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    They have worked for me

    I have used the original chargers with several MacBook Pros and never had any fraying issues of the cords. The center block does get hotter than I think it should. If you abuse the cords they will fail on you. Stuffing the cords into back packs and stressing the connector end will result in premature failure.

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    Really Apple

    OMG !!! This is my third one. They really do break in the same spot. The original ac adapter lasted quite a while and now in the past 3 years its like one a year. Fix it Apple because I spend good money with you.

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    Old T-shape still undamaged after 10 yrs, this L one broke INSIDE THE HEAD

    Brand new 2 months ago and broke inside the head in no time, it's very confusing and you think it's your laptop but it isn't, it's breaking inside the head, HERE'S WHAT APPLE WILL NEVER TELL YOU:
    The cables are cheaply designed and the ends assembled by robots that can't do the math for the cheap lazy humans.
    One wire wraps around an insulated wire and after it's been unwrapped and re-twisted to be soldered, it's way too short and doesn't reach the (verylong) PCB in the magsafe head. The PCB is nearly twice the length of the magnetic connector so that sleek looking aluminium barrel is (as near as makes no difference) where the wire itself stops - which it really shouldn't, hence the "suicide connector"
    Therefore the strain relief is barely a strain relief at all, it's actually the length of ally barrel they needed in the first place to give these things a chance of never breaking (like the old T-shape they've mysteriously gone back to)
    It would seem deliberate - as we all know solder is not a gap filler and yet it's being used as one - and I hope there's a "snapgate" or something out of this that makes apple buck their ideas up.

    For anyone uncertain and ESPECIALLY APPLE: I have never broken a cable in my life, I have always been amazed I've held onto the old (dailly used) T-style magsafe 1 based on the form-over-function design and the resulting poor quality of it and I'm not surprised an L-style was my first breakage. Not that I'm gonna take responsibility for it, that's all on apple for using solder as a gap filler and not making the barrel anywhere near long enough to protect the solder joints.

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    What a poor quality product

    As an Apple advocate I am disappointed to be on here writing this negative review; however, unfortunately I have no choice.

    The charger has a major defect in the design for the laptop input to the charger converter and the end of this cable literally breaks off if you are not careful. The thickness of the cables make it very hard to stash away safely and bending the cables causes splits in the protection and results in faults when charging. I can't believe this product hasn't changed in 5 years with so many poor reviews. It's obvious the product needs a resign to address the endless list of flaws with it. Then there is the price... $129 (AUD) is an absolute joke for a charger and a charger of such poor quality. Fix your junk Apple.


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    Wasteful design

    As others have said, a major design fault means the whole lot needs replacing, instead of just the lead, when it inevitably fails. About as un-green as you can make a product. If Apple can get it right with USB chargers, they could have done it with this design.

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    To those that have had problems...

    I've read several of the reviews about this charger. It definitely has issues. It gets hot while it works and will shut down if it's too hot. The cording also has been a problem, but I've had several of these chargers. My earliest one had a cable that frayed at the magnetic end of the cable. The cable just split open, and so I put a piece of heat shrink tubing over it, which held it for awhile. But then, if I used my laptop on the bed, I began to notice light gray flecks of rubber laying around. It was from the magnetic cord that attaches to your laptop, not the AC cord. The earlier cables were made out of a different kind of rubbery plastic. At some point, it will simply disintegrate on its own. Eventually, that power supply's cable lost almost all of its rubber coating on the entire cable, leaving bits and pieces of rubber anywhere I used it, exposing the braided shield. I bought another one and threw the old one away. The newer model's cable wasn't as flexible as the older model. It felt more or less like Teflon. It was a bit stiffer, but it hasn't frayed at all, and while the box itself still gets hot, the cable is holding up well. These power supplies for the most part are fairly reliable, unless you have one of the early models with the different cable composition. And yes, Apple needs to made a charger where the cable can be easily detached and replaced, especially if you travel a lot with your laptop. Also, be careful to not cover the charger box with anything so it can ventilate.

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    Stopped working after 3 months

    Stopped working after 3 months

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    over heats

    i haven't had an issue with the cord but the magnetic plug in over heat constantly and doesn't charge very well 2 of the 5 pins have melted in then out of the charge point due to the heat.
    begrudgingly i'm about to buy my forth charger or alternatively this will be 40% of a new laptop spent on chargers....

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    85W MagSafe Power Adaptor

    Dangerous - everyone I know with a MacBook Pro has a frayed cord at either or both ends of the slimmer cord part that goes between the 'box' and the laptop. The wire overheats, burns through the plastic, the plastic splits...even if you wrap it in electrical tape, it eventually burns through that, then the wires burn up and disintegrate! This is the first time I've written a review anywhere...just have to warn people about the danger and ridiculous design. I've read reviews of the same problem in the review section of this website from the present going back 6-7 years. I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall on this in favor of all the Apple users who have purchased the product, rather than the experience I had of walking in an Apple distributor store and being told it was my fault for not winding the cord correctly (me using computers for 30+ years (PC and Apple) having this problem only with this Apple cord)!

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    Works great when not broken...

    For most of the year, this charger is excessively reliable and quickly charges my MacBook. However, like most others, I am buying my 3rd power adapter in 5 years because they are fraying at the connection points that cannot be individually replaced. The cost of the charger for my MacBook is high, but I depend on this laptop for my work and cannot avoid getting a new charger when they break. It would be ideal for Apple to redesign this charger or lower the price for a cheap product.

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    Not sure what all the fuss is about

    I have a 4.5 year old MBP and have 3 of these power adapters/cables. 2 for in the house and one on the road. I've NEVER had an issue with the cord fraying near the magentic connector. It's been hit, and kicked at the coffee house numerous times. The rubber collar is in great shape. What are you folks doing to yours that I am not??

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    MagSafe power Adapter and cord.

    Dear Apple,

    This is a poorly constructed product and very expensive to replace. The MagSafe power Adapter and cord would be better constructed if one had the option of disconnecting the cube from the cord when storing it. Both mine and my brother's have frayed; one close to the cube and the other, at the end which attaches to the computer.

    It would appear that this is an issue you are well aware of since others have complained about this on your review page. Or do you not read these reviews? I am unemployed and funds are practically nonexistent so spending $80 on this is a great hardship!!

    Please FIX this issue! Your computers as good as they are, aren't cheap so the least you can do is provide customers with accessories that last!!

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    one solution to faulty power supply design

    Like many of you, I've been deeply disappointed by Apple's continued sale of a power supply that breaks so easily...but too hooked on my MacBook Pro to stop buying them. I'm about to purchase my fourth power supply. The reliability of this problem is supported by the fact that another company markets a fix for it: the laptop charger protector for MacBook and PC, sold by a major on-line store I can't name here. Just learned about this from a friend who is another Mac user; he says he hasn't had to buy another power supply since he found this.

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    i have now got to buy my second replacement of this product as the lead has over heated and the cable has split. the fact you have to buy the full unit instead of replace one part of the assembly makes this an expensive rip off

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    I have to replace this charger annually

    I absolutely HATE Apple power adapters. I'm lucky if one will last a year before fraying and eventually breaking. For $80 you would expect it to last a few years. If I could give it 0 stars, I would.

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    Scratching my Head???

    I have had my MacBook Pro since 2011 when I purchased it new at my local Apple store.
    I had read reviews and noticed that the charger seemed to be a weak link in an otherwise much loved and admired piece of hardware!
    So when the chance to purchase a slightly used but otherwise in great shape magsafe charger I grabbed one and tucked it away waiting for what I assumed would be the inevitable failure of the unit that came with the laptop.
    Fast forward to 4/8/2017 and on a beautiful weekend my wife and I were doing a little spring cleaning and low and behold I found an Apple laptop charger wrapped up neatly still in the packaging it arrived in some 6 years ago!
    While I didn't spend that much for the "back-up " charger I bought, I think it may have cost $50, it turned out that $50 would have been better spent on something else!
    I am still using the original charger my cable never frayed like so many reviews said it would.
    I am pretty careful with my things especially when they cost as much as a fully loaded Apple pro laptop does but I can't think its, what, luck? Am I just so careful my charger made it this far with no issues?
    To see SO many negative reviews most complaining of the same or similar issues how did I manage to not destroy my charger by now?
    So as the title states I am scratching my head I don't think its unreasonable to take an extra 10 seconds and place my pinky near the base of the cable when I wrap it up to make sure I leave a small stress relief loop in the end of it.
    I always wrap the cable around the collapsible tabs built into the charger and then I toss it in my bag and away we go.
    Even my daughter with her MacBook Air that has now reached 4 or 5 years old, I forget which, has never had an issue and she is NOT careful but still no fraying no problem?
    While I am certain all the people that took the time to write a negative review truly have a problem I think its unfortunate that the, in my opinion, much larger group that has no problems at all don't take a moment to write a positive review so here is one for you Apple!

    Have a great day!!

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    Very disappointed with quality

    I am now on my 3rd charger. they don't last very long. I was extra careful with my last one but it doesn't make any difference, they will break no matter what you do to keep them in one piece. The rubberized cord is the problem, it weakens over time and heat and it just breaks up rendering the unit useless.
    Do yourself a favor and don't buy it. I am myself switching all of my electronics from apple to generic PC, at least there I have options to choose from.

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    Magsafe AC Adapter dies at just 13 months old.

    Until today I had not looked at any reviews about the Magsafe Adapter as neither my wife nor I had a problem over the last year plus. Today however my wife's 13 month old Magsafe made a noise and died. Both ours were on the same circuit and mine is fine so I have to assume it was the Magsafe that failed in some way, not a power surge, etc. Great timing given the 1 year warranty period lapsed a month ago. Lousy timing given one of us has to travel in under 24 hours and the nearest Apple store is beyond reach and no delivery would get to us before the travel...

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    needs to be better

    As with others comments, I have needed to replace the charger once. The second one will be replaced when I have money to do so. I am happy to read others have had problems with fraying.

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    Same problem...

    Only problem is the cable snaps.. I recommend ebay as it is very cheap.

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