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    New/Updated design WORKS GREAT and is extremely DURABLE!

    I have a mid-2008 MBP that I love! Never had any problems with the original power adapter (attached with the cord making a T shape from the MagSafe connector). There has been a recall for the original power adapters because they have been fraying, the new adapters (L shaped) work just as well and are a little more beefy at the connections, preventing them from fraying and is a little more flush to the body of the MBP.

    Take the previous reviews from others with a grain of salt, they are probably for the old design and/or wound the cords very tight causing extreme stress to the power cords. I am a graduate student and travel every weekend, my cords are constantly being wound up and unwound...no signs of deterioration or fray at all.

    It is safe to say that this is a great adapter and that Apple stands by their products 115%. From my experience, Apple will replace any product if one ever falls below their standards! Never doubted Apple for a minute, and never will... Thank you Apple!

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    Going for number 4

    I am now buying the fourth adapter in a little over three years. They keep breaking on me without any good reason.
    Really poor product and no alternative available.

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    Worst piece of garbage ever

    I signed up just to write this review. Today my fourth MagSafe charger stopped working for no reason what-so-ever. I bought this newest charger just 2 weeks ago for 80 euros. If you buy this product, this is the kind of life-span you can expect for your charger. Even the cheap knock-offs last much longer.

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    Not a reliable product

    This product should be made with higher gauge wire just for reliability purposes. I'm not on my third magsafe. My prior one laster a year and a month, even the original one that came with my macbook pro in 2008 laster 3 years, and thats the one with the class action lawsuit. It's only a matter of time before the new design results in a class action lawsuit.

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    Sorry to say it, but this product stinks. Perhaps apple feels we have no alternative?

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    40 months and I am an anomaly!

    Just had to replace my mag safe charger with this one after 40 months of good use. Apparently that is an incredible run! It's outrageous that three years is exceptional for a basic cable with a magnet on the end. For all the quality and craftsmanship of the computers, please stop making junk accessories to make them work.

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    Melting Around Prongs

    While I appreciate the magnet power cord, it is very inconvenient as well. I bought my power cord at the beginning of October and it is now March. My problem is, and this happened with my other power cord, is that my computer get's so hot that it melts the plastic (or whatever material used to surround the prongs) on the inside and now one of the prongs is buried underneath. This exact same thing is happening with the other three prongs that remain. It's upsetting that I bought the charger six months ago, and it is already malfunctioning. I love Apple but this "melting" is just ridiculous.

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    Travel Warning

    I travel extensively with a larger-than-normal amount of electronics ---all of which I take excellent care of. However this is now the second time that a Magsafe Power Adapter (85W) has had a problem with the narrow cord fraying and breaking at the point where it joins the tapered piece on the side of the adapter proper ---despite intentionally trying to "baby" it. I've been using Apple products since 1989, normally recommend them to others, and at first thought that the Magsafe adapter was the most clever design yet for a power adapter. However, although the magnetic connection has worked out okay, the point at which the narrow cord joins to the "power brick" is completely inadequate for real world travel.

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    The power adapter that came with the MBP frayed and fell apart (I tried taping it with electrical tape, but because it frayed near the magnetic connection the tape didn't help). I bought a MagSafe Power Adapter for $79. By the look of its different design than the one that came with the MBP, I thought it would be fine. Not so much. This one actually was worse. Due to heat from the wires near the magnetic connector, the insulating wire covering burned and shredded into a strange gooey mess. Never saw anything like it. Now, I have to buy another one of these?

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    ApparentIy 27 months makes my MagSafe a prizewinner!

    Well my MagSafe lasted 27 months and by looking at other reviews that makes it quite out of the ordinary. However I have treated it with kid gloves to make it last that long. Unfortunately it is not nearly long enough for a laptop power supply. I have had several laptops and dozens of other electronic devices over three decades that use similar external "brick" power supplies and have never had a single one go bad before the device it powered died. An excellent example of endurance is the power adaptor that came with my 2004 VAIO laptop. It has taken a beating over the years including a 5-foot drop onto tile that broke the case -- but it still works! It appears that Apple put so much confidence in the magnetic connection reducing the torsion and shear forces on the cable that they cut back on the standard strain reliefs others use so that mere normal movement back and forth will break the conductors at the connectors.
    I did give it 2 stars because it was an innovative design that was super easy to connect and disconnect, was smaller than most adaptors, and relatively light. I could not give it a better rating because 1) the skimpy stress relief reduces its "field life" and 2) the sparking when you plug it into the AC outlet (this happens on both the MagSafes we have) concerns me, startles the cat, and poses a potential fire hazard.
    One final tip, if you buy an extended warranty for your laptop, check to see if it covers the power adaptor.

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    This is getting expensive...

    Just in the past week I had to pay $150 for an out of warranty replacement on my iPhone and now this? $80 for a charger that barely lasted me a year. Where's the superior quality that apple takes pride in?

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    it was working at night and stopped next morning

    I can't believe it! It's my second in 2 years, and it's not even like I bang the "crepe" out of it... just regular use!
    All I want is an accessory that will last as long as my computer, nothing else. Isn't it enough what I paid for the macbook pro itself?

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    Disappointed in the MagSafe

    This will be the second MagSafe I will be buying, and I'm sure it won't be the last. The first one the wires frayed and quit working, the one I currently have they designed better and the wires haven't frayed, but it just quit working... I love Mac's but I think they could really do better on the chargers for them!!

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    I'm quite annoyed

    I've been a faithful fan of apple but now that feeling is kind of fading away. My power adaptor stopped working today so now I will have to get my 3rd one in 3 years. So in average, one power adaptor per year. I'm not even in the States anymore and I def don't want to pay $130 for this thing. I might have to get a new laptop that comes with better power adaptor. I love the look of what apple makes but they need to make their product stronger, definitely stronger!!

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    Just terrible - FAIL

    Why can't they leave well enough alone. The old mag connector was okay but this product is a stinker. Loses contact all the time so you come back to your laptop after an hour and find it has not been charging. Have also had one fritz on me after maybe 50 hours of use. Terrible product. FAIL

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    Let's donate to apple.

    I'm on my 3rd one in 18months..........

    Donate to Apple..

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    Poor connection

    My power cord is less than two years old and I have to buy a new one. It's disappointing that apple makes such good products that they cannot make good power cords to keep these products working.

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    another one bites the dust, this is getting expensive

    I'm so disgusted that I have to spend another huge chunk of $ on a power cord that will inevitably last no longer than a year. I am particularly disgusted because even I (I who am not an engineer) could tell it would happen by looking at the design when I first bought it. Why they cant extend the protective sleeve a couple of inches down from the top to pretend bending is beyond me.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Had to buy 2 in 4 years

    The durability of these things are completely awful. One overheated in 2 years of owning a mac laptop, the other just burnt out on my today (using a friends for now).

    When it worked though, it worked fine and did the job it is supposed to do.

    Apple: Make stronger, more durable chargers or outsource your design to someone who can. As a consumer I (not any other customer) should be paying upwards of 80-90 bucks for a product that should last for 5-10 years (like other chargers) only live out for 2 years at best.

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    Awfully constructed

    I've gone through two of these. Each time the power adapter has frayed to the point where it was a fire hazard.

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