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    Apple should be ashamed to sell this product at such an exorbitant price. It is barely worth $10, since it is essentially disposable and runs so hot you worry that the house is going to burn down. Lasted 1 year. Shame on you Apple! Reprice this item or offer an alternative that works!
    Unfortunately, this IS the only alternative...like a Windows product where you have to pay out the wazoo over and over and over for junk!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Product

    Bought this product 13 months ago and it's broken already. This is my second charger that I've had to buy because this product just does not last.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst product design of an Apple product yet!

    I had to give this one star because giving zero stars isn't an option. Basically, the design of this product BLOWS. I knew the second I saw this new design that the thing would break after a few months or a year. Sure enough, in just one year I'm having to replace yet ANOTHER badly-designed Apple power cord. (This is my FOURTH cord for my MacBook Pro). Hey Apple - quit trying to be so "cutesy" with the design and give us something practical that still looks good.

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    Only lasted 12 months

    Too expensive to only last 12 months. My old one at leasted lasted 3 years.

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    This is my third one in one year!

    See title.

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    Great Idea; lousy implementation

    The MagSafe power adapter for the MacBook Pro impressed me as yet another example of Apple genius -- until the connector cord frayed and severed the connection, just like the old adapter did on my old Power Book, To avoid missing two days of production on a deadline that won't wait, I now have to drive 130 miles round trip to an Apple store that I hope has a replacement in stock. Add the cost of fuel, vehicle use, time away from work, and the $79 plus tax for the adapter, and it adds up to a major issue that should never have occurred in a vital product that Apple has had many years to ponder and perfect. I'll add to the chorus here and urge Apple to produce a separate cord between the adapter box and computer, that can be bought as a $10 or even $25 spare item, ready to use whenever this problem occurs,

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    Charger works perfectly with the old MacBook Pro (2007) model, a little bit expensive but works nicely!

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    Is self-destruct buit in?

    I have taken immaculate care of my MagSafe adapter, yet it started splitting at the MS plug end. I attempted to repair it and now the length of the cord between the laptop and the adapter module is splitting. Not a device that wear and tear should be an issue as it never leaves my living room, It never sits in direct sunlight, so it should not be splitting. Granted, it still works, but I worry about future safety.

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    Cord makes false contact, need to replace the whole thing

    I have to spend over $80 to replace an original MAC product for which you pay a premium price already. Make the cable portion detachable or use a thicker gauge or threaded cable.
    I tried MAC to get away from poor Windows OS performance, now having a HD that overheats, slow OS maybe running on Sea Lion and now the charger.
    Not satisfied. E-ve-ry-thing I bought from MAC needed to be fixed or replaced most of the times right out of the factory.
    This actually cannot help others make decisions, you are stuck, you have to buy it if you own a Mac lap top.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Attention to detail and quality of components equals joy!

    I am struggling to comprehend the negative reviews posted for this product because as a Mac user since 2001 I have owned at least seven Apple Note Books and have never had a failed charger. I have had two friends who have had failed chargers, out of approximately one hundred friends and students using Apple Mac NoteBooks over eleven years.

    Apparently there were a few people experiencing wires coming loose from rough handling at one stage but none of my friends or students did.

    CAUTION: Interestingly, I bought a Non-Genuine charger on eBay for a friend for about one third of the Apple price but this unit failed miserably in a short time, it actually caught alight and almost burned her house down! That unit was not up to the Apple standard of beautiful fit and finish, the plastic casing was brittle and poorly finished and the cable was inflexible and annoyingly had a mind of its own, there really was no comparison.

    My Girlfriend's 13 inch MacBook charger finally blew during a recent lightning storm, it has worked around the clock every day since 2006, and to it's credit, it has been the spare charger I use when staying at her place to power my 17 inch MacBook Pro, so it even survived slaving away for years powering a much larger device than it was designed to cope with. I am buying the 85w model to charge both devices.

    I can only commend Apple for sticking to their guns, refusing to drop the quality of these chargers to race other makers to the bottom of the heap. I am spending my eighty-nine dollars with full confidence in the product and a smile on my face.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the number of times, HUNDREDS, that I haven't tripped over the power cord or hurled the computer to the floor thanks to the brilliant Apple innovation called MagSafe!

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    poor quality come on apple

    wire has frayed and I've used tape to fix it, i will be buying my fourth 85W mag safe adapter.
    apple...seriously? come on fix this poor quality adapter

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    I've never experienced a problem with this model across three separate MacBook Pros. It stores well with the integrated cord wrap and has never failed me. I only use it on my 15" and 17" MBP -- not sure if I would try it on a model it wasn't designed for. Highly recommended.

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    Really? The Best Computer Company Makes The Cheapest Power Supply?

    I am currently on my 3rd replacement power supply in 5 years. If you're counting, that means 4 power supplies. I am amazed that an amazing technology company can produce a "less-than-amazing power supply. MagSafe is a great idea but when the cable fails for whatever reason, it doesn't matter how great the technology is. Most of the cable issues could be solved with $0.20 worth of ShrinkWrap. Come on guys! Is this one of the ways we make you one of the richest companies in the world?

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    I paid a bunch of money for a MacBook Pro because everyone raves how good Macs are. I love my computer. However, for the amount of money I paid for the computer I should get a decent charger. I will be purchasing my second power cord, not including the one that was included with the computer.

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    Just out of warranty and no power!

    Love my MacBook (2011) love the MagSafe idea. But just 14 months on and my power is dead. No option of a replacement as out of warranty. Then there's the $90 to replace it. What an absolute scam. This is the worst treatment I've ever received from a company that has got everything else so perfect. Incredibly disappointed. What's the point in a brilliant laptop if you can't charge the battery.

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    A little annoyed

    I have been a loyal Apple customer since the 1990s (when I was a little girl) I am now a College student and Apple's products have steadily declined over the years. However, up until the most recent models I never had serious problems with any of Apple's machines or accessories. Until this year. I bought a new MacBookPro with the new style of power cord. My power cord has frayed 3 times this year. I do not treat my cords particularly badly, I simply use my computer as it was meant to be used, in fact it has seen much less abuse than most of my old computers as it spends most of it's time on my desk. the power cord has been almost continuously connected to the computer and rarely moves from it's location (except to follow me on school breaks, in which it lives properly coiled up in a suitcase). I take care of my technology, since without it I am organizationally challenged, but I do expect some attention to be shown to durability. There was a time when Apple had the best products on the market that time however apparently ended in 1999 as no product that I have used since then from this company has ever been up to snuff. I preferred the old T-style chargers as they were actually LESS fragile (although I'll admit the flipping upside down has some benefits). I am now buying a new one, it better work for longer than the old one or I might just go buy a Dell laptop and dump my MacBookPro, with it's faulty charger on my little brother. The only reason I'm not doing that now is that I am still under warranty. really? I've had to buy 2 new cords in 1 year? I am a College student,$79 is a huge part of my budget. it means I'll have to skimp even more than I already do, and my rumbling tummy does NOT appreciate this.

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    Is putting me off Macs

    I have had my Macbook Pro for over a year now.......and the adapter has stopped working. This is the L style. Previously with my old MBP I had the T style. It too frayed and stopped working. When I took it to the store they would not replace it as my warranty was up and basically told me it was because I allowed the cord to bend too much. I work from home and the adapter sits on the desk. There is no tension on the cord. A year's worth of so called "bending and too much pressure" now I have to buy a new one? As I did with the previous MBP? A complete put off. Apple if youre not going to design a better power adapter please place a large notice for buyers to please handle these adapters with extreme care as they are soooo sensitive! Im not the only one.

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    Budget for a few of these in your Mac's lifetime.

    Lost track of the number of new power packs I've had to buy, whilst the mag safe innovation was an improvement on the last one they aren't very good!

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    From Rolls Royce to Trabant!!

    My October 2010 MacBookPro has had so many problems - my 3rd MBP and ALL have had issues - but this one has left me saying "Never Again"!
    Yes, I love the OS - but the hardware is Rubbish!!
    On Power Supply #3 (the leads fray and short or open circuit), I cannot plug in ANY USB device - instant CRASH - so MUST use an externally powered USB!! I now have the "Fat Battery" syndrome - so cannot left mouse click - now using an external wireless Mouse with all functions on Right Click!! AND my Left Shift key is defunct - that is SO annoying for a R/Handed person!!
    Yes, Apple has gone to Pack!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    New power supply (L-Style Connector) shorted out

    I bought a Mac Book Pro 14 months ago. The power supply failed. The local Apple Store refused to replace it because it was _not_ the old T-Style connector that was prone to fraying. I reluctantly purchased a new one for approx $85 out the door. I took the old power supply to work and did some debugging: The cord between the supply and the Mac has a dead short between power and ground. Very bad. There are no signs whatsoever of rough use or abuse and yet there is a dead short in the cable. Conclusion: Bad design. The new design fails just like the old, but perhaps in a different way. Honestly, I would expect a power supply with the Mag Safe innovation to be getting 5 stars. However, the most common rating is one star. Something is wrong with this design Apple.

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