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    I love Apple products; but it makes flimsy unreliable power cables

    I had to replace the power cable twice on old laptops (within 3-5 years) and three times(!) within two years on latest one.

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    It's called r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    You pay a lot for Apple equipment so don't treat it like a pair of dirty socks. Respect your stuff, take care of it, and it will last longer! I purchased my MacBook Pro late spring of 2010 and, other than the usual wear on the plastic and fading of the lettering, my ORIGINAL charger is working perfect. I LOVE the break-away feature which has saved my computers (I also have an old, black MacBook) the few times I was dumb enough to have the cords plugged in across where I would walk. Have never (knock on wood) replaced EITHER cord and I'm not exactly 'gentle'. I haul my MacBook with me, but I make sure I pack the cord properly in my computer case. I have been using Apples since the 80's, my first computer was the Mac IIFX - They've come so far and I have NO complaints. The comments sound like a lot of user error. There's nothing wrong with the cords, so don't blame them - it's up to you to take care of them.

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    Son of a b....

    This thing is so terribly worthless, it might just be the final straw that drives me back to windows. You need to balance your MacBook on a table in a vacuum. Otherwise, this piece of garbage will fall out. Even then it may not feel like charging! I am so mad, I just may burn the freakin' thing!

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    Frayed cord

    I think I am getting a new apple 85W Magsafe Power Adaptor tomorrow or should I even bother to spend money on this poorly design adaptor because the old one I bought one and a half year ago was broken. It was like frayed cord near the very end that attached to the charger. It will be my 3rd adaptor in 3 year using my MBP. Should Apple spend a little time taking care of their customer's real need?

    Thanks for those who speak up lol

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    Poor execution

    I like the idea of a magnetic connection. I think the concept is great. But the execution if deeply flawed. The cable isn't secure at the magnetic connector resulting if fraying and premature failure. No other cables that I own have this problem, only Apple.


    This shouldn't be an $80 part and it sure shouldn't wear out this quickly for being an $80 part.

    Quite frankly, I'm tempted when it come time to replace this computer of not going Apple just because of this problem.

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    On my third.

    Just left the Apple store, they called it accidently occurence. I wish they would just make a better product that would last more than a year. They did replace it once for me. I was very careful with this one and it still frayed at the top just below the magnet. Now it is covering with electrical tape.

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    I wish I could give zero stars...

    HORRIBLE cord. I am going to be on my fourth cord in less than three years at $80 (!!??) a pop. It just makes me sad and angry that Apple in all its success will not redesign the cord or either drop the price to no more than $20. Ugh.

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    The only charger with an expiration date.

    I am about to buy my third charger for my MBP. It is kind of a joke that theses things have a one year life. I am a full time student. So it is not uncommon for me to bring my charger with me in my backpack. After my first one went...I made sure to wrap the cord properly/gently to prevent any damage. Doing so maybe gave me an extra month with the charger. And $80. I'm furious. I can't be dropping $80 dollars a year. This seems to be a common theme for all of these chargers and has been happening for years based on the reviews. Apple needs to do something about this. I'd rather have a charger with a thicker more durable cable that lasted than one with an expiration date.

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    Poor cable covering

    I've had my charger for less than a year, probably less than 6 months, and I've had to wrap the cord with electrical tape because it broke and exposed the wiring. I ended up having to cut off part of the case because it was stretched weird and then use the electrical tape. My suggestion is to use different wire casing because $79 is too much to have to be spending this often on something that should last longer.

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    Piece of you know what.

    Bought this thing less than a year ago, worked lastnight, woke up today and plugged it in and nothing, tried a bunch of outlets, the GD little wimp cable coming out of the adapter is pure trash. Apple, I'm sick and tired of this wimpy bull of a charger. Why don't you stop putting all your time and energy into releasing a new iPad every week and start thinking about upgrading your accessories so you guys can keep your long term customers. Terrible product, terrible charger, and a terrible terrible price. Like I'm going to spend $80.00 on a charger that breaks after 7 months of normal use.

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    So Terrible...

    How it's possible a $79 adaptor won't last a year?
    I am who take care of my stuff like crazy. This charger is terrible!
    The quality of the wire doesn't last enough and cords fray at the connector.
    It happens to some apple headphones too.
    you can close your eyes on $20 headphone, but $80 adaptor? noway.
    Dear Apple please do something about this obvious shame.

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    This charger is terrible! I spent a lot of money on my laptop just to turn around 15 months later to spend $79 on a new charger! Come on Apple, im sure you have the technology to make a decent charger. Its not even a one star product!

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    Power Adaptor finished

    I am on an overseas trip into tropical region and my power adaptor is finished. I have had my Mac Book Pro for less than a month. The power adaptor gets ridiculously hot and was doomed to failure I feel even before the trip to tropical moist conditions. Lucky I can bum the use of a charger from others in the airport waiting lounge. Come on Apple, you can do better, we know you can.

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    This is my third charger.

    I have to get yet another one of these chargers. They short out really easily and overheat. I wish they would redesign it to make it more durable. If not at least lower the price on these chargers, they are way to expensive for something that isn't going to last that long.

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    Just terrible...

    This is one of the worse quality chargers I have ever seen. My decade old laptop's charger STILL works without fail yet this has has gotten stripped and torn and now charges very slowly. Thanks Apple for making a super overpriced piece of garbage. I mean seriously it's a charger and your almost charging as much as you do for Apple TV...

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    Horrible quality

    I really hope Apple considers designing a more durable charger. I only gave this one star because I had to. Since 2007 I have had two different macbooks, and at least 6 chargers. There are 925 ratings on this product with a total of 1.5 stars, which is seriously embarrassing for a company that makes many good products. Long story short, these are extremely expensive and do not last at all.

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    2 chargers in one year

    The cable is very weak and breaks under normal use. This is my second charger in one year, clearly this is a faulty product.

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    Cord split and frayed within a week

    Yup - $80 charger and in one week of simply being used in my home, the charger stopped working. It wasn't till I went to return it that I noticed the cord had split and frayed. The quality of the charger seems to be much lower than in the past - the cable seems to stiff and as a result splits open. Apple really needs to fix this - it's ridiculous to keep paying $80 left and right.

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    My charger just went out. Lasted 12 months. Since they haven't come up with a decent upgrade to the iPhone in the last 2 years maybe they can hire some Samsung engineers to work on this Charger Issue!!

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    It's absurd

    In the last ten years I've owned 2 apple laptops and six chargers! I really feel something should be done about the poor quality of the chargers.

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