• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cord keeps breaking

    Every cord I've ever had comes loose just below the magnetic connector and it breaks in less than a year. Very frustrating they all fall apart. Magnetic design has more potential than this.

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    Lasted only 16 months

    Frayed cable after 16 months. Agree with other reviewers: Apple should provide a cable replacement between the computer and power transformer for a few dollars rather than $79 for a whole new unit.

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    I've had my macbook pro just over a year and the bat charger cable has disintegrated from the laptop end for no apparent reason not very good for a product of this cost

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    Melting cord

    My MacBook Pro is 2 years old - and I'm on my 3rd power adapter. The keep melting/breaking at both ends - near the magnetic part and the brick part. The cable is just too thin with thin shielding.

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    4 Chargers in 2 years

    I have now gone through four chargers since 2010 when I bought my laptop. It breaks in the same place - right below the magnetic connector. I always make sure my cable is stored loosely and not wound tight around the power box. I always make sure to be gentle when unplugging my computer and yet I have gone through four chargers. I'm tired of paying $79 plus tax for something that should hold up to normal use. I work online and if I can't charge my computer, I can't work.

    I'm tired of replacing these chargers. I spent $2000 on my laptop and would expect the chargers to work. It's not an unreasonable demand.

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    Cord melted

    Had mine for about just over a year. It seems like the cord actually melted away from the power supply. Not cool.

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    Completely Unreliable

    I replaced my original about 15 months after it went 'pop' (guess the jacket was worn out internally). The jacket of the new cable is now split at the power brick despite treating it ridiculously carefully whenever I move it (no sharp kinks etc). Will be back to the Apple shop some time this week. As I've had it 15 months I expect I'll have to shell out another £65.

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    It's only as durable as how you treat it.....

    I have had a MacBook Pro since early 2009, and I have never experienced a failure in any one of my chargers. If you wad instead of wind the charger up, yes it will eventually tear. If you sling it around like an anchor, yes it will break. Treat it like you would your iPhone for crying out loud, people! These magsafe chargers are lightyears ahead of a pc charger anyway.

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    My second one just died. And of course my AppleCare plan expired 6 weeks ago

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    Horrid Charger

    This is the 3rd time I've had to replace my charger in less than a year. I love my computer, but I cannot stand the charger. PLEASE do something about this. I mean 80 bucks for a piece of junk after I spent so much money already... I know you have the technology, every other laptop's charger can withstand use. So disappointing but I still have to buy another one so I can actually use my computer which has all my information on it.It always burns and discolors right at the top of the piece that plugs into the computer.

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    Biggest piece of garbage

    On my 3rd charger in 5 years. They break way too easily. Flimsy design and workmanship from Apple!

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    Zero Star if I Could

    I have only had my Mac for 6 months or so. I am on my third 85WMagSae Power Adapter. At $80 a pop I cannot afford more. So after the next time I will sell the Mac and go back to a regular computer. Have tried to get help, ask Mac what to do and can't get through. Don't have a Mac Store near my city either. Love the Mac Pro but cannot deal with this adapter mess.

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    Poor workmanship and a fire hazard

    After shelling out 2000+ for a computer, you would expect the 80.00 power adapter to last more than a year, especially when you care for it as if it is made of glass. For years I have known these things to be fragile and so I keep it in one place where it can't get pulled on and it still frays apart forcing me to spend more money on a new one.

    Word to the wise: when it gets frayed and the wire is exposed, don't use it!!! My co-worker had his computer go up in smoke in our laboratory, almost burned the place down. Luckily the cord is long and could safely be unplugged, while a labcoat was thrown on top before it actually caught fire. In the end, computer was a little charred and the company decided to replace rather than risk another incident. We were the only lab with mac at our institute and now they are going to refuse to buy mac laptops, that's what apple gets for selling garbage for gold.

    Sadly, I see this is not the only account of fire hazard cords. You would think that at this price, apple would be more careful, but I guess they are waiting for someone to die and get sued... Will be an easy settlement with all this documentation on the internet already.

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    Worst Thing About Macs

    You'd think a company as smart and innovative as Apple would make a charger that doesn't fall apart all the time. Well, think different.

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    RIP Power Cord after Only 5 Months

    My AC adapter died only 5 months after I purchased my MBP. My husband is an electrian and determined that there was no power coming from the power adapter. Just so happens that I have a final paper due for a graduate class and now there is nothing I can do since power cord is dead and MBP won't turn on do I can work on my paper, which my professor doesn't excusel

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    Why not fix it?

    The charger on my MacBook pro never seems to work. I end up having to replace it once a year. How is it that a CHARGER with no battery element can "die." The charger to the first laptop I purchased in 2001 still works, all other chargers for other devices still work, yet for some reason a BRAND new Apple MacBook Charger produced in 2011 can't make it a year? It's bologna.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Please fix this design flaw.

    Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter (for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro).

    I've given this product 1 star as I've just had to order a second replacement for the original that came with the machine. The first replacement lasted 13 months and has failed at the point at which the MagSafe cable connects to the power brick. This is despite very careful use. Come on Apple. This is £130 I have had to spend to continue to use my MacBook Pro. Poor to say the least.

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    Great design, lousy manufacturing

    On two of these I have had the white cord starting to peal off. One was exchanged under warranty, I am stuck with the other. A third one just died on me after 4 years. Come on Apple, get your act together !

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    Number 3, here I come...

    The design is horrible. There is little to no structural integrity at the connection of the adapter body and the cord running to the computer. Today marks the day I buy my third power adapter for the same computer, because of this problem. The problem seems to lie in the sleeve of the cable. Over time, the sleeve tends to pull out of the coupler on the adapter body. The coupler is made much too small and not nearly as rigid as it should be.

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    Necessary Evil

    I am about to order my 3rd adapter in 2.5 years. I'm not some world-traveling extreme Macbook Pro user, just a casual user with a fancy computer that needs an expensive replacement part on a regular basis. The first one almost caused a fire! I have been extra careful with this last one, and of course the little part that connects to the computer needs to be wiggled around to get any sort of charge, just like the last one. What else can I do? I need my computer to charge and I need a new one, I'm not going to try a 3rd party part that can be even worse. Come on Apple, just sell the one part of the cord, times are tough for everybody and this is not where I need to spend 80 dollars right now.

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