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    Bad Design

    Until I read the reviews, I thought it was just me being rough on cords. Am now on my 3rd adapter. They end up looking almost chewed up, independent of the care with which I treat them. Agree with others that Apple needs to change the design ASAP.

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    Now I am shopping for cord #4....YES, you heard me correctly: cord #4!! A person pays over 2000 for a computer, and you think APPLE can at least create a durable cord that lasts and gives a lifetime warranty!!

    Fix the problem APPLE!! The one star outweighs the other stars!!

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    just terrible

    Ofcourse it is the poorly made THIN CORD!

    I wish there was i way to get refund for this therrible product. I seriously don't want to pay 100 EUR (that is how much it costs in my country) to get another one, especilly having read these reviews. Obviously, there is a high possibility it will happen again.
    Fixing it is also not an option, so thank you Apple for overpriced product that has a lifespan of maximum 2 years!

    However i can't use my 2000 $ laptop without it, so yeah, FIX IT FOR FUTURE USERS AT LEAST!

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    The *one* Apple cable I have no complaints about

    I know I'm going to get a lot of "unhelpful" votes for this review, but this is my experience. I generally love Apple products but hate their cables. They do not last. Any of them. Except for my power cable. Over five years and still going strong. And no, it hasn't just been sitting in one place collecting dust. I've traveled the world with it. Squished it into my my backpack. Abused it. Plugged it into questionable voltage adapters when I forgot my Apple adapters. What finally killed it (and the reason why I'm even here reading these reviews)? Puppy teeth. I even repaired it once with Sugru and it kept working. Unfortunately, it didn't survive the last assault. I will now mourn its death and hope that the next cable lives until they get their adult teeth.

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    MagSafe power cords are just awful


    The cord that connect to the computer is SO thin that it pulled away from the transformer (white square in middle of cord) and is now frayed and irrepairable. It is horribly designed and extremely overpriced. Just ridiculous. 1-stars is too many, but there is no 0-star rating for revieiwng this poorly-designed product.

    lol...got "Some words in your review cannot be published. Please revise your review." on my first attempt, so had to revise!

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    Seriously Apple, do something to fix this product!!

    I will be needing to visit the local Apple store tomorrow to purchase a new power adapter. This will be my 4th power adapter in four years. The issue is always the same, the point where the brick and the cord meets breaks because there isn't enough support in the design of the connection. With the first two adapters, I thought maybe I was being too rough on the travelling and handling of them. But after babying the last two adapters to no avail and seeing the sheer number of awful reviews on here, it's pretty obvious that there is something WRONG with the design of this product. This is one of those issues that can drive a loyal customer away.


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    Buying it again....

    I wish they had zero stars. I bought the last one 10 months ago. The one before that 8 months. Before that 12 months.....Well you get the idea. It frays and shreds. This one very shortly after it was purchased but somehow I limped it along. Hate it. Abhor it. Loathe it.

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    Fragile design

    I'm on my third adapter after 3 years. This is the most annoying power adapter I ever worked with. It's engineered to fail you after one year.

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    would give 0 if possible.

    Apple is the worst company in the world with this stuff. all these negative reviews and nothing changes
    12 month warranty and charger only lasts for 2 years. I now have to go out and spend a 10th of what the laptop costs just to charge the bloody battery.
    if anyone is considering buying an apple product. dont. putrid customer service and crapy products

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    Beware the Frays.

    It's not like I'm swinging the thing all over the place or anything. But, I can't keep the plasticy cover close to the connector to stay together. I'll have to wrap the next one in something. You would expect for the money to find better quality. Rubbish.

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    Apple isn't caring for customers

    Apple is one of the most user compatible computer companies, that said I am highly irritated that the power adapters are so shabbily designed. I have replaced mine more than I care to remember, and will be heading to the store again today to replace yet another failed charger. They almost always tear and fray in the same place, so to apple I say; "Care for your customers and hear our complaint. You employ some of the top designers, put them to work."

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    2 chargers in 4 years

    Terrible product. To have to pay $119 for a replacement is insulting. Charger gets so hot that it burns skin. Will be moving back to a Windows based machine for video editing work and this charger is a significant part of the reason why.

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    Horrible Nightmare of a Product !!

    4th charger thats broke in the last 2 years !! currently on the last stretch of my research paper for my Master Degree and the charger breaks again.

    ahhhh !!!

    so expensive to buy and the thing just falls apart so easily


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    This is infuriating!

    Apple, for the love of God, please fix these stupid adapters! I'm starting to wish this Mac had never been gifted to me for college because I flat out cannot afford to replace these every 8 months like I have been doing. These cords are trash, and I was so careful with the one I'm currently using, it's exhausting that I have to treat the charger better than the computer. I thought, "Maybe it's me," but then I came online to see that there are over 1000 1-star reviews that I have to agree with! I'd give this no stars if I could. My MacBook is lovely, but at this rate I'll spend more on the chargers than the computer is worth!

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    Terrible Charger

    This is by far the worst charger I have ever owned. I don't know why it's only with my 15 inch that uses the 85 watt MagSafe Power Adapter. I own a 13 inch macbook as well with the 60W MagSafe Adapter and it has given me no issues what so ever. I have gone through three of these chargers in three years. I'm going to have to go and get another one tomorrow, making it my fourth one in three years. Very frustrated with this product. They overheat and fray and discolor over minor use. The brick gets super hot even on a nice ventilated flat surface. I just don't understand why apple hasn't fixed this awful charger. And for $80? That's ridiculous.

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    Extremely Poor Design!

    The cord for this charger simply does not last. It is made to be soft and supple, which is nice as far as convenience is concerned. But it simply is too fragile. The cord quickly wears out and breaks, forcing us to buy an entirely new charger at $80 a pop! The charger is vastly overpriced and the cord is poorly designed. Shame on you APPLE! FIX THIS!

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    Short Lifespan

    This will be my third power adapter. All the same problem. Never even used the fold out tabs this time. Just regular use broke the thin cable. Each last about two years, I guess.

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    Apple loyal to bad design (85W MagSafe)

    Just to update the reviews from 2014, the MagSafe adapter still has a very vulnerable cable design. I keep the cords straight at both ends and wrap the cable up carefully upon transport, but the body is just so clunky and the cord so rigid yet thin that the internal wiring gets frayed even without being run over by chairs, forced into awkward positions, and so forth. Laptops are made to be transportable. I feel as if I'm carrying a live infant around whose head I have to support just right. It's just too vulnerable at the connecting points. Interestingly, I never had this problem with the ancient iBook or Powerbook adapters.

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    Someone let me know where to sign a petition for lawsuit!

    I have known since I was 8 years old to not tightly wrap my my NES controllers too tightly. Dad was a responsible teacher. However, I went against my better judgement and used the fold out tabs APPLE SUPPLIES on the charger to neatly coil the smaller wire.

    This destroyed my charger. This destroyed two chargers for one friend, a charger for another, and yet another charger for a third friend.

    To charge $80 for a replacement and not offer a lifetime guarantee (with stipulations of abuse of course) is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS at BEST, and racketeering at worst.

    I love my Macbook Pro, so I am forced to buy a new charger. Thanks...

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    Dead after only 2 years

    My adapter died after only 2 years 2 months of use. Unlike a lot of others, I didn't have any cord fraying ~ it just died without warning. I use my computer daily, but it travels only minimally (less that once a month) so the power adapter stays stationary most of the time (ie. no abuse issues). It is unacceptable to have to replace the adapter at a cost of nearly $80 after only 2 years of use.

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