• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Fragile and expensive

    The system itself works fine, but the technical execution is inadequate. The cable of my charging device broke where it meets the transformer - the isolation is just too weak to withstand everyday use. Buying a replacement for EUR 89 is incredulously expensive :(

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    First of all, the charger falls out of the computer very easily and takes awhile to charge the battery. Secondly, the wires have begun to come out at the base of the adapter. It is totally shredded from regular wear and tear. I was electrocuted by the open wires that started to stick out when plugging it in. Now I have to go spend $80 on a new one due to poor design. Based on other reviews, I am not the only one with this issue.

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    Shockingly poor design

    Very poor design of the computer end of the cable and the price is a rip-off.
    The flat plug projects from the side of the computer and repeatedly gets knocked off when using on your knee or lying down e.g. to watch a movie.
    The cable easily frays where it enters the plug, splitting, kinking and exposing the wire metal wrapping. A poor looking advertisement for Apple products.
    Apple should be thoroughly ashamed of the Mag 2 power adapter. The Mag 1 adapter, lying flat along the side of the computer, was much better.
    But then the Mac laptop line is languishing, with heavy metal cases, too wide bezels, and dumbed-down software.

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    Cheaply made

    No matter how careful you are with this charger, it WILL at some point break down on you. Mine just frayed and burnt.

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    Just got to work on a Monday morning with low battery life and discovered I no longer have a charger because the cord is severed where it meets the white square base. Now I have to leave work and drop $80 for a new piece of trash. Apple is losing it and must think their customers are idiots.

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    Not Durable

    Charges fine but the point where the charger meets the cable is poor quality and has already worn out after a year of use.

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    Not functional

    Bought the 2015 Macbook Air, after having the 2011 edition for years. With that purchase a new type of charger came as well. It's safe to say that I miss the 'L-style MagSafe' which would fit perfectly on the Macbook and would never come loose.

    The new power adapter continuously detaches from the Macbook since it sticks out more than the earlier version. I don't really understand why the design team would change this. So far I can't say much about the quality because I've only been using it for a month.

    Design-wise: not functional at all, very poor job unfortunately.

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    Falls off easily, Breaks easily, Super expensive

    This charger is the worst. Its magnet connecting to the laptop is too weak, so it falls off really easily and the laptop always runs out of batteries before I notice it's disconnected. Then after using for a year, the cord just broke off. Couldn't use it anymore. I wanted to buy a new charger from Apple as a replacement but it's so expensive... I mean, $80 for a charger that doesn't charge well and breaks in a year? I might get a knockoff one instead.

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    Macbook Achilles' heel

    The charger (and specifically its cord) is the weakest point of all Macbooks. In my experience, you just have to assume it will break at some point and you would not be able to work anymore if you are in a country or remote area out of easy reach of an Apple Store. Bringing a spare charger with you is the only safe option to be sure you get your job done in those cases. Its price, however, adds insult to injury.

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    not fit for purpose.

    Falls apart far too easily.

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    Serious Problems

    I have been an Apple lover since day one. Everything i own is Apple. However, I have been having issues with their cords, computers, really everything. It is a shame how fast a company can fall from grace. It truly makes me sad. I wish I could post pictures so everyone could see how bad this cords really gets after such a short time frame.

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    Worst product from Apple ever

    I have been using a macbook air for less than a year, and I already need to get a third charger. Tells a lot about the build quality of this charger. Seriously Apple, this is really bad! You've been nothing but a disappointment to your customers in this regard. I wish I could give zero stars to this instead of one star.

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    Charger cord wires exposed.

    My charger cord has unraveled it still works but I run the risk of being Electrocuted from the wires being exposed just to charge your product. This is your product and you want me to spend $79.00 for a replacement. I should be able to return this to the store and have my chord replaced for free. I had my Macbook Pro Since 2012 and this is my third laptop from Mac. Mac WTH WTH! your computers cost way too much to have faulty cords. Not only is it dangerous its inconvenient. The latest cords are faulty I have been using your products for over 10 years but you have to step it up for your customers. I don't spend over $1000 for faulty products. You should reimburse your customers for this.

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    As usual, terrible charger

    Once again, the charger for my laptop has come apart. This has happened with EVERY.SINGLE.MAC.I.HAVE.EVER.HAD. Why won't you just make thicker chargers? I have to keep repurchasing chargers for computers because a design flaw causes them to come apart.

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    magNOtic charger

    I have been having issues with this charger since the beginning, but tonight, I reached my limit. This magnetic charger DOES NOT stay put! Nothing quite like getting settled in bed with your computer to realize your charger has mysteriously disconnected due to the ridiculously bad magnetic nature of it. Obviously,there is no avoiding this. Apple laptops are the best, and this charger is necessary to work the computer. I just pray that one day, apple will create a charger that actually locks into place, like the iphone 4 charger used to lock into the phone. Please improve this product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Obviously faulty and ridiculously overpriced. My admiration for Apple is as frayed and broken as the cord on my power adapter.

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    Who designed this?

    After my 3rd charger I just feel the urge to let the world know this is by far the worst piece of tech ever created by any serious brand. The fact that it is so overpriced makes me think it's all part of a big sad joke.

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    Bad quality - breaks easily

    Rubber around wire at base of adaptor split within 3 years of careful use - just outside warranty period. Poor.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I guess my charger lasted longer than most of the reviews I read, nonetheless it is very poorly made and no longer works. I wish Apple would step it up with the quality of ALL chargers as I also have to buy the iPhone cords in bulk. It's like they are made to be disposable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Overpriced fragile POS

    I have gotten used to purchasing two of these a year. They are unbelievably delicate chargers. I don't have any problems with any other type of cable for any device that I won, but for some reason I keep having to replace these overpriced MacBook chargers.

    At this point, I've spent enough money on chargers to buy me a new MacBook! What Apple calls normal wear and tear on these chargers is far beyond what I'd classify as normal.

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