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    MagNOTSafe Power Adapter

    Okay, probably the worst idea Apple has ever had was redesigning the MagSafe Power Adapter. Put it one way, it blocks USB ports --put it another way, it's wrapped around your computer completely defeating the purpose of the magnet technology which meant for easy release when tugged. If you can score an old charger, definitely go for that one. In the meantime, hopefully apple develops something better. It gets one star because it charges.

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    The 4th charger I have now had to buy

    I am on number 4 between my older Powerbook I used to have (Complete lemon) and 2nd on my Newer macbook pro unibody. Makes me very upset and I refused apple care on this one because it did NOTHING for me on the last one.

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    Still frays

    After about a year, this updated model frayed and eventually severed itself. At the base of the magnetic charging piece, the plastic wrap cracked reveling the severed internal wires. It goes without saying that this chargers cord can not withstand the riggers of a mobile life. I hope the next generations engineering with solve this failure.

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    These new chargers is the worst

    i bought 2 chargers after the original one that came with my 17" and i am currently in need of a new one, the magnet inside the white cord wears n tears gosh now i have to find money to get another

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    I just bought a new power cord about a year ago and it just quit working on me at work and not even wiggling will help. $79 for a piece of junk.

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    Good to bad.....

    Ive had my Mac book Pro for 1 year and a half, my power cord was good to start off but then i started seeing cables come out and mow it stoped working. I was charging my mac and it all of sudden stoped and didn't work. Now i have to pay a stupid price of 80$ for somthing that isnt better than any other cord

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    Frayed after 10 months

    This is the second macbook adapter I've had, I take good care of it and never wrap it tightly. It began fraying near where it connects to the laptop recently... Absolutely horrible.

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    I love my Macbook Pro. But... really. This power adapter is the worst. I'm now ordering my third. As in three. Within two years. The last one frayed, as did the others and then stopped working.

    For a company that makes some of the world's best stuff... why this?

    And as someone else suggested, why not just make the replacement magnetic part available instead of making me fork over ANOTHER $80 bucks for yet another entire cable?

    You have some of the world's smartest people on your team. Please fix this.

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    disappointed in durability

    I bought into the Apple world a dew years ago based on higher quality and less issues for my wife and family. I had to use a Windows machine for work and did not make the switch until November 2010 when i was finally fed up with Dell and Windows and bought a 17inch macbook out of my own pocket for work. I have liked making the switch, even thought there are a few minor frustrations with compatibilities. However, I would expect a power cord to last more than 17 to 18 months.

    All of the sudden the outer insulation, the rubbery skin, started splitting and peeling away. I wrapped it in electrical tape and it continued to work for a couple weeks but now it has stopped charging my macbook. I am ok to pay top dollar for quality and overall I am pleased with Apple quality but this is a disappointing detail. and in my experience it is the little things that can unravel a business.

    from snooping the internet i see this is not unique to me. I hope they get this fixed and soon since these are $80 a pop and I am starting tho think i need to buy one every year or so so always have a spare ready as the current one ages out!

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    Sick and tired of this!

    I've had my macbook pro for almost 2 years and I am now buying adapter #3!!! The first one started sparking, then died and the second one is melting! This is ridiculous! I spend over $1000 on a macbook and have to buy a new adapter every year? Get it together Apple...please, for all of our sakes! Im a broke college student who can't keep this up.

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    Not working after 2 - 3 months

    Yea, MagSafe connector is amazing!

    However, my charger that I got with my computer over a year ago frayed and power was just not going to my MacBook Pro. So I went and picked up a new one from DSE. 2 or 3 months later, now, the charger is having a lot of difficulty with getting power to my Macbook. The charger has not frayed. Having to juggle the cord and bend it a bit so it can get current flowing. Which is pretty stupid.

    I'd say it is dodgy wiring. Which is not what I expected from Apple at all! I have been a customer for a long time now, and this is the first time I have run into a problem.

    Shall be returning my charger to DSE for a swap.

    Please Apple, get you factories to take care in assembling products.

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    One more disappointed customer.

    Basically what everyone else said - the connector frayed and there's no way I can use it anymore. My boyfriend who is also a Macbook Pro user also had similar problems just a few months ago. I need to shell out $80 for a new power cord now, money that SHOULD be going towards an apartment, a wedding or a college tuition. Absolutely ridiculous.

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    My computer is only 9 months old and I am having to order another power adapter!!! C'mon, why is this?? The cord tangles for no reason and now the wires are frayed at the connection to the adaptor. I am VERY disappointed and have been an Apple user all of my computer days (since the little box desktop). I hate to have to spend the money!!!!

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    Best Laptop Charger I've Seen

    I have used chargers with tons of laptops and this is by far the best. This charger is awesome, but a bit pricey if you need to replace it. The magnet connection keeps you from ripping it out of the charging port violently and breaking either the connection port or cord. And the lack of a giant surge protector/adaptor in the middle of the cord is wonderful.

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    Poor quality and expensive

    I'm up to my third adapter in 14 months.
    They are expensive and the L shaped connection and cable develops faults too quickly. The problems started when I had to jiggle the cord around while its connected to get the power flowing and the green light indicator. Then after a few months it just stopped altogether (on 2 separate devices). What's up Apple??? I think you should be offering free replacements until this device is improved.

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    I have gone through 2 of the these cords and every time the wire rips out of the adapter. Now I have to get another one. This is not worth $80.00 just to get it replaced less then every other year.

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    HUGE Tangled mess- even when the computer never leaves it's designated spot

    Issued one from recall. I like the connector end, but what the HECK is up with the wire? My computer sits on a laptop stand, and then gets used on my lap, when I am done, it gets placed back onto the stand. Others have stated sarcastically, "If you use it right,,you WON'T have these problems". Really? Acting rather superior, to all others that are having problems? I have had to wrap areas of my adaptor, in Duck Tape, because of the twisting and tangling - something that my T Style cord NEVER did. The new cords, are made of some sort of inferior material that encourages it, to just tangle up. Sorry, but for people that use their MACS like a desktop, these cords should be PRISTINE, especially for $80! Apple, PLEASE, whatever these cords are made from, the cause of the sucky "insta-tangle" it NEEDS to looked into. These cords tangle much worse that ANY of my T-style cords EVER did. They are plain and simple: horrible.

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    another victim of this rubbish

    Adapter over heated and just stopped working - couldn't handle working solidly for 5 hours. What is the story with this product?

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    20 months Frayed Tip

    I've used this power adapter for 20 months and treated it well. The rubber cable housing just isn't durable enough. I travel everywhere with my computer and have to pack it with me, I'm very careful with how I pack it too. It's completely frayed at the tip where there is no more rubber housing around one part of the exposed wire. I remedied this by cutting the two ends of a Q-tip off and used it as a splint and taped around it so no bending occurs.

    I really think apple need to re-think their design or quality of materials for the cable housing. It just isn't good enough.

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    After 2 years - Excellent service

    I used my magsafe charger for 2 years and the charging end came off. I took it to a local Apple store in Manchester (UK) and it was replaced with a brand new one - no problem. Inever was aware of any problems with the charger... but i was really impressed with the service i received. Yes - it was replaced free of charge. Thank you Apple.

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