• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst thing ever!

    These things don't even last you 6 months without breaking.. I've gone through 4 chargers within the last 2 years, one wasn't even glued together properly, and just fell out of the charger head. Seriously, you'll end up spending more on new chargers than you did for the computer itself.
    I was a Mac enthusiast until now.. so done with Mac products.

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    Power Adapter

    For what a Mac costs having to replace the adapter immediately after the warranty runs out is extremely upsetting. I am a college student who simply cannot afford $80.00 for an adapter, yet what am I to do when my computer won't work without it. Shame on Apple for making an inferior product and then charging so much to replace it.

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    So disappointed

    I am having such problems with this charger. Considering my macbook cost over £1000 I am amazed that the chargers are such poor quality. It rarely decides to charge, overheats and is thoroughly temperamental. Apple - you can see all the reviews for your product... why don't you respond to this feedback, sort the problem and live up to your supposedly first class reputation. I expected better.

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    Decline in quality

    I have been a mac user since 1998 with the release of the first iMac. More recently I have noticed a significant decline in the quality of the power adapters for not only the laptops but also the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The materials used for the cords is rigid, non-pliable and inflexible. The previous cords were supple allowing them a flexibility necessary for portable electronics. With the inflexibility of the later model laptop adapters I experienced my first short in a computer power cord. Luckily Apple replaced the defective item. I spend more time than I want to or think that I should adjusting the low quality cord to ensure that the MagSafe connection actually stays connected. Pretty pathetic that the cord is so rigid that it can actually disconnect itself from the computer. I hope Apple sees that straying from quality is not worth the increased profits. And to my disappointment I am actually exploring options for future purchases of computers and phones even though I learned on a Mac and feel most comfortable on a Mac. Thank goodness my employment history has given me experience with PC and BlackBerry platforms. Regarding my 1 star rating, credit should be given when due, the MagSafe is a great feature for protecting a laptop.

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    Horrible Quality..

    I have a 2008 Macbook, and thank god I bought the extended warranty because I have gone through (no joke) 7 chargers in the past 3 years. The flexibility of them is NOT needed, it completely ruins them. I just got my last one before my warranty ran out in January, and it's already crapping out on me. And $80 is WAY to much for me. Please rethink the price AND the quality.

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    Very poor quality

    I have had my macbook for exactly 13 months now, and I'm already onto my third charger. The day I opened up my mac all 13 months ago, the charger was broken and didn't charge my mac at all, so I obviously got it replaced for free, however now it has broken again... this time the wires have become exposed by the magnet and the cable has been bent out of place here for months. After first noticing a slight bend in the cable, I took great care to make sure it would last, but alas my care was unable to help, as the charger broke anyway. £50 for a new one which I know will only last a year is ridiculous.

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    great product

    I have 3 chargers and I am going to buy a fourth, all have worked and taken their share of abuse. in all a charger that does not fail. Great product

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    don't buy this thing.

    tell me why it bends so much right in front of the magnet. this product is a junk. sell some quality stuff >:( my second charger just broke today and my warranty is out. what are you going to do >:(

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    Absolutely Horrible

    This charger is a great idea but it is absolutely horrible. mine has somehow broke where it plugs int the laptop. i have a macbook works pretty good but this is now broken and there is no way i am spending $80 on a second one, it is overpriced its starting to seem like a lot of apples stuff is way over priced. if i could give this a half of star i would and that's being generous. They seem great at first but then break and now i'm in a bind because i cant afford a new one and do a lot of school work on my laptop and it will probably be dead by tonight its at 43% right now.

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    Fraying charger

    Hardly ever move my MacBook--it's 15" and not really my go-to device when traveling-I use my iPad for that. And yet, the adapter frayed near where it connects. Took it to the store only to hear the "geniuses" flat out refuse to replace it. Ridiculously overpriced at $80. I am going to try an OEM charger this time.

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    Simply and Utterly Preposterous

    Love my Macbook. Never moved it from my desk in my life. Charger frayed and stopped working 8 months after purchase. It cost 80$. Enough said.

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    Apple MagSafe Power Adapter.

    The charger is just simply too expensive. Apple should think of lowering prices or selling recycled or refurbished products. Please tell me what I can do to use my laptop again. My ex charger was the old model anyway.

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    Unacceptable for an Apple product!

    Those of us who own MacBook Pros know how bad this cable is. This charger is plagued with bad reviews, and my own personal experience with this product is no different. Let me to start off by saying, I'm a hobbyist Audio Engineer... one of the things you learn early on is how to wrap your cables properly to avoid damage. There is a specific way to do this, which involves twisting the cable gently as you wrap it up, in order to avoid stress to the cable. I've never used the included hooks, since they stress an already flimsy cable and even when I put it away, I'm sure to put it in it's own compartment with the connecting end of the power block facing up to avoid any unnecessary pressure to the cable. Despite all these precautions, I still have a charger that started having intermittent issues within the first 6 months, followed by constant charging issues there after. At this point, I have to plug/unplug and play with the orientation of the cable at least 3-5 times per usage to get it to charge my laptop. It is inexcusable and frankly appalling that a person as cautious as myself can not get any sort of reliability from this charger, as well as Apple's blatant disregard and silence on the issue. For the extremely high markup being charged for these power adapters ($80), this should be one of the most rugged charges on the market... not a unethical source of revenue for Apple.

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    Awful quality product. Priced like something that works perfectly.

    I've had my 13" MBP since September 2010, and I'm just about to go out for my 3rd charger. This is awful from a company that prides itself in high quality hardware. The transformer gets hot and the contacts break.

    Please apple fix this, all the rest is of such excellent quality, I'm horrified to be plagued by such a simple problem.

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    Macbook Pro power(less) adapter

    I am on my second one in a little over a year. R & R needs to revise the specs of this adapter as it's way too fragile for even the softest of mobile use.

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    Apple really needs to get it together on this one

    I'm a loyal mac user and I've gone through 2 MacBooks so far both of which had broken adapters. I bought a replacement for the first macbook I owned and it broke as well. Please just come up with a charger that is robust/cheaper.

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    I bought a replacement charger because my old one frayed and stopped working. The new one worked great for 8 months or so and then stopped working periodically...and now its stopped working all together. For what I payed for this I expected a lot better.

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    My charger died after 11 months of use. Good job Apple

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    bad design

    Ive had my macbook for 2 years and about 3 months and at the year and a half mark I had to replace the charger due to wiring and now, not even 6 months later, I am having the same problem and I have to buy another. $80 dollars is EXTREME for something that doesnt even last half a year. My boyfriends charger also had to be replaced after 2 years.

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    Oh my god.

    Including the T-charger that came with my Mac, this is my third I've needed after my other two broke. Now this one went pretty strong (about a year+), but recently it split right down the rubber and exposed the wires (the wires are still intact though). I don't mistreat my chargers in any way, and I can't fathom how precisely this happened since I take care not to have my chargers bend or twist. The fact that this happened just blows me away. I can't afford $80 for a charger that may very well go the way of my others. Seriously Apple, rethink these prices and rethink your products a little more.

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