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    Fried on me.

    Ya Apple, I love your products but you really need to take another look at these chargers. They start to fray at the connection points and eventually just fry up. I thought I lost my whole mac too. For what we are paying, they should be better.

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    So sick of these chargers overheating and breaking. I'm constantly worried it is going to catch fire!!! I have found burn marks on the side of mine. I'm on my 4th charger for a macbook pro I bought last year!!! My current one is making horrible wirring noises and is really hot whenever it is turned on. Really reluctant to waste £65 on something I know will only last a few months at most.

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    I tolerated the replacing, until I smelled the burning.

    Frederic M and Cynthia B - you guys must have the magic touch because I'm replacing my charger again for my 17" MacBook Pro. Note: I give a ton of r-e-s-p-e-c-t to my computer equipment because I am a p-o-o-r s-t-u-d-e-n-t and cannot afford to continually replace or mistreat these items. To address the possibility that the complaints are being orchestrated from one negative source, it is quite possible that these complaints are indeed from one negative source: a large group of customers that have to keep replacing their chargers.

    I don't take issue with having to replace the charger, as things do happen with wires over the years. The frequency with which I am having to replace this $79.00 charger within 3 years of purchasing my laptop is discouraging and makes me question the QC of these items. Maybe it's the frequency with which I use my laptop that makes the difference between the Frederics and Cynthias of the world and the Negative Nellys like me; however, my charger wire shouldn't fray and smell like burnt rubber with respectable treatment of my equipment in less than a year. Let's review the quality on these things, shall we Apple?

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    Why the complaining?

    I don't know why people complain all the time but don't other laptop charger accessories heat up as well? I mean energy is heat, right? Also, I have had my mac book pro 17 for 3 years now and my charger is still up and running. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, perhaps I am the only person in the world who has the ultra-lasting apple charger.

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    Can I give ZERO stars

    I paid close to $1800.00 for BOOK PRO and the cable is already out, in less than 24 months, this is UNACCEPTABLE. We expect better from you or we can just go and buy Dell for $700-$800 dollars and replace it every few years.

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    On 3rd brick - previous 2 caught fire.

    If I could rate this overpriced garbage lower, I would.
    Just bought 3rd brick. Average life is about 1 year. They always go in the same place - right where the cable between the brick and the notebook connects to the brick. One caught fire in a hotel room in Chicago. Replaced. The other just went while I was playing a game on my bed. In both cases I was REALLY glad I was awake.
    Since it's a proprietary connector I have no option except to give Apple $90 for a replacement. It's salt in the wound that It's EXACTLY the same flawed design. I'm sure in about a year I'll be replacing the brick AGAIN.
    This will be the last Apple laptop I buy. I need reliability, and a power adapter that values style over engineering doesn't fit that bill.
    Grrrrrrrrr, Apple! GRRRRRR!

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    POOR DESIGN ! (continually replacing power cords every year)

    POOR DESIGN ! I do continually replacing power cords every year.

    Why cant apple design a great sturdy power cord - or have a better warranty on them? The powercord ALWAYS heats up.

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    Doesn't last, overpriced.

    Apple, I give you so much money. SO MUCH. And where does it go? Into producing an 80 dollar charger for my 1500 dollar computer that doesn't even last 6 months? This is ridiculous. I swear to god if I have to buy another charger (this is my fourth since buying the computer last June), I'm buying a PC. Apple, get it together please.

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    Excellent quality - I question the source of all the negativity

    Our family has had 3 MacBook Pros, the oldest being bought over 5 year ago. None of the power adapters have failed, nor been anything but durable and fully functional. I've had Dells, Toshiba, NEC, and Samsung laptops, over decades, and none of these units and associated accessories have come anywhere close to Apple quality, to say nothing of the Windows products to which they have been wedded from the very beginning. I'm a 74 yr. old techie, retired lawyer, experienced in analyzing alleged complaints, and my gut feel is that many of these negative submissions are being orchestrated from a common source. Lastly, I'm buying a new one solely to replace one that's been lost.

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    Frays SO easily

    I treat my cords well. I keep one at my desk and one travels with me. BOTH frayed within a year. And I still have to order new ones (NOT cheap) because it's not like I can go without! I love apple products, but their adaptors are awful.

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    Short Circuit

    The reviews about the bad design of this chord are right on. Since the chord is fully attached to the power adapter core, it can become frayed over time (~ 1+ year) and in my case it actually started smoking out and then sparked at the frayed point and I almost thought I lost my MacBook Pro when the screen went black! I quickly disconnected the power, tested the battery meter and powered it on again. It came back alive...thank goodness. Nevertheless, this is a BAD design and it can even become dangerous! Apple, are you listening? I want a new chord, on your dime!

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    Macbook Pro Charger rip.

    I have had my MacBook Pro since november and the charger hardly leaves the house, when I do take it out I am very careful as I am a student and do not have the money to replace anything. My charger has a rip in the cover, leaving the wires on show, I'm going to put this down to the material being thin, but Apple should do something about this as its not practical and could eventually cost people a lot of money when they have already paid hundreds for the product in the first place.
    I hope the rip in my charger doesn't get worse because I can't afford £65 to replace it, I feel let down by apple as they charge so much for products that are what seems to be temporary.

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    I've had this charger for a few months (it's the 3rd charger I've had to buy for a computer that was purchased less than 3 years ago). The wire is BARELY frayed and it's not working. Now I'm going to buy 2 new chargers in case the first one fails as quickly and I'm left without a charger yet again. APPLE - FIX YOUR CHARGERS!!!!

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    i have bought 3 of these in the past year, i am not rough with the product at all i only use laptop in one room, the cables plastic sleeve is so thin! a fingernail easily pushes through it, i complained to apple and they gave me a £21 voucher IF i spent £70.. the charger is priced at £65, on top of that i was on the phone for a hour to them on a 0845 number when i was discussing this with them, and ive come away with nothing!
    im really disappointed!

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    Just frayed. After 1year use.

    The joint of of adaptor was frayed even I used it very nicely. And it's only 1 year.

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    Broken Cord

    Two weeks ago I had to purchase a new charger for my wife. Now, I have to purchase one for me. In both cases we just have broken cords right where anyone (except Apple) would expect it to break - right at the connection to the charger.
    Apple, what are you doing?
    Please, do something o fix this poor design!

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    I love Apple products; but it makes flimsy unreliable power cables

    I had to replace the power cable twice on old laptops (within 3-5 years) and three times(!) within two years on latest one.

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    It's called r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    You pay a lot for Apple equipment so don't treat it like a pair of dirty socks. Respect your stuff, take care of it, and it will last longer! I purchased my MacBook Pro late spring of 2010 and, other than the usual wear on the plastic and fading of the lettering, my ORIGINAL charger is working perfect. I LOVE the break-away feature which has saved my computers (I also have an old, black MacBook) the few times I was dumb enough to have the cords plugged in across where I would walk. Have never (knock on wood) replaced EITHER cord and I'm not exactly 'gentle'. I haul my MacBook with me, but I make sure I pack the cord properly in my computer case. I have been using Apples since the 80's, my first computer was the Mac IIFX - They've come so far and I have NO complaints. The comments sound like a lot of user error. There's nothing wrong with the cords, so don't blame them - it's up to you to take care of them.

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    Son of a b....

    This thing is so terribly worthless, it might just be the final straw that drives me back to windows. You need to balance your MacBook on a table in a vacuum. Otherwise, this piece of garbage will fall out. Even then it may not feel like charging! I am so mad, I just may burn the freakin' thing!

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    Frayed cord

    I think I am getting a new apple 85W Magsafe Power Adaptor tomorrow or should I even bother to spend money on this poorly design adaptor because the old one I bought one and a half year ago was broken. It was like frayed cord near the very end that attached to the charger. It will be my 3rd adaptor in 3 year using my MBP. Should Apple spend a little time taking care of their customer's real need?

    Thanks for those who speak up lol

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