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    Too Expensive - more than £10 is a Joke!!!

    Too Expensive - more than £10 is a Joke!!!

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    Not what is expected from Apple

    Seriously poor quality which reflects poorly on Apple. My lightening cable started getting torn wishing 7 months of purchase.
    It needs a serious design change and a rethink.
    Hopefully APPLE Inc. listens to the dramatic reviews posted here.

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    Please Make A Change

    I can't stand the lightning cable. It's always breaking!!! I bought 3 different chargers these past 2 months. Not only that but when I do break it I can't replace it with anything around my house because iphones are the only devices that use lighting cables. Please make the chargers stronger or in the future come up with a better way to charge iphones. Thank you

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    Lightning cable design not fit for purpose

    I am about to purchase my SIXTH cable at £19 each. They break at the lightning connector end. Every couple of months.
    3rd party ones are useless - don't last any longer and take ages to charge my 12" iPad.
    Apple - please sort this out.

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    Rubbish Product

    I own Android and Apple products. I think I may have been through twenty times as many chargers and leads with Apple products. Apple ones either just break or the device does not recognise the official chargers or leads. I'd like to know how much Apple has made from this. The older type leads and charger were reliable, just as quick with data transfer, so why the change to lightening.....or should I say. From now on, all my products bought will be Android.

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    Keeps breaking

    Terrible. The end of the wire nearest to the port keeps breaking. I've had multiple now. Especially frustrating because third party cables are increasingly not being supported.

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    Awful quality

    Apple should know better than this. I genuinely feel cheated and ripped off here.

    Both cables didn't last 3 months and the edges lost the grip of the outer protective white rubber, causing the wires to get damaged. They don't charge anymore, or they keep charing and uncharging some 3 times a second which I don't think is good for the phone.

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    Like all the reviews on here I'm sick of buying ridiculously expensive cables that have a v short life span - shame on you Apple

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    A shameful product for Apple

    Worst useless product in the Apple product range so far. How Apple can afford not to properly address this blatant blunder is beyond anyones guess. Shame on you, Apple.

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    Terrible charger

    Worst apple product ever.Every three months I have to spend $40 on new chargers to charge both my iPad and iPhone. They either begin to tear or just stop charging the device. You would think that at this price it was great quality especially from an hardware company like Apple. Save your money and buy one on amazon.

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    Worst Ever

    Its inconceivable that the cheaper phone charger last longer than an Apple charger. This issue has dramatically increase my urge to stop using iPhones. I have changed chargers at least twice a year in the last 7years. unacceptable bearing in mind the cost.

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    cable and cable insert both unreliable

    I had an Iphone 5 and an ipod 5 and the charging ports on both of these died after 1.5 years. the lighting cables themselves are also very unreliable and break continuously, the old 30 pin chargers are a million times more reliable, Apple should just do something similar to the micro USB as these are very simple and reliable, obviously Apple wants to be the monopoly so if they just make it a slightly different shape but the same principle, i will by a newer phone again, in the mean time I am using my Ipad 3 and have recently bought the iphone 4S which are the last apple products with the 30pin charger.
    they could also get around this by doing wireless charging. something needs to be done as these are really bad PR for Apple and more should be done to handle the publics originations.

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    Whats all the fuss?

    I'm not sure what's with all the negative reviews because I've never had a problem with the cables that come with all my devices. Sure they're a little fragile, but I've never had a critical failure with one before.

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    I've gone through 7 of these within a year, that's nearly £150 just to charge a phone! with the amount your selling these for you would expect them to be durable but no, you're just spitting in the face of everyone who buys your products.

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    Garbage Product

    I cannot keep track of how many replacement cords I've had to buy in the 2+ years I've had my iPhone since Apple switched to the lightning connection. Until this is completely resolved, I will likely soon leave the Apple ecosystem and start buying phones with micro-USB connections.

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    Two broke in two weeks

    I have an iPhone 7s. One charger that sits on a table would only work with one side up, after 4 months. Finally it wouldn't work at all. My other charger, that also sits on a table, started charging and uncharging every second when the phone was charged. I had to throw them both out. I'm using a blue look alike charger that's been working well in my car, with a lot more wear and tear on it. I had an iPhone 4 and the chargers worked well for it and my old iPod and got lost before they ended up malfunctioning. These chargers are very poorly made. I thought it was just me, until I came here to get two more, and saw the 1 star average on 1770 reviews. We should all get a couple of free lightening chargers Apple!!

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    Bad cable design, come on Apple you can do better!

    Like all the others, have been through so many lightning cables in just a year or two. Some smugly say you only have to be more careful when pulling them out and grip only the tiny plastic end, etc. I say, design the cable to handle real life!! Make the part you have to grab large enough to grab without a pair of tweezers, if that's the only way the cable will survive. It's ridiculous having to treat these cables as delicate instruments to get them to last a reasonable lifetime. The products being charged, I've found to be tough as nails and am very happy, but these over-sensitive cables are the Achilles Heel of the whole Apple product line.

    It's inexcusable that the cables are not durable enough to survive outside a clean-room laboratory white-gloves environment. If any company would make a ruggedized version to stand up to real use/real life, they would have one heck of a blockbuster product -- I'll take a half-dozen and you can name your price, after all the money already burned on these "disposable" Apple cables!

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    Just Fed Up !!!

    After buying so so many Apple products, I'm thinking of giving up and trying another company. These cables are expensive and last no longer than a couple of months or less in some cases. This company has turned into more flash than substance !!!

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    You NEED to start making stronger cables mine ripped in half yesterday after 5 months however the cables are great when in one piece.
    Try making a cable wrapped in fabric or a cable with a metal exterior.

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    These are awful. They break at the connection after a few months. They've been like this for years and Apple has never improved the design. Other people with ipads have told us they have the same problem.

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