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    Warning: Perishable item. Replace at least once per year!

    Maybe these are fine in California, but in the cold they split open if they're bent they start tattering apart like string cheese, except string cheese has a longer expiation date than these power supplies.

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    into the fray

    As with everyone else, after 18 months the thin cable started to fray and the the power adapter stopped working.

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    Apple should provide better components

    The cable on my MacBook Pro is frayed and split, although care was taken. The outer covering on the charging cable just doesn't stand up no matter how much precaution is taken. Apple should take more discretion in selecting the quality of components that they outsource, not just the unit price. Apple has the reputation of being a quality product and they should live up to this perception, not just how many extra dollars they can squeeze out of their customers. How many extra cents would it cost to provide a quality covering on the cable that would last?

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    You don't need to be this greedy apple

    If you just read the other 1000+reviews, you will know that your power cords don't last for more than 1.5 years, and we have to buy another one for $80 after spending $2000+ on a laptop that's disappointing.. In your apple product videos, you are proud of the high quality of the product, but then do this.. Come on increase the laptop price by $100, and at least give us a decent cable...But this has been happening, for generations on the mac book pro, and I guess you really make more money by just ignoring our comments..

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    My third power cord replacement due to cable fraying

    I've yet to own a macbook where the magsafe power cord does not fray after normal usage over a year's period of time. I'm adding my 1 star rating to the volume of other ones. Obviously there is nothing I can do but spend another $79 for a replacement. The "L" style is a worse design that the T style. While the T style also frayed, at least once I was aware of the danger the design at least gave me a chance of not bending the cable too drastically (again during normal usage). But the L style will increase the strain on the cable due to natural bending that occurs. Plus when I'm using my firewire connection it forces me to turn the magsafe cord around which increases the strain even more. Come on Apple fix this design.

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    Very bad adapter

    I bought my second adapter and the wire broke within a year. Expensive and very, very bad.

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    These are junk

    I had been a "L---vo" laptop user user for 13 years, With a new computer every 2.5 years. In that time I NEVER had a single problem with their power supplies. GREAT cable strain relief, and GREAT durability overall. I switched over to a MacBook 3 years ago... love the computer, but the power supplies don't last. The first power supply frayed the cable in 5 months, using it no differently than the other laptop brand I had the previous ~decade. This second one I BABIED, treated it like it was a raw egg. It lasted longer, but yesterday it just up and quit on me for no apparent reason.

    I'm anoyed that I have to now go and buy another one for $80.

    I'd give it negative star if I could

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    Mac book charger - a dud!

    Like many other users our charger cord frayed and subsequently stopped charging. My 11 year old son lugged our computer from Vancouver to Toronto and back so he would have entertainment on the plane ... Nope! The charger died and so did his entertainment. I have just plugged it in at home to see if I could finangle it into working ... only to be met with a spark emitting from the damaged fray. Suffice it to say I am glad it was me working with it, not my son AND I am happy we weren't on the plane with sparks flying. So off I go to spend another $89 (before tax) so we can charge the computer we bought from Apple. You're a bright innovative company ... Can't you provide a better option?

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    NOT WORTH $90

    This is a great concept that once again is over-priced and not manufactured to the required quality. I've gone through 2 of these in the last 3 years now and both times they frayed right at the connection to the AC Adapter. This product is NOT WORTH $90. Only buy this if you have to.

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    The power cord failed... again.

    My power cord has frayed for the second time in 1 year. The charger that I received in the box lasted about 2.5 years with minimal issues until the power cord frayed at the charger block end. I scheduled an appointment at the Genius Bar to get a new one and was told that I needed to changed the way I wrapped and stored the cord. She assured me that this will extend the life of my charger. The charger unit was replaced.

    Flash forward to last week when my power cord began fraying at the exact same spot as the one before. I listened to the Genius and stored my charger with a loop at the top and then a simple wrap around the flat edge of the charger. This time, the thing lasted less than a year.

    I'm sick of having to replace my power units simply because of a design flaw. I've owned 4 MacBooks in my lifetime and each has had a power cord issue. This needs to be fixed NOW. Use the MagSafe connecter on both ends of the power cord so I don't have to shell out $80 on a design flaw.

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    Geniuses are Obviously stupid!

    let me start by saying that I love my laptop works great. But if these idiots at apple think I'm going to pay 80 dollars plus shipping, handling and tax for a cord they've got another thing coming! I spent a fortune investing in a good laptop and at the end of the day i have to replace the CORD. The cord that i have now has literally fallen apart, the white stuff that protects the cord started to fray and eventually the whole thing fell off! So i did what anyone who doesn't want to waste $80 did I wrapped it in cord tape. That worked for about 2months then it stopped working. Now I'm forced to share a cord with my mother!!! which means that if I'm trying to get work done and my laptop hits 25% i still have to wait while hers charges up! Thanks a lot apple! I might as well go out and buy a garbage computer who's charger works in the long it will probably save me money!

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    Unacceptable Longevity & Durability

    I look after my cords. My power adapter cables have never frayed, rather they just stop working, ceasing to charge my notebook. I've been through about 4 sets of these, pretty disappointing.

    On the positive I love the design of this connector, with legs crossed I can sit with my computer in my lap and -UNLIKE the T shaped connector- the cord won't pop out!

    These should not stop working within 6 months of each other when I take such good care of them!

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    I've just had my second MagSafe Power Adapter in two years, fail on me. £65 is a lot of money to pay for something of such poor quality.

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    5 years: 3 chargers

    It is so enraging to have yet another charger quit on me. The first came undone at the end that connects to the computer. The second just mysteriously quit working after a year. How can Apple make so many amazing products and 1 really awful one? They obviously do NOT care about customer feedback, or else they would have come up with a fix.

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    Terribly quality, terrible price

    £65 for a unit designed to fail in a year or two?! Thin cable broke next to the transformer unit, following standard use. Sort it out apple!

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    This power supply is terrible

    Today I purchase my THIRD power supply. The first frayed. The second frayed AND fried my computer. So I had to pay to get that fixed because it was still cheaper than buying a new one. And now, 6 months later, my THIRD one frayed and I have no option to prevent this laptop from being worthless, but to purchase another one. So I have invested over 500 bucks just to keep this laptop up and running. Ridiculous. I have 5 macs...4 Ipads...3 iphones...for my home and business, think I am dedicated to Apple! But to milk its customers for replacement parts because of a poor design is terrible. I have never had an issue with a power supply, even way back when I was a PC user and hamsters ran the CPU. But here I am throwing away a power supply that works if ONLY I had a cord connected to it. Where is the "GREEN" in that??? Terrible...very disappointed and it will definitely effect any future purchases. I have bought Apple to stay away from these issues, not to pay even more just to use my computer. Is my loyalty and the loyalty of a lot of others worth the investment in a little redesign??? I hope so or I am heading elsewhere.

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    Thanks to reviewers

    Thanks to all the reviewers' experience I took my 85 watt MS1 downstairs to the workshop and repaired the frayed cable myself, saving some dough that I believe many who have, shouldn't have had to..

    I must agree that a company that builds such quality hardware could give their product planners some more leeway to build a more durable power supply. Just my two cents, having worked for a premier consumer electronics company for nearly a decade, fighting many of the same battles.

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    Absolutely awful

    Shame I can't give this piece of trash 0 stars!

    Great while it works, really nice design. The magnet idea is awesome. Great solution but I am about to buy my THIRD charger in four years. This is absolutely ridiculous!! I would be more than happy to sacrifice some of the nice aesthetics for a product that was not so flawed. This style doesn't even have any copper wire in, so virtually no strength to the cable whatsoever. It lasted half as long as the original T-style one that came with my MBP, which did have copper. Stupid thing split the sheath then frayed right at the connection to the brick, AGAIN. Luckily, this one didn't completely just fall out with no chance of repair. I have been able to solder this one but it just won't hold its strength (too much flex near the base). I feel almost like Apple are trying to sabotage me and my business with this repeat failing. I'm not the only one, I've seen people in the apple store with this exact problem. Many of these reviews. Why have they come up with such a good solution on the connector but can't get the basic, ESSENTIAL part right?? The very delivery of power! Its MAIN and PRIMARY FUNCTION. All well and good having it jump out if someone trips on the cable but what's the point if that cable isn't doing anything!!!!!

    Not impressed. At all. Sort it out.
    I seriously have to pay £65 for something that is guaranteed to break in a year or two?
    Thanks for nothing.

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    ahhh,...that new cord smell

    I normally don't write reviews online. However I hoped to increase the average rating of the measly 1.5 stars the power adapter is currently sitting at. I'm assuming that most people who write reviews are the ones who are upset, hence the poor rating.

    As for my personal experience, yes, fraying did get me in the end. However it took nearly four years to get to that point. The laptop never just sat in one place either, I've dragged this laptop in a backpack coast to coast across Canada on a half dozen occasions, plus one backpacking trip up and down the US west coast.
    That being said, its really beyond me how people are having these "fraying" issues and replacing them every six months...like some of the other reviewers on here have mentioned, it is very "suspect" on how these people are treating their investments, a little TLC can go a long way! Here's to another 4 years :-D

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    I am not onto my third adapter in three years.
    - Product breaks easily
    - Following the instructions to wind and care for the adapter seem to make it worse
    - Very expensive to replace
    On the plus side, the magnetic connection is quite handy.

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