• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    I've never experienced a problem with this model across three separate MacBook Pros. It stores well with the integrated cord wrap and has never failed me. I only use it on my 15" and 17" MBP -- not sure if I would try it on a model it wasn't designed for. Highly recommended.

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    Really? The Best Computer Company Makes The Cheapest Power Supply?

    I am currently on my 3rd replacement power supply in 5 years. If you're counting, that means 4 power supplies. I am amazed that an amazing technology company can produce a "less-than-amazing power supply. MagSafe is a great idea but when the cable fails for whatever reason, it doesn't matter how great the technology is. Most of the cable issues could be solved with $0.20 worth of ShrinkWrap. Come on guys! Is this one of the ways we make you one of the richest companies in the world?

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    I paid a bunch of money for a MacBook Pro because everyone raves how good Macs are. I love my computer. However, for the amount of money I paid for the computer I should get a decent charger. I will be purchasing my second power cord, not including the one that was included with the computer.

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    Just out of warranty and no power!

    Love my MacBook (2011) love the MagSafe idea. But just 14 months on and my power is dead. No option of a replacement as out of warranty. Then there's the $90 to replace it. What an absolute scam. This is the worst treatment I've ever received from a company that has got everything else so perfect. Incredibly disappointed. What's the point in a brilliant laptop if you can't charge the battery.

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    A little annoyed

    I have been a loyal Apple customer since the 1990s (when I was a little girl) I am now a College student and Apple's products have steadily declined over the years. However, up until the most recent models I never had serious problems with any of Apple's machines or accessories. Until this year. I bought a new MacBookPro with the new style of power cord. My power cord has frayed 3 times this year. I do not treat my cords particularly badly, I simply use my computer as it was meant to be used, in fact it has seen much less abuse than most of my old computers as it spends most of it's time on my desk. the power cord has been almost continuously connected to the computer and rarely moves from it's location (except to follow me on school breaks, in which it lives properly coiled up in a suitcase). I take care of my technology, since without it I am organizationally challenged, but I do expect some attention to be shown to durability. There was a time when Apple had the best products on the market that time however apparently ended in 1999 as no product that I have used since then from this company has ever been up to snuff. I preferred the old T-style chargers as they were actually LESS fragile (although I'll admit the flipping upside down has some benefits). I am now buying a new one, it better work for longer than the old one or I might just go buy a Dell laptop and dump my MacBookPro, with it's faulty charger on my little brother. The only reason I'm not doing that now is that I am still under warranty. really? I've had to buy 2 new cords in 1 year? I am a College student,$79 is a huge part of my budget. it means I'll have to skimp even more than I already do, and my rumbling tummy does NOT appreciate this.

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    Is putting me off Macs

    I have had my Macbook Pro for over a year now.......and the adapter has stopped working. This is the L style. Previously with my old MBP I had the T style. It too frayed and stopped working. When I took it to the store they would not replace it as my warranty was up and basically told me it was because I allowed the cord to bend too much. I work from home and the adapter sits on the desk. There is no tension on the cord. A year's worth of so called "bending and too much pressure" now I have to buy a new one? As I did with the previous MBP? A complete put off. Apple if youre not going to design a better power adapter please place a large notice for buyers to please handle these adapters with extreme care as they are soooo sensitive! Im not the only one.

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    Budget for a few of these in your Mac's lifetime.

    Lost track of the number of new power packs I've had to buy, whilst the mag safe innovation was an improvement on the last one they aren't very good!

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    From Rolls Royce to Trabant!!

    My October 2010 MacBookPro has had so many problems - my 3rd MBP and ALL have had issues - but this one has left me saying "Never Again"!
    Yes, I love the OS - but the hardware is Rubbish!!
    On Power Supply #3 (the leads fray and short or open circuit), I cannot plug in ANY USB device - instant CRASH - so MUST use an externally powered USB!! I now have the "Fat Battery" syndrome - so cannot left mouse click - now using an external wireless Mouse with all functions on Right Click!! AND my Left Shift key is defunct - that is SO annoying for a R/Handed person!!
    Yes, Apple has gone to Pack!

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    New power supply (L-Style Connector) shorted out

    I bought a Mac Book Pro 14 months ago. The power supply failed. The local Apple Store refused to replace it because it was _not_ the old T-Style connector that was prone to fraying. I reluctantly purchased a new one for approx $85 out the door. I took the old power supply to work and did some debugging: The cord between the supply and the Mac has a dead short between power and ground. Very bad. There are no signs whatsoever of rough use or abuse and yet there is a dead short in the cable. Conclusion: Bad design. The new design fails just like the old, but perhaps in a different way. Honestly, I would expect a power supply with the Mag Safe innovation to be getting 5 stars. However, the most common rating is one star. Something is wrong with this design Apple.

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    Bad product

    Last year my power adapter stopped working after 3yrs it was the T shaped one the wires were sticking out so I wasn't overly disappointed about buying a new one. Now 1 yr later after investing in the L shaped cord it just stopped working!! I'm extremely upset because my macbook works fine and I dont want to have to buy a new power adapter after 1yr of being very careful of not messing this one up...apple you've got to do better with the power adapter

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    Apple makes great products but this isn't one of them. Just stopped working - Apple should be ashamed with all the complaints on this power cord. Fix it. Replace it - do right by your loyal customers!!

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    The old design was much better!

    I'm on my third charger in 5 years. My previous two were both the 'T' shaped connector rather than the 'L' shaped connector found on the current model. I have a HUGE problem with the design of the new adapters, which is that they essentially undermine the entire purpose of the magsafe connector. With the 'T' connectors, if your cord got pulled or tripped over, it would harmlessly detach from the laptop, no matter what angle it was pulled from. When using a charger with an 'L' connector, if the cord is pulled from straight behind the laptop, the edge of the magnetic contact catches in it's port, and your laptop goes soaring off of whatever surface it was sitting on. Because of the way the cord is shaped, it rarely gets pulled from any other angle. This seems like a huge oversight to me. Wasn't the original point of these magnetic connectors to protect us from this sort of thing? I understand that the 'T' shaped connectors would fray over time, but this solution actually causes worse problems. These adapters need a serious redesign.

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    I purchased this charger as a replacement for the original charger than came with my MAC because of the same problem. Fraying on the cords so significant that the charger stopped working. Certainly one would expect after spending what it cost to buy a MAC that the cord would be better built. Now charger #2 has done the exact same thing. MAC must fix this problem in a significant way!

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    Replacing power supply.

    Purchased a replacement power adapter in October 2011 after the original one stopped working. It's March 2012 and the second one stopped working too! Kind of limited on how to supply power to my laptop, so I have to buy another one! I'm not too impressed!

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    after a week, new cord already showing damage again

    I had to buy a new adapter because the cord was frayed down to the wire in several places. I am very gentle with my equipment. When I showed it to the tech in the store I was told it was "normal wear and tear" or that I must have damaged with a vacuum cleaner - I didn't. So I had to buy a new one for $ 80. Now the brand new cord already has a nick in the covering again! How is that possible?

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    apple quality control?

    Been with apple for a very long time. Replaced this within a year on a new macbook pro (out of warranty), replaced one on a macbook air last month (still on warranty) and internal speaker on wife's iPhone doesn't work (one year old and no abuse}. Seems apple has gotten to the point where advertising and revenues are more important than
    the product quality. Too bad!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    New/Updated design WORKS GREAT and is extremely DURABLE!

    I have a mid-2008 MBP that I love! Never had any problems with the original power adapter (attached with the cord making a T shape from the MagSafe connector). There has been a recall for the original power adapters because they have been fraying, the new adapters (L shaped) work just as well and are a little more beefy at the connections, preventing them from fraying and is a little more flush to the body of the MBP.

    Take the previous reviews from others with a grain of salt, they are probably for the old design and/or wound the cords very tight causing extreme stress to the power cords. I am a graduate student and travel every weekend, my cords are constantly being wound up and unwound...no signs of deterioration or fray at all.

    It is safe to say that this is a great adapter and that Apple stands by their products 115%. From my experience, Apple will replace any product if one ever falls below their standards! Never doubted Apple for a minute, and never will... Thank you Apple!

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    Going for number 4

    I am now buying the fourth adapter in a little over three years. They keep breaking on me without any good reason.
    Really poor product and no alternative available.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst piece of garbage ever

    I signed up just to write this review. Today my fourth MagSafe charger stopped working for no reason what-so-ever. I bought this newest charger just 2 weeks ago for 80 euros. If you buy this product, this is the kind of life-span you can expect for your charger. Even the cheap knock-offs last much longer.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a reliable product

    This product should be made with higher gauge wire just for reliability purposes. I'm not on my third magsafe. My prior one laster a year and a month, even the original one that came with my macbook pro in 2008 laster 3 years, and thats the one with the class action lawsuit. It's only a matter of time before the new design results in a class action lawsuit.

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