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    The cord is too thin and breaks

    I've gone through several magsafe and pre-magsafe (white brick) adapters over the past 7-8 years. Every one has broken due to a damaged cord. A few have given off sparks. The Magsafe connector itself is fine but the cords are too thin. Over time the wiring starts to fray and eventually short circuits. At least with the older adapters there were 3rd party alternatives. With magsafe I have no choice so I have to keep replacing them. These really need a redesign.

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    Very disappointed

    This will be my third, bought the last one in January this year....so only getting 6 months use which I consider extremely poor. Looks good so one star for that, but thats all.... Better go and buy another one....coz still like the mbp...

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    Don't like design

    These newer ones that run along side the computer are so annoying. Because it runs along it, it makes plugging in anything annoying. I have a case on my MacBook so I can only plug in this new power cord in ONE DIRECTION which then partially blocks other plug ins. I can only have power or internet plugged in at one time because the two block each other out.

    Same with USB ports. I feel like I'm already beginning to stress the fraying process because the power cord has to bend in order to allow USB's to be plugged in.

    I could take my case off my computer, but then what's the point of having one if I have to take it off all the time.

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    bad power supplie

    this item its bad i had problems charging my laptop sometimes i get a not charging message or sometimes it charges for a few minutes and now i've notice that the plastic inside the magnet is melting and its making the pins to be stuck inside not making a connection with my laptop writing this review is not going to make you not buy this item cause we all need it now to charge our laptops but hopefully will make apple upgrade their items, I'm going to the mac store is hopes to get it replaced i bought this mac about 6 months ago :-{

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    Thank you for making me spend $75 on a power cord within the 1st year

    This power cord is a piece of junk. Apple needs to make a new way to wrap the cord up without bending the cable at the connection joint. This is what causes the cable to fray. Now I have to get a new one, how convenient that they are $75!!!!! This product is a piece of junk, and its how apple makes people keep spending money. If you don't want your cable to fray, don't move it at all, because repeated wrapping of the cord around the wrap hooks causes the cable to fray.... Apple product just went down a peg in my eyes!!!! Make a better cable, and cheaper!!!!!

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    Weak connection at cord - frays!

    This is my third adapter I have had to purchase! Contrary to belief of a few who are not having issues with this item, it does NOT take much for the cord to fray at the adapter connection. I am extremely conscientious with the care of all my items because I don't like trowing away my hard earned money. My first adapter frayed at the computer connection. The new design seemed to have fixed that transferring the problem to the other end of the cord. My cord is kept in the same outlet 98% of the time. Regardless, one should be able to carry the cord with them if needed. That is the purpose of the wall adapter option which is even described in Apple's own product overview as "..an even easier and more compact way to travel."

    Also, when charging, it gets so hot that I can barely touch it. I won't charge my computer when not home in fear of it causing a fire.

    I hope Apple is actually reading these reviews. I'm tired of spending so much money on an item that should last the lifetime of my computer, NOT only 6 months.

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    Love the MacBook -- Hate the Power Adapter

    I'm not sure why other reviewers on here assume that all of us who have problems with this product are abusing it in any way. Mine have never suffered from the wire fraying problem I've read about, but I've had three of these power adapters fail on me in two years. Not so with the PC power adapter I use at work or my video camera power adapter or the adapters on any of my other gear -- just the MagSafes.

    My problem is that they start charging intermittently and then die altogether. I read on the "Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe Adapters" page that line noise can cause them require a reset which is done by unplugging them for 60 seconds and plugging them back in. This works for a while -- then not.

    The bottom line is that whether I'm using an uninterruptible power supply or your average everyday outlet, these things have stopped working where other power adapters have not.

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    I have never written a review of ANYTHING before, but this piece of junk is just too much to ignore.
    The original that came with my Powerbook Pro barely lasted four months. Now the replacement has quit after only five!!!!! At this rate I am going to be paying $20.00 a month just on power supplies! Feels like I am having to pay a rental fee for the privilege of owning a Mac.
    What's really frustrating is that it is only the actual plug into the computer that is defective. If it was detachable from the transformer like the wall outlet cord it would cost a fraction of what it does to replace it. Isn't spending over two grand for a laptop enough without having to fork out an additional $250 a year.
    I have been a faithful Mac user for 25 years, but after this I may switch to PC laptops. At a third of the cost I would at least be able to afford to buy these expensive, seemingly disposable power sources.

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    Respect your gear!

    If you learn how to take care of your equiptment then you wont have any problem. My MB charger lasted the 5 years i had it, and was in great shape when I sold the MB to upgrade to the MBP. These are by far the best laptop chargers out there. I repair other types of laptops all the time with the power connector ripped off the MOBO, and I charge people a lot of money to do so. Go Apple.

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    Apple raking it in by selling same thing over and over

    Have to go out and buy my third MagSafe power adapter for my 15" Mac Book Pro in the last six months. At 80 bucks a pop I would rather spend it on something that didn't have to be replaced all the time. Now can't use my laptop until payday. @#&%$!

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    Sucked -- this cool LOOKING charger broke after six weeks (frayed near head

    SUCKED IT. Six weeks and this super cool design LOOKING charger developed a bare wire melt near magnetic head. Steve Jobs, you are the genius of the universe, but WOE TO YOUR POWER and BATTERY DIVISION. I will rain down vast earth and flame upon you, oh power and battery division. Sure you have 19th century chemistry to battle with, but so the EFF WHAT? You're APPLE! You need to WIN!!!!!

    A Machead.

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    Planned obsolescence?

    I have to replace these cords repeatedly. Earlier this year, I had one give up after only three weeks of use. I do not move it around, travel with it, expose it to harsh conditions or any other sorts of trauma. Still they fail. If Apple's reputation was based on products of this quality, they would no longer be in business.
    And as other reviewers have mentioned, with a price tag of $79 for a POWER CORD (!!!) these should last a lifetime. Instead, they are the most unreliable Apple component I have ever purchased. If these are merely licensed by Apple, not produced, they should find another supplier. This failure rate is very annoying & very expensive.

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    Fried my MacBook

    As with many reviewers here, I find my charger begins to fall apart at the connection between the adapter and the cord, with the housing becoming disconnected and the wires fraying. This means I have to replace the charger about once a year. But a few weeks ago I apparently hadn't noticed the extent of the fraying: when I plugged my MacBook in there was a spark from the charger and everything went dead. Apparently there was a short WITHIN the housing that fried the computer. It cost me $300 to fix. Please, Apple, fix your chargers. Make the stupid thing one big piece of plastic, somehow, so it doesn't come apart so frequently.

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    Doesn't even charge my computer at all and It's brand new. I find myself having to move to different outlets to try and get it to charge. Even had all the outlets checked to make sure there was nothing wrong.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Piece of ....

    We have 4 macbook pros in our house. We have gone through 6 power adapter/cords in our house. BAD DESIGN. The last replacement has only lasted 1 year. I guess reading the other reviews, I should consider myself lucky.
    C'mon Apple...you can't come up with an adequate power adapter/cord???? At $80. a pop, and at this point we need to replace three (our duct tape jerryrigging aren't cutting it anymore), methinks this is one great moneymaking endeavor for Apple. All those big brains and you can't come up with a decent cord that will last?

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    Don't Buy!

    This power adapter is awful. I've had my computer for 2 years and I have to buy a third cord because they stop working!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    wears out or just stops working

    After a year or two they either fray or just stop working. Mine will power a computer but will not charge it. What the heck's up with that? And if you aren't watching you connect it and it blocks all the ports on one side. All in all, once again, form over function for Apple.

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    Bad design

    My 1st power adapter broke so I ordered this one and was disappointed that they re-designed the wrong end. Rather than changing the end that goes into the computer it would have been nice to have altered the part that goes into the socket. It sticks out too much and the weight makes it awkward to plug into a vertical socket.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It is garbage.

    Basically, this power adapter is the worst Apple product I've ever come across. It's not quite enough to make me switch to a PC, but it's a disgrace that Apple sells this. I am replacing one for the second time in six months because it just died. I'd give it a zero rating if that were possible.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    The adapter did not even last one year; the connector to the MacBook failed and won't come back.

    Just a piece of Junk!!!!

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