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    Rip Off!

    I have to pay $80 because the product you designed is poor and cant last the distance? These things are so dodgy. You make products which look fancy but don't last, then charge heaps for replacements. Never buying anything Mac every again. Far out.

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    Came back to life

    Original mac adapter that came with the laptop lasted for about 2.5 years.

    It was well taken care of and wasn't battered and bruised. The wings were used to wrap the cord, but I was careful to keep wire damage to a minimum because I know that the cord can bend too much and break at the ends. I often kept the adapter plugged in because I don't carry my macbook around that much.

    Towards the end of the 2.5 years I noticed that it was having trouble connecting to and charging the laptop. I would plug it in and no light would turn on. So I would try to wiggle the cord just right and then keep it in this delicate position while the laptop charged. I checked the charging port and the head of the adapter to make sure that those were fine. I checked the power outlet and the plug connectors. I concluded that there was some problem with the actual power supply.

    I took it to the mac store and the person used one of their mac adapters to charge my laptop so it was clear that my macbook wasn't the problem. Then the worker tried to use my adapter to charge the laptop and nothing happened. The worker told me, that the adapter is broken and that I will have to buy a new one. That was the whole diagnosis of the problem. Unimpressed and disappointed, I shelled out the money for a new adapter.

    I took extra care of this new adapter because I didn't want it to fail too. Again it was mostly plugged in and not abused. This time I didn't even use the wings on the adapter to wrap the cord. In fact I rarely wrapped the cord at all this was to make sure that the cord was totally intact. After about 1 year the same problem started to happen again. I plug it in and nothing happens, so I wiggle the cord until the light turns on and starts charging. It goes on like this for about a month then finally it just stops working. Again I checked my outlets and the connections and determined it was the power supply that wasn't working. At this point I'm pretty upset and disappointed in the product. I looked online and found that this seems to be a common problem.

    Amidst my anger and frustration with the adapter I remembered that I hadn't thrown away the old adapter. So as a kind of desperate attempt to charge my laptop I went and found the original adapter which had been sitting in a box for a year and tried using it to charge the laptop. Amazingly it came back to life and started working - started charging the computer!!

    I'm not sure why the old adapter started working again. Maybe it is because I leave the adapter plugged in often. Maybe it just needed a break from electric current or something. I will try using the newer adapter again in a month and see if it will work or if it really is dead. I've only been using the re-awoken adapter for a couple of days, but I hope it keeps working. So I guess my advice to those who have had the adapter fail would be :

    1) don't throw it away just yet
    2) try testing it again after letting it rest for sometime (hopefully less than a year!)

    I really hope Apply looks into our complaints about the product.

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    A tip for power supply failures

    On a Friday over five years ago I went to the Apple store and purchased six MacBooks and a Mac Mini as an office file server. I went back to my office, passed them out and let my Windows IT person go. I told my staff two things. "Go home and learn how to use this over the weekend. We are converting to Apple on Monday. Second, DO NOT wrap the power cable around the supplied "wings" on the power adapter because you will eventually damage the cord. Simply wrap it in a circle around a few fingers and run the end of the connector through the middle of the loop." It's been five years and we just had our first adapter failure. So, that's my story. Don't use the foldout storage on the power adapters. People tend to wind them to tight and break the internal wires next to the adapter. This obviously isn't the only reason for an adapter failure, but I'd be willing to bet some people are causing their own problems. There is room for improvement in the adapter or you would be able to use the built-in storage without a problem. Oh, and if the green light on the adapter is on make sure it is not just the fact that you need to reset your battery. I've had to do this on two machines after a few years. Plug the adapter into another Mac (if available) and see if it works.

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    easy to break and expensive to buy a new one.


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    MagSafe not so much

    So it's coming up on 2years that I got my MacBook. And I love it but for the past 3 months I have been having problems with getting my adapter to charge my MacBook... And yesterday I went to try and put it to charge and the wire come out of the pice that sticks to my Mac and I got shocked by the wire. My hand was num for about 4hours latter I really think they need to rethink how they make it. And the worst part is I got to send $80 now to get a new one. :'/

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    Very sad day...

    I'm very disappointed. My MagSafe is dead. I have no other choice but to shell out $80 for a new one. I'm so disgusted that you guys charge so much for your failures. Thanks.

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    Very Poor For Apple

    I have used various incarnations of the magsafe power connector over the last 5 years with two different laptops and have gone through four of them. This product is very poorly designed and none of the cords I have had have lasted more than 1.5 years.
    Apple needs to do something about this.

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    MacBook Pro Power Cord Charger not working

    I too thought my power charger just stopped working after only a year. Apple was kind to send me a second one free. Two weeks later, that one stopped working. I was frustrated as I am on a little island with nowhere to go buy a new one. One person on island had an older Mac version with an older power cord (different design). He was kind enough to allow me to charge on his which did work. Funny thing... he took my charger, plugged it into his older Mac, and it worked! It is not the charger. It something in the connection. I have written to Apple and see what they have to say. Right now we have switched cords until I get back home. Thank God for Eric!

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    Not as reliable as the macbook!

    I have now gone through three of these for a single macbook. Its a shame because something as simple as a power supply detracts from what is otherwise a great product (the macbook).

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    less than a year and broken!

    I bought my macbook pro a year ago (its the 2011 model). Recently the charger has begun to lose connection/power. This happens when I am not even touching the computer! For the first week, if I wiggled the cord just right, it would work. But now it's to the point where I have to wiggle it ALL THE TIME! With my computer being barely a year old, I find it annoying that I already need a new charger. My previous laptop (not a mac) lasted 2 years before the cord started having problems. I thought I was making a smart decision when I switched to a mac. I guess I should have spent the $40 for a new charger for my old laptop instead of over $1000 for a mac when it looks like I'll be spending another $80 for a charger anyway!

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    Complete rip off

    I've had my adaptor for about 18 months & it has just died on me! Paying $89 for something with such a short lifespan is completely unacceptable, I just hope the next one lasts longer. Not good enough Apple.

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    This Charger BLOWS

    ive had the same problem here as everyone else, no need to say the same thing again.

    why is apple still selling this charger and why havent they addressed the problem?

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    Another one bites the dust

    Well, I see I'm joining a long line of disgruntled Apple customers who have had their power supply give out on them. There is no excuse for this! I've owned my MacBook Pro for about a year and a half and have generally been delighted with it. I have never abused any part of the power supply. I've been called a traitor because I left the Microsoft world to move to the Mac world seeking more stability. Until recently I was convinced I had made the right decision.

    I recently retired from an IT job where I helped with PC repairs in a call center with almost 1000 PCs. Over the years I've owned at least a dozen different PCs and even built a couple myself. Out of all those machines, I'll bet there were only 2 or 3 cases of the power supply going bad. It isn't rocket science to design a dependable power supply! Apple needs to wake up and smell the ozone.

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    Rediculously bad power cord

    I have had 3 of these cords now... both with the regular (x2) and the newer one (x1) and all have broken within the first year...

    I don't know what Apple is not doing with this, but it is not being corrected...

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    Not even a month

    Got my MacBook ten days ago and the charger is already dead! It would charge for two minutes and then the light turned off until it never turned on anymore! I was shocked.... The worst part is that I am in Argentina and a charger here costs over USD 250!!!

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    No complaints here.

    What is everyone else doing to their power cords that they're fraying and/or stop working? I've had mine for a year and a half with no qualms and only charge once the battery of my Mac is near dead. There has to be something reviewers are doing they're not letting on to in order to have to replace a cord more than, at most, once a year. I mean, maybe it's denial that you could do anything wrong to contribute to something not working, but some people have to understand things wear out over time. Maybe they stop charging because they're being over-used. It's expected they would fail or lose juice if they're constantly charging your Mac. I agree it is an expensive replacement, but really it shouldn't even be an issue if they're taken care of properly and stop working over a considerable amount of time.

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    Horrible Make

    My macbook pro charger lasted me a year and a half just long enough not to be covered by warranty how convenient for apple. SERIOUSLY APPLE PLEASE CHANGE THESE CHARGERS THEY BREAK SO EASILY and just stop working. I did not abuse the charger at all. Replacement 80 dollars is RIDICULOUS.

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    My 60W MagSafe Power Adapter is showing signs of disfunction. The Red/Green led light turns off/on. Scary!!! Wondering if is charging or not. Checking the power icon is an alternative to checking if it works but one questions as others have express the creditability/reliability of Apple products. Legacy is fading, I question it and I really don't want to or look forward towards purchasing another Adapter. Ughhh! its doing it again, Red/Green Led light turns off/on.

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    it hurts me

    It hurts me to know that my Magsafe only lasted 3.5 months from date of purchase.Another 80 dollars! Surely Apple will do the right thing. Steve would have wanted it that way.

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    Suckiest charger ever

    Gone through one per year so far. They're not built to last any longer it seems. Not worth $80 in my opinion.

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