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    It looks cool but it isn't. It lasted for about 3 months then stopped working. I have online class and now I'm.screwed until I find a replacement.

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    Frustrating, poor design and cheap quality, it is flat out insulting...

    I am on my second Macbook pro, after my first was a complete joke. my ipod has been replaced twice, every piece of software I have bought from Mac has been faulty, and this MACBOOK CHARGER is my third. My first came with my first computer but stopped working 3 months later. It was handled properly. The second stopped working about 7 months later. Combined with my other problems with Mac products I demanded that my macbook be replaced, under my Applecare policy. Within a week my charger began to act strange but after taking it to the store it seemed to work again. NOW I am seeing the signs of strain due to the outright idiotic design. If plugged in one way the chord blocks all the other ports, if plugged in the other way the cord takes a huge amount of strain. Whoever made this was an imbecile. DON’T BUY MAC!

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    Redesign it!

    I've alrady gone trough 4 adapters in 2 years. The part where you plug it in is way to fragile. The part to which the cable hooks up to the adapter is way to fragile too. This needs to be redesigned so that the general thing is more durable.

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    Please address this apple

    With the company's ability to constantly shell out such innovative products, it amazes me to find that they are unable to produce even a semi-reliable power cord. I am now going to have to purchase my third power cord, and quite frankly I feel like I am getting scammed. Please Apple address this issue because you already charge a lot for your products, and now at least in my mind I'm starting to think of them as unreliable.

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    Not happy at all.

    I brought a macbook just over a year ago and the charger is absolutely frayed. It got hot almost as soon as you plug it in (always putting your foot or your hand on it and burning yourself). The fact that i have to pay $90 for a charger this bad is ridiculous. Obviously i am not the only one having these problems, so get it together and fix it!

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    This will be my 3rd power adapter. Seriously apple, rethink your design. With all of these negative reviews, just listen to your clients. how about a chord that doesn't overheat and basically fall apart.

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    Stopped Working

    After about a year or so, my charger stopped working. Just one day when I plugged it in and left it all day, the green light would not come on and wouldn't charge. I tried everything that could be wrong. I think $80 is a little too much for a charger.

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    Part Apple Part User

    I purchased an early 2010 MBP 15" and the power adapter was the older "direct in" type. I got the recall notice for the adapter a few months ago, but had never had an issue with my power adapter.

    I guess it's a matter of understanding power cords. My wife even struggles with them: due to the multiple wires inside the cord, you have to "train" the power cord to roll up correctly. Don't keep twisting the power cord or one of those internal wires will eventually break. Probably because two power wires cannot occupy the same space in the universe. This is common to every power cord, NOT just Apple's Mag Safe power adapters. I know people like to demand that Apple provide a product that NO ONE can break but that's just not possible. Maybe Apple should provide a training course on how to roll up the power cord?

    Great adapter in my mind. Love the new 90 degree offset.

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    Disgusted and disappointed.

    Wow. What a surprise to find that what I thought was an anomaly is so very obviously not. With all of these horrible reviews, why hasn't Apple fixed this problem?

    I, too, have a cord that is frayed where the end of the wire meets the connector. Somehow this frayed wire seems to have lasted longer than most --- almost four years believe it or not. However, I still don't feel like I should be shelling out $85 (with tax) for flawed accessories that Apple has failed to fix. If this were a car part, there would be a recall!

    Note, I gave "2" stars because I like the magnetic feature and it is easy to use.

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    Stop Working

    I bought my MacBook Pro in June of 2010 and in less than two years the charger stopped working. I could leave it plugged in all day and my laptop won't charge at all, the light doesn't turn on - not green for charged or orange for charging. It hasn't been mishandled at all, it just one day stopped working. And that a new one is $80 is a little ridiculous, to say the least.

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    Need a new one a month later

    Here I am, buying yet another freaking macbook charger.

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    Not Worth It

    This power adapter is worthless. I have only had it for about 8 months and it has burned through two of the extensions and has finally died. A waste of money and I do NOT suggest buying it.

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    could have been better

    They do not last. Third cord in 1,5 years. I'm about the buy the fourth. For 80 USD it is very annoying.
    Also the new ones with the smaller magnetic DC connector do not work with the see-thru protectors.

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    Not cool...

    I bought this cord in August because my cousin's cat, ate through the original that I got when I bought my macbook in 2008. I read other reviews saying that the cord stopped working after a few months of them buying it and hoped that I would have better luck. I left my computer open and not plugged up for a few hours and when I went to plug it up, there was absolutly NO charge coming from the cord. My computer is still dead b/c I don't feel like dishing out another $83 for a new cord, but I really don't have a better option because thats what Apple feels like they should charge. There really isn't anything you can do, but this is horrible

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    I am replacing my old charger. I honestly don't remember when I bought this computer but I absolutely love it. I'm apprehensive about purchasing a new charger with all the negative comments. I'm sure Apple will be redesigning the current system so I'm a Mac user and there is NO way I'll go back to PC. They are more expensive in the long run. $80 for a charger every few years is a lot cheaper than $80 every year for anti-virus.

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    Not a reliable product..

    Apple products are well known for their outstanding quality,
    these chargers on the other hand are absolutely awful.

    I'm about to buy my 3rd charger now. the other 2 chargers stopped working for no obvious reasons!!!.

    For an Apple branded, expansive product, this is an absolute disgrace.

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    They always break

    I've gone through three of these in less than a year. No matter how careful I am, the wiring inside the cable always comes apart and it stops working. I'm getting really fed up with replacing these, and having to buy the entire adapter again just for one stupid little wire near where it plugs in. Poor build quality.

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    Zero stars! Cash cow for Apple and a cash drain for customers!

    This is the third time I have had to purchase a new charger for my MacBook. My original T shaped chord lasted for almost two years of hard wear as a student. Then I was forced to buy the new L shaped charger, and it has been pure frustration since then. What's funny is that my wife's charger broke the same time as mine, so I bought a charger from Apple and also a "cheap" $30 off brand charger. After TWO $80 original MacBook chargers, my off brand charger is still working! How is that even possible? That's like saying a '95 Dodge Neon beat a '12 BMW M3 in a race. Doesn't Apple stand for quality? I have never had a problem with any of my PC laptop chargers. Is the Apple charger engineered to break right after the warranty expires? It almost sounds like it from reading all the other reviews. It would be a nice cash flow for the company.
    Get a clue Apple. You are disappointing me.

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    I have had to replace this product 4 times!!!! 4!!!! Are u kidding me? I'm a full time student, I can't deal with the outrageous cost of a charger that is just going to fail within another 2 months. All of these people writing reviews are right! It's a flawed design, and I'm sure you guys could care less about your customers. I have just missed a Paper because of this charger..... I thought if I invested 1000 dollars in a MacBook pro it would actually be worth it.
    I am VERY dissatisfied with my purchase thus far...

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    So very disappointed

    This is the 85W adapter....if someone can direct me to reviews for that one I will post there too.

    I just took in my second Magsafe today for replacement. Both of them split at the computer connection area....multiple little splits about a half inch long, lenthwise....darn I wish I'd taken a picture. I've traveled once with the current one.....twice with the one before....both times packing the cord with lots of protection around it.

    Otherwise it's on my lap or on my desk. I plug the cord in to charge, then unplug it and replug it when it needs charging again. I'd say I do that 3 times per day. I'm VERY careful with it. I use the metal part to plug and unplug it....I'm NOT pulling it out by the cord. My dad was an electrician and we had it drilled into us, "DON'T USE THE CORD TO PLUG/UNPLUG".

    The first one lasted 10 months....this one only 8. I'm just racking my brain wondering why it does this.

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