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    Terrible Power Cable

    I am on my 3rd power cord now, the flimsy cord separated and exposed wires where the cord mets the power block. I can count on one hand how many time I have wrapped the cord around the block in 2 years. Just a terrible design. Why not make the cord replaceable with out replacing the whole power block.

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    One my second charger in 3 months! Not Happy!

    My Macbook Pro is only 3 months old and my 85w Magsafe2 charger that came with my 15"MBP has already failed! I have just bought another one for 100 bucks! really? How often will I have to do this? I'm not happy at all!

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    My MagSafe Power Adapter became dangerous!

    Like many of the other loyal Apple folks, my late 2008 Macbook Pro 15" power cord has completely stopped working. I had to buy a new one for $80.00 and while I understand it's older they should not die this way. I have taken extra good care of this older Macbook Pro and it's been amazing except for the power cord where it connects to the MagSafe wire. It is really not safe at all. It seems as if it could become a fire hazard and also it would be easy to fix with better quality wire! So I sadly join the crowd and ask Apple to repair and redesign the power cords and connectors so we can all love our Mac's 100%! Apple I really hope that you are listening!

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    Badly designed!

    I agree with the others that say this product is not fit for purpose. Back again at the store a year later to buy another due to frayed cord. Boooooooooo!

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    Replacement didn't even last 1.5 years

    I don't know, I had mine replaced about 1.5 years ago for power problems and don't wind my cords tight and it's still burnt and frayed apart at the end.

    This never happened with my PC adapters

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    MagSafe MagSucks

    Please Apple, will you apply your amazing design and engineering skills to your power adapters? I am now going on my fourth MagSafe power adapter for my MacBook Pro. The low voltage cords fray/short out after a dismayingly short useful life, then I have to chuck the whole thing. It's expensive and environmentally unsound. Can't you make the cord detachable from the power brick so that only the cord needs to be replaced. Geesh!

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    Cord has broke yet AGAIN

    Going on my 3rd one of these. If anyone says they don't break they obviously do not use their laptop as much. I take mine to and from work every day and have to plug in the charger multiple times a day and my 3rd one just broke - so far they seem to last about a year and that's about it...

    Plus the price is expensive for the quality you are getting.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adapter

    Had to buy another Adapter for my very well looked after 17" Laptop The one that came with the computer when new started to smoke and glow.
    Luckily I was there when this happened so it didn't burn the house down. I thought it was just cheep replicas we had to be worried about. Not genuine Apple products!

    There are enough people here complaining Apple. Don't say you were not aware of the problem.

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    Get it right Apple

    We have a MacBook Pro and it looks like I am going to have to buy a fourth charger for this. Two were replaced under warranty and I had to buy a third. This one still works -- somewhat. I have to constantly wiggle it around and get it just right in order for it to charge. I did not remember exactly the price of a new one. So, suffice it to say that I am quite displeased and had quite the sticker shock now when I have decided I need to buy a new one.

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    First problem with a power adapter

    I have been buying these power adapters for years. I usually have three: one at work, one at home, one in the computer bag. I still have some with the concentric plug from previous generations. My wife and my son have MacBookPros, and they use the same adapters. And we have no problems.

    So far, I have lost one adapter (left it behind, my fault), and today my first one actually died. It was the home unit, so not subject to a lot of twiddling, just plug in and plug out. It was an older unit with a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter, so I must have got about 5-6 years out of it. I have had no issues with fraying, internal breaks and the like that others complain about. I suspect that these represent a small percentage of the total number of adapters out there, so one's chances of getting a dud are fairly low. That doesn't make it the least bit easier for those who get a poor unit, but it may put the numbers into perspective, and so the chances of getting a flaky adapter.

    I'm going to buy another one, so I'll see if the latest ones are OK. I'll let you know if it dies!

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    Still faulty after all these years

    My MBP is classed as vintage now but it's still going strong - although there was a hiccup with an internal connection last year. But I am now about to get my fifth Power Adapter and every one has had the same problem. The cable breaks at the point where it enters/leaves the adapter case. There really is no way that this joint will not be put under stress/strain no matter how careful you are. It really is time that Apple made this a plug in cable at the power pack end as is just about every other laptop adapter (but with Apple's design of course)

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    Frayed in 18 months?!!!? Surely Apple can do better than that!

    And to all those who ask "what are you doing to the cord?" or those who say, "take better care of your stuff" I say, "check your self-righteous tone at the door please." I don't discount your positive experience just because my experience was the opposite of yours.

    But for the record, I keep my MacBook in one place 80% of the time. I've never stuffed the cord into a bag or carried it anywhere and my dogs have never done so much as nibble the thing. It frayed because it was poorly designed or poorly manufactured or both. And oh yeah, that clunky square bit gets hot too. I repeat. Surely Apple can do better than that.

    PS I had various PCs for years and no cord ever frayed so much as a scratch.

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    These power cords are a joke I agree with the other negative reviews. I am now replacing my third cord. They are not meant to travel with a laptop.

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    Terrible charger!

    I have had my charger for more than a year now and last night my charger started burning and the cord turned brown and the only two choices apple gave me was to buy another one with only the adapter and no extension cord for $61 or buy an entire new one for $79. Thank you so much apple, that was definitely a lot of help!

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    Please Fix or Refund!!!

    If I had known that I would end up spending more than $600 over the years on new power cords for my MacBook Pro, I would never have purchased one. At least once per year of normal use, my power cord frays near where it plugs into the computer and I'm out another $80! Every time I purchase a new cord I bring the frayed one with me to the store and ask for a refund or discount for my replacement, but have been denied every time. You should design your product to withstand several years of normal use, or at least acknowledge your faulty design and offer discounts on replacements. I originally shelled out the extra money for an apple product because I was assured that your products were higher quality and more durable, but I will be switching back to PC's after this experience.

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    Poor Product Design

    I am on my 4th charging cable in 3 years! The price is extortionate. If this one fails, I might start buying cheaper alternatives. They are bound to fail as well, but at least they are cheap!

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    Worst charger ever

    The cord is so easy to break such that I change the charger every year around summer. This product is so bad.

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    Apple NEEDS TO FIX THIS- Zero Stars in my mind.

    Same complaint as the other thousand apple consumers who are unhappy with the design of the product!! Maybe I should switch to a PC instead so I don't get charged $80 when I need to purchase a new charger that was poorly designed to begin with! So disappointed in this product and in apple. I thought this company had the intellectual might to design a better charger than this piece of crud!!!


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    Sadly not durable...

    The one that came with my 2011 MBA lasted until 2015...which is pretty good...apart from the fact that the PC laptops charging cables don't seem to have any problem for the same duration of time.

    Have to spend an additional 108SGD (?!) just to keep my Macbook functional.... X_X

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    Can't complain to much

    I purchased my power supply in 2011 and it held up through a deployment and a 15 year old daughter. I agree could be a better design. Cord snapped at main power supply.

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