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    Would give no stars

    This magsafe is terrible. The old one that didn't force you out the cord toward either the front of the macbook or the back of the macbook was much stronger and better. Honestly though, none of these have lasted very long. They are very flimsy. The one that I had bought a year ago simply stopped working and did not turn green or orange ever again. If I were anyone else, I would buy a good PC laptop. I was disappointed with my Imac too. It died and now doesn't even boot from CD when I hold C. APPLE YOU NEED TO HAVE SOME QUALITY CONTROL.

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    Not Worth

    lasted for less than a year!! totally not worth the money!! if apple is looking for creating some quality revolutionary designs, they should also look at the usability and reliability of the product! all mac book pro owners i know of have replaced their charger atleast once!! the magnetic connecter etc are great!! but the wires are poor! they fray! i'm really dissappointed with apple! pls help us!

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    I just bought 15.4 MacBook Pro) 2 week now Adapter stop working, just only 2 week stop working it so bad produce. I thought it wil help me fast for design, even it so very expensive I but it opposite, Now I cant do anything cos Adapter not working, I cant buy the new adapter cos it so expensive, and low quality.
    I'm not sure just only 2week the Apple have warranty or not ?

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    bad charger

    Went through three in less than one year!

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    Failed after 13 months

    Wires near connector broke after 13 months of usage.

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    I bought the cord about 2 months ago and already not working. Cord kinks easily and then shorts out.

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    This is definitely a RIP!!

    This is a rip!!! I have had my Mac Book Pro 7 months and already this power cord has gone out. It works when it wants or after you wiggle it around a few times. After all the cash spent on these laptops you would think the power cord would last.....How is a consumer suppose to utilize the product. Apple should refund everyone who has had to purchase a new power cord with it's known faulty issues.

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    Poor Quality

    About 10 months ago the T-adapter which came with our 2008 MacBook Pro stopped working. There was no visible damage to cord and it was always plugged into a three pronged grounded outlet. At the time the apple store replaced the adapter with one of the new L-shaped adapters. Then about two months ago it began to intermittently not charge. All the updates, resets, and cycling were done at the time of replacement. Again no visible damage to the cord, never wrapped up and only used at the house. Brought it again to the apple store and was told that the replacement part only came with a 90 day warranty. He tried to sell me another replacement part for $61, again with only 90 day warranty or for an extra $10 one off the shelf with a 1 yr warranty went with the latter option. After reading all the reviews here prior to going I tried asking if it was normal for these to fail after less than a year or now two in a three year life cycle, his answer was no and that people online only complain ;). The adapter for our 7 yr old HP is still going strong as well as the old style plug for the 2004 Macbook as an aside. Always have loved apple since my first Apple IIe, hopefully they will listen about the poor quality of this product.

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    Terrible construction

    third power supply this year??!!!

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    In hardly 2 years of owning a macbook,

    Got my 15 inch MacBook in June 2010, the original charger died in about 9 months and now the one I bought replacing that one is dead too.

    Hardly one year passes and I've had to get THREE different chargers!

    OH JOY!...
    sooner or later I will have spent so much on these chargers I will have had enough for a whole new MacBook.


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    Three of these in 13 months.

    I have gone through three of these in 13 months. The first one I got replaced under warranty. The second, I needed it too urgently to go through the warranty process, considering I live where there isn't an official Apple store. The third one was one month outside the laptop warranty. This is ridiculous. At $100AU a pop, you guys are sending me broke - I'm a student, I bought my Macbook Pro to study. This is a poorly constructed product. I have tried treating the most recent adaptor with kid gloves, particularly when transporting the power cable, but it has still lasted less than 3 months. With all three, the problem has been where the white cord joins the silver end piece. The cord has either split open (two out of the three) or stopped charging due to some sort of internal damage there. I'm moving to Timor Leste for work next year and I'm really worried what will happen if this happens again, it could take months to get a replacement out there. Not happy!

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    Not enough power

    I'm having the same issue as many other users, under high CPU/GPU load the 85w magsafe simply doesn't have enough juice to charge the battery so it starts to drain slowly. Apple should recall them and replace with a higher wattage one or offer a new magsafe for free for affected users OUTSIDE US TOO!

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    1 year old and already problems!

    Terrible construction! Already shorting out around the MagSafe connector. You ruined an excellent computer with this dreadful accessory!

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    New Computer Same Problems

    This laptop is 10 months old and yet the power supply has the same problems as everyone else. This problem happened with my old MBP's Power supply too. Its endemic. Is this something that a class action lawsuit could solve? It seems like a known problem and Apple sells faulty power supply units to consumers anyway. Unless Apple wants to design something that isn't designed to fail.

    I am sick of having to spend more money to fix something so new after dropping so much cash to get the laptop in the first place.

    I agree with everyone else.. Apple needs to fix this before they put out new products.

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    This Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter is a joke. Within a year, 3 of them went dead. At $80 each, I call this a ripoff. What's happening to Apple quality?? I can't figure out the warrantee on this adapter, would love a refund really!

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    Need a new power chord every year!

    I'm on my 3rd power chord in 2 years. I wrapped my first chord as recommended by the Genius Bar people. The chord detached after about 11 months. I didn't wrap my second chord and now the stupid thing won't charge my computer. If you like buying a new power chord every year then this product is for you! I hate that I am forced to buy this faulty product every year! Get a clue Apple!

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    Great Product

    The new design with the silver end with reinforced tension relief is robust and strong. If these are fraying then they are being mistreated.

    I got this 6 months ago and it's still in brand-new condition being used everyday.

    I'm very happy with this product and the bottom line is if you treat your equipment well, it'll last.

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    please fix this product.

    i have an exam and 2 papers due tomorrow, and 1 hour of battery life left. thank you apple.

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    Please come up with a better product

    I am so frustrated by the power cords sold for my computer. I am on my third cord. I always end up with frayed cord either at the magnetic connection or where that part of the cord goes into the pwer box. This is a real problem and I am not abusive with my stuff. This last cord I have had less than a year. I am really hoping that Apple will come up with a better longer lasting cord.

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    Thanks for nothing Apple

    You would think that after nearly 500+ reviews of this garbage excuse for a charger that Apple would take the time from releasing new phones every 10 seconds, and fix the products they already have. I won't get into the rampant instant gratification consumerism that Apple engages in, because at the end of the day I need the products they provide. But thanks to this wonderful company, I will not be able to finish my paper or any of my other homework because I cannot charge my laptop because the charger I bought two months ago has mysteriously stopped working. Please take a break from creating iPad 32 and fix what you have already made. Trash would be a compliment when describing this product and the hypocrisy and utter disrespect in charging $75 for it is disgusting.

    Good day.

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