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    Bad experience

    We just bought our 3rd adaptor in 3 years. We don't beat them up - honest. This time, we will reinforce the joint where the plug meets the cord, preemptively and implore Apple to fix this problem. Thanks.

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    Lasts indefinitely, performs as specified

    I have owned two MacBooks for four and five years respectively. One power adapter recently failed, fraying near the Magsafe connector, and I just purchased a replacement. That adapter was used by a family member who insisted on treating it harshly. Mine continues to provided perfect service.

    The same is true of the two MacBooks I purchased for my company, also four plus years old. These are shared, used by various people for travel. The adapters remain intact, and continue to provide good service.

    The MagSafe feature has prevented major damage to these MacBooks on more than one occasion, which makes the $80 price worthwhile. My experience is that, with reasonable care, these adapters last indefinitely.

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    Great Magsafe functionality but very poor design overall design

    I think it's safe to say that we all love the Magsafe design that comes standard on all Mac laptops. So why the 1 star? There are two chords that are connected to the "power block": one that is detachable and plugs into the power socket on the wall (ironically this one has never failed). The other chord is not detachable and this is the chord that has the Magsafe connector that attaches to the laptop. Guess what? This Magsafe chord is the one that always fails (chord gets all shredded and tears open as if I took a knife to it). I've gone through 3 of these now (in 4 years). Not only is it expensive to replace ($60-$80), it's also a waste as the "power block" itself probably would last several more years, at least. This has basically become a yearly cost. Why not make both chords detachable from the "power block" so that when I go to replace the Magsafe chord, I would only have to pay $10 (or in Apple prices, $19-$29). I LOVE the Magsafe design but the chord is not nearly as durable as it should be in order to command an $80 price tag. REDESIGN the power adapter so that both chords are detachable!

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    Not quality

    My charger just randomly stopped working unless you hold the cable in a very awkward position. Since my 1 year warranty has expired last month I have to purchase a new one. If i would have known that apple cant guarantee the quality of their products past one year I never would have gotten one. Now I have to spend 80 plus dollars just so I can charge my computer. I can understand if the charger was broken by me, but if it just stopped working. Not cool apple, not cool.

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    Do any other companies make power adapters for MacBooks?? These just don't last. I've had my MacBook for a little over 5 years and the computer itself is fine. But two years ago the adapter started failing on me and I had to bend it and place it in a very specific way to get it to charge, and eventually had to replace it. And now the replacement one has gotten a split in the rubber covering of the cord...I wrapped it in scotch tape to try to keep it together, but the rubber has gotten frayed all the way around so there is just a big gap exposing the wire inside, and I have a feeling that's not very safe and I should probably get another one. But I don't have $80! Are there any other options out there that are either cheaper or at least more durable??

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    I am ABSOLUTELY tired of having to buy Mac chargers twice a year. My Mac charger stays plugged in on the side of my bed. I never move it or bring it anywhere, yet the wire usually begins to fray within 6-8 months of use. They are too expensive to be that cheaply manufactured. How mainly complaints does Apple have to receive before they finally do something???

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    Get it together Apple!

    for a company that makes killer products you would think that it could come up with a design for a power cord that doesn't break down after a year. I have had 3 cords in the last 5 years and the issues have always been the same the small exterior sheath deteriorates exposing the first layer of wires. This always seems to happen right near the power supply box. I will end up getting another one but only to maintain consistency with. I am not a fan of third party power solutions.

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    You should have extended your warranty..!!!

    I wasted so much money and bought two apple products a macbook pro and an itouch, although I must admit the machines are top class products but accessories are worthless. First my apple earphone stopped working,I thought I was just unlucky then my power adapter broke down.These r absolutely not worth their money .I promised my self dat day.I will never buy an apple product again.

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    What the heck

    I love my mac book but this is my third power cord in 3 years. The first one sparked and caught fire at the end. The second one just burned out. Well, the third one just stop working. These things are very expensive. I went out and bought a PC laptop because I don't know when my mac book power cord is going to go up on me. I'm frustrated and very dissappointed at wasting my money on a product that supposed to be superior to all only for it to fail.

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    This is a disaster, extremely fragile stuff, on top of it very expensive. Mine broke after 9 months only, whereas I never experienced that on my 6-year old PC.....PLEASE IMPROVE THIS !!!

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    This charger is terrible! I've had this charger for 2.5 months, and it already does not work. Whenever I plug my charger in it begins to spark and the plastic melts. I do not trust the charger anymore. On top of that a new charger is $80; are you kidding me Apple? What a waste.

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    Most of Mac Power Adapters are bad quality!

    I love apple product, but the biggest problem I found so far is Mac Power Adapters! they keep breaking and breaking! I change two already in two years time and a lot of my friends had same problems with Mac Adapters! We pay good money for great product, but unfortunately I can't say the same about Apple Adapters! I'll give 2 out of 10 marks!

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    This is ridiculous.

    The first charger I had for my Macbook lasted 5 years. Since it broke I have been through 3 in the last year. What did you do Apple? If you are going to make disposable power adapters then the price should be much lower. I am seriously considering changing to a PC based on this power adapter fiasco alone.

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    Doesn't last a year

    I have a 2009 13" Macbook, and the original cord that came with it lasted me 2 years but since then I have bought 3 replacement chargers, they are expensive and they can't even make a good product. The cord bubbles around the connection and then the wire breaks or it stops working. I am fed up of this.

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    3 chargers in 3 years

    I love my Mac and although it is starting to over heat after having it for just over 3 years now it is still fast and reliable but this is another story with my charging cables! They are absolute rubbish. I have had to spend over £50 every year on a new one as 3 have broken! One for each year i've had it!! To top it off and the reason i am writing this comment my third one just broke as the plastic started to peel away and just stopped working... They are a Nightmare, also they are so awkward with their layout and positioning on the macbook... Not good!

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    For such a good company Apple is this charger is bad! I have had my macbook pro for about 1 year, and my charger is already broken. I have had many friends with the same problem! This is ridiculous.

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    This is the worst charger ever, i am on my 4th one now, they just last long enough to get past the warrantee, first one just died, the second one the top fell off, the third wouldn’t charge only on occasion, and the forth the top fell off, Apple please upgrade this product.

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    Doesn't last

    I've had my Macbook Pro for about a year and a half and have gone through 2 chargers. I take good care of them but this is the second time my charger has suddenly stopped working, forcing me to spend $80 more for a new one. I'm usually a huge fan of Apple products and their durability and reliability, so I'm not sure why they haven't addressed the problem so many are having with this charger.

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    apple please change the charger for this, I rarely even take my laptop out of the house and within the first 3 months of getting one it wouldn't charge unless i put it in a specific way, then when i got my second one i hadnt even had it for 2 years and then it broke again just for no reason, i didnt do anthing to it but one night it stopped charging

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    Stoped Working

    It worked great for a year exactly and today I plugged it in my 2011 macbook pro and nothing it won't charge. I have tried it off and on all day and get mixed results sometimes it works but then as soon as I unplug it and try and plug it back in nothing. I wish they would go back to the old design.

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