? The computer is amazing. I love it. Power cord is the worst ever.

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    The worst adapter ever

    The only reason I wouldn't recommend anyone from buying a Macbook is the low quality and bad design of the power adapter. Last year I purchased this product and it has already started to break in where it connects to the laptop. It's like if Apple purposely designs the adapter in such a way that it will break so they can sell you more products. The worst experience.

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    Glad I didn't read these years ago.

    My Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter is SIX years old this month. There is a 1/2" crack in the wire cover now that exposes the internal wiring when I bend it at the location. Given the zillion hours of use and abuse, my opinion of this product is very good. With that said I am on my THIRD keyboard that does not make me happy overall.

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    I am extremely disappointed in the quality of this product. I have a 2012 macbook pro and the second 60w MagSafe Power Adaptor that I have bought has just begun to spark and it has stopped charging my laptop. I have not only replaced it once, but now twice as I am now looking to buy a third just to keep my mac going. I love my mac, but I do not love these poor chargers that bend and fray no matter how straight or how gentle I use them, and at $80 a pop, it really hurts. I expect much more from Apple. I really do.

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    The same as the chorus on here - terrible product, breaks extremely quickly. Cable is thin and won't hold up to average wear and tear. Beyond frustrating to have to spend over $100 to replace a charger.

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    Worked well for 4 Years

    I've owned my MacBook Pro 13" for almost exactly 4 years. The wire on the charger has started to fray for quite a while, but nothing too major until just a few weeks ago. A large, 2 inch hole in the covering of the wires developed. Other than that, it has been very good.

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    It wears out too fast

    ...and it's ridiculously expensive for a power adapter.

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    worst charger in existance

    I've now spent $222 on two chargers for my 2013 MacBook Pro. The first one died because it frayed at the one end likely due to how tightly I was wrapping the cord when travelling. The second time it just stopped working for no obvious reason. The fact that they design these stupid things so that you have only one option, and then make that option so easily breakable, and then price it at over $100, is a complete scam.

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    My husband and I have both purchased MacBook Pros (~4 years ago) and between the 2 of us we have been through 4 chargers. We are incredibly careful with our things and here I am having to buy #5. Every single one of them breaks the same way (cord coating splits and frays) despite thoughtful placement/use (i.e. neither one of us "kinks" the cord or mindlessly shoves it into a backpack). This product doesn't even come CLOSE to the quality we have come to expect from Apple. PLEASE Apple-improve this product. Your customers are happy to pay a little more for a good quality item, but this product is absolutely pathetic!

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    This is my 3rd charger. I won't keep investing in unreliable equipment not supported/covered by apple care. Work on this apple! There should be some recall or replacement program in place for customers having this issue with MULTIPLE chargers. I'm feeling like moving on from apple products at this point. $80 is to much to keep replacing a charger that the manufacturer is well aware of it's poor quality but KEEPS producing it with no improvements!

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    Houston this is a problem

    I have a macbook pro (late 2011) This is the third one I've had to buy for tears in the cord. Bummed.

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    Why must I keep replacing this?

    This is the third time I've had to replace the MagSafe Power Adapter for my 2009 Macbook Pro. I understand having to replace it maybe once since my laptop is 8 years old, but the adapter I have now has no visible wear or tear. I've been extremely careful with it these last few years. Now, if the cord is even slightly bent, it doesn't charge my laptop. I have to raise it up and jigger it around to get the green light to come back on, then gently lay it down so as not to disrupt the precious flow of electricity. This is ridiculous. And extremely expensive. I'm tired of paying $80 to replace such a junky product that doesn't seem to last even with gentle use. I can't give up on this laptop, either. I spent a lot of time and money to upgrade it with new hardware and memory. Apple, you should be ashamed of this poor-quality product.

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    It' a shame!

    Apple, I'm just one of the thousands of Mac users who all have the same negative experience with the Macsafe adaptor.
    The Macsafe that came originally with my new Macbook lasted 4 years. The Apple original replacements I bought (4!!!) all "died" between three to 20 months.

    I'm no longer surprised that these Apple original Macsafe's don't last long as we all KNOW by now that it's not about 'if' it dies but 'when'.
    What does surprise me however is that at Apple you know this too! And by the looks of it, absolutely nobody at Apple feels the need to take these 10.000+ complaints all over internet serious. Or even better: do something to stop selling a not proper working product and replace it for a good one that is worth it's money.

    Apple, please advise where to buy a good one as many of us (loyal customers for years!) keep wasting money on a bad quality product by Apple.
    Come on Apple, they can't all be that bad, right?

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    Why does this have to be so terrible?

    I've only ever had Apple computers and smartphones and have been rather pleased with literally every product but this one. I've never had a charger that needs replacing every year or two like this for any other device. I'm careful to avoid cable strain, disconnect it carefully, etc. but none of that seems to matter. The product still fails long before it should. One would think this would be an embarrassment to Apple that it doesn't maintain the quality associated with their brand, yet they haven't made any improvements.

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    The one that came with my MacBook Pro lasted a few years before I had to begin using electrical tape, this replacement had a tear in it within a month and I am so careful with it. So, I wrapped it but due to how close the tear was to the connection it just kept giving way at the connection. I even tried the spring trick, and nursed it along with tape and spring for a year until today it shocked the heck out my palm and fried itself. Sadly I have an online anatomy exam to finish studying for and must take this evening ... guess whose book is online and whose MacBook is at 2%? This girl! Thanks Apple for a crummy product that is crazy expensive for broke college students to have to continuously replace.

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    Power Adapters just don't last

    Please stop giving the public these cheaply made power adapters which struggle to last for more then a year..i have maybe bought at least 5 in the last few years and will have to buy another one soon..

    poor business by you

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