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    3rd Charger

    Already my third charger from Apple. My only problems with my Macbook pro have been this charger.
    The first time it just wouldn't charger because I think it overheated at some point.
    This second time the magnet piece of the charger got stuck inside my computer.

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    Worst Apple Product Ever.

    I love Apple... I love my Pro, but this is one area where functionality has greatly suffered in favor of aesthetic design.

    The power cord (as well as the iphone cord) is so flimsy. This is a laptop. It isn't meant to be stationary. It's meant to move. But when you're a frequent traveler, or tote your laptop around with you often, the cord inevitably pulls in random directions when you plug, unplug, untangle, etc., particularly just below the part that you plug in to the computer. So, it doesn't take a lot to wear down the wire jacket. And, of course, the more it wears down, the easier it is for the wires to snap. It isn't worth $79. It isn't even worth $20. It's like those products that you buy and then realize that 70% of the cost was solely for the packaging. I've had my laptop for about 2.5 years and I'm going on my FOURTH power cord. I'm on my eighth iphone cord.

    I really wish they'd spend some time on making something functional. I'll happily take a little ugly if it meant I didn't have to keep buying the same parts over and over...

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    Very Poor Craftsmanship

    I used the power cord that came with my MBP for 2.5 years before the cord stopped working. I bought a new one last summer and it's dead after less than a year. The protective covering around the thinner cord cracked and peeled away around the base. I never wound the cord tightly or abused it in any way - most of the time it stayed plugged in on the floor. For $80 I expect a lot more. Very crummy worksmanship. I guess apple doesn't really care since they don't have much competition and everyone who owns a mac needs a power cord.

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    I have had my MacBook Pro 15 inch for almost exactly 2 years now and I have already have TWO of these chargers stop working for no apparent reason. It's not my computer, because other chargers have worked, so it must be this product. They are NOT designed to last. I'm about to buy my THIRD $80 computer charger and am not happy about it.

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    magsafe adapter

    Sorry to have to agree with all of the bad reviews out here on the adapter, but as an Apple shareholder, I am appalled at the poor engineering of the 'new' Magsafe adapter! I received the current one as a replacement for the original one that deteriorated on my very 1st computer, a Macbook that I am so proud of... Sadly, whoever designs these adapters apparently doesn't share my pride in the product, and the result is that this 'new' adapter began to fray after only 6 months. I tried to return it for a replacement, but was told that the damage was not 'covered' under its warranty! Huh? It's obviously under-engineered with obsolescence in mind... I even tried the electrical tape 'solution' I was offered! Shame on you, Apple! Now, I have no choice but to spend $79 on another piece of junk!

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    Amazing CHARGER, people are the problem!

    Well I think the problem isn't chargers, I personally own Macbook Pro 15 at work with 85Wat, Macbook 65Wat, and Macbook Air for work when moving, and none of my chargers ever broke. I've been using Macs for over 7 years now and each of them lasted at least 2 years. So If a charger lasts 2 years that is a great number trust me! I just never use the clips for cable. I just put it loose in my bag that way it's not stretching to much. Do not pull the cable hard etc. Be gentle.

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    Another frayed cord!

    Barely 6 months after I got my macbook pro, the cord jacket started to fray. I attempted to halt it by wrapping electrical tape around the cord (Not very aesthetically pleasing) and this did approximately nothing after it became apparent that electrical tape wouldn't stick to the cord for any appreciable length of time.

    The jacket seems DESIGNED to fray and continue to fray as once the thing started to split, it began elastically pulling the rest of the jacket to continue fraying. Approximately 20% of the total cord (and growing) is now bare metal shielding. Very displeased.

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    Apple should be ashamed that it actually ships this product and then charges $80 for a replacement when the original inevitably stops working. My Macbook Pro is just over a year old and my power cord has completely frayed. I know at least 4 of my friends have had the same issue within 1-1.5 years of purchasing their Macbooks. Furthermore, I use the pull out hooks to wrap the cord and it still frayed (maybe it frayed because I wrap it with the hooks?)! As has been said, this is either awful engineering or really shoddy materials (which I hope not since it costs $80). I generally love Apple products, but this charger is simply embarrassing.

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    I'm now on my third power adapter for my MacBook due to the poorly designed and poorly made part of the cord that frays. I wonder how many of our power adapters with this failing are filling up our landfills. Apple, why don't you design a power cord that your customers can use for more than a year or two?? Is it really all about profit?

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    20 months and I have to buy a new one because it's been a week that I'm fighting to get power. Poorly engineered or made with cheap material on purpose...?

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    Another frayed cord

    Happened to me, too. It's been less than a year. I've been a Mac owner for over 10 years, and I'm baffled as to why they can't seem to figure out a way to make a power adapter that functions correctly.

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    Frayed relationships

    The adapter that came with my machine didn't work from the get-go. Less than two years later, the replacement frays and dies. Nothing to do but spend another $80 and whine impotently. Curse you, product manager for this POS!

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    Worked fine for a while..

    Worked for about a year, but stops working if the cord is placed a certain way.. Probably a short or something within the cord, can't believe I paid $80 for this junk.

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    I lied i would rate this no stars

    my mac charger broke a couple of days ago. the wire is so thin and it just ripped.... also i have an extended warranty and it didn't cover it what bs.

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    Tired of replacing these!

    I don't understand why Apple doesn't allow you to buy just the half of the cord that ALWAYS frays. $80 is a lot of money to be dropping on these things every few months. If the design is so great, then fine - let us just spend $25 on the piece that needs replacing. I've got so many of the intact half that I could build a house with them.

    I also don't like that I lose a USB port because the design of this blocks it.

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    Great Idea, Poor Design

    So I've had my charger for about a year and it started fraying at the base of the magnetic connector. Finally it just stopped working. For how much money I spent on my macbook pro I thought maybe the charger would hold up. I guess not. Anyways I was able to take the charger apart (with help from a hacksaw), and repaired it. I guarantee it will never break again. I would have given it a 1 star if it wasn't for the fact that the power supply still works.

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    Mac Fan Here - But MagSafe Power Adapters ARE Defective

    I'm a huge fan of Apple products. I have used them for years and have generally had a great experience with them. I've often praised them in print and in conversation.

    However, the design of the MagSafe Power Adapter is inherently flawed, and regardless of how carefully one handles it, the rubber sleeve around the wires will tear at the point where it meets the plug. The wires will then fray and It will stop working. In in the meantime there will be a clear safety risk from the exposed and fraying cable. This happens regardless of whether the plug is T-Shaped or L-Shaped.

    It has happend to me SIX times and I handle my power adapters with care. Before buying one... or a product that requires one...I'd suggest asking around to see what others have to say on the subject .

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    TERRIBLE it is!

    I agree with all the reviews that call this product terrible, My power cord is less than a year old and it frayed just near the transformer. The insulation has split there too. I think it is a a combination of a bad design and an inferior quality product. I do not get why the cord has to be fused with the transformer. Separating them would have saved the adapter as well as the environment.

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    For all the thought that went into the design of these things, it's absolutely pathetic how weak and prone to failure the skinny little cord for the magsafe plug is. Today marked the THIRD incident I've experienced with these things. The skinny cable, especially the base of it, is completely inadequate for daily use. The cord separates from the base of the adapter and then frays (if you're lucky enough that it doesn't just get yanked right off), rendering the device useless.

    Charging $80 for this piece of junk is highway robbery. And of course if you aren't under warranty you're SOL, even though it's clearly a design flaw. Thanks for nothing Apple, I really hope the new line of laptops fixes this issue.

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    Absolutely TERRIBLE

    As has been mentioned before, the cord frays. i had to get this after my original charger broke. now i have to get another one because this thing absolutely stinks. the cord is all frayed, why can't they just sell the cord?

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