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    Bad bad charger

    Charger can be so stressful. I charged iPad Pro 24hours only charge to 26%..

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    I see so many bad reviews on here saying the cables don't last long, but I've had mine for about 2 years now and it still works perfectly fine, even though I've abused it a lot.

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    If you don't look after you're stuff it will break it's simple, for anyone that dosnt know what that means it means pulling the cable out of your apple device with the plastic casing not the wire. I think it's perfect ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    The charger breaks in a couple of months

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    I Hate It!!!

    #1. The cable is too short #2. Covering at each end of the charger breaks.
    I consider myself a lite user. Every other charger I've had for other phones (Motorola, Samsung) have outlasted the phone and still looks good. This is my second charger and my phone will be 2 years old in Feb 2017. I hope Apple is paying attention to the ratings on their charger. Poor customer service if they're not.

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    How is this not on the news?

    So many bad reviews, so many unhappy customers? I have bought both the aftermarket and the official Apple cables and inevitably they all fail. Whether it just stops charging or the lightning end where it plugs in the phone gets all twisted up and the wire becomes exposed, causing who knows what kind of hazards. This is not even on cords that are being transported. I plug in when I need a charge and unplug when it's done. It literally sits at my desk all day under no stress. What is going on Apple, is anyone there? Probably why I've only purchased an iPod and will never purchase another Apple product again if this is the kind of quality that I am to expect.

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    I am sooooo mad and upset of this USB Cable. Fed up!!!

    We pay money to get something that will make us mad? Horrible. Thank you, Apple.

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    Doesn't last long

    Anyone who's had an apple charging cable knows it won't last very long. You pay 600 pounds for a phone that comes with a poorly made charger that won't last a year, (sometimes not even 6 months), no matter how careful you are. A decent charger is really the very least you could do, Apple. Shame on you.

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    Wear out too soon

    These wear so quickly that they are useless. Yet, although other brands say "Apple Certified", every time there is an iOS update I get warnings about non Apple accessories and they soon fail. If Apple doesn't want other cables used why do they allow the Apple name to be used at Amazon, etc.? If Apple is going to force it's customers to use their cables, why won't they make them durable?

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    cable lasted 5 months

    it frayed after over heating at the Lightning end it smoked but no fire. Nice to know my Iphone cable does start fires.

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    These charging cables are garbage

    Seriously Apple, you should be ashamed! Have had our 6s phones for only 9 months, and we are already replacing two out of four cables. And $19 each for new ones!! Total BS. Like I said, Apple, you should be ashamed. I doubt will, but you should be.

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    awful. € 25 for 1/2m !!!!

    Seriously apple, if your customers are to spend between € 300 and €1.2500 on a new Phone, tablet or phablet, the least you can do is supply them with a decent cable.

    The things need to be charged twice a day...so a little flexibility would go a long way! they all fail after 6 months.

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    Go through 15 of them per year. Absolute junk.

    I keep one at home, one in the car and one at the office. They last a month or two before they lose their ability to charge the device and you have to pay too much for an authorized cable. I am disgusted.

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    Cannot believe that Apple is still building this garbage

    After all of these years, is it too difficult for a company like Apple to make a quality charge cable?

    I've got mini and micro USB cables that have been functioning for years, going through much more abuse than my babied iOS cables. The old 30-pin cables were bad, but the newer Lightning ones are even worse. I have not had one survive more than six months, some of them went bad in a matter of weeks.

    Perhaps I'm not as careful as I should be when removing thr cable. This should not be an issue. No other that I own has such strict requirements on where I hold it when I unplug a device.

    Even third party cables fail with the slightest provocation, so I'm forced to believe that it is based on a bad design. So much for "It Just Works". Don't buy this cable, buy a $5 cable at the gas station. It'll last just as long, at a quarter of this price.

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    Awful- Breaks easily

    I truly hate these cords; they break after about a year and I have buy a new one. Mine is now broken and the wires are exposed. For such an expensive phone the accessories are awful! The same thing with the headphones, I usually have to buy a second cable and headphone within two years of owning my phones!

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    Very poor

    Why on earth can't Apple produce better quality cables? I've purchased several in recent months for 3 Apple devices and they invariably last but a few weeks. After years of loyal (and expensive) Apple device usage... Starting to look elsewhere.

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    Needs reinforcement on the wire's covering

    I was surprised by all the negative reviews here. And I, myself would not write a review unless there was something which needs improving, so 3 stars because it does the job; but there's room to improve. The point at which the cable enters in the narrow end (not USB) is fraying and I am needing to reinforce it with electrical tape. Seems like the gripper part on this end could be a little longer and the point at which it changes from adapter to cable could be beefed up a bit.

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    Poor quality

    Have gone though 4 Apple cables in 2.5 years. That's an average life of 6 months even though I have been conscious not to pull on the cord after reading reviews. Each cable has splayed at the connector end. Apple service centres will not replace it saying it's physical damage even though the phone charges and it's only the outer sheath that has splayed. Many of the cables connected to the display devices at the apple store itself have splayed so obviously it can not be a handling issue. Besides, we expect Apply to make sturdier products.

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    Worst electronic accessory of all time

    This has to be the worst electronic accessory of all time. I'm absolutely fed up of replacing them. I must have easily spent £100+ in cables over the last few years. They are not built to last, are unreliable and are the sole reason I'm now thinking of leaving my iPhone for an Android phone. How can the makers of such a great phone make such an awful charging cable? I wouldn't mind betting I'm not the first person to consider ditching the phone due to these cables.

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    Have never experienced something this bad

    Cable is extremely fragile. I am only able to give the cable 1-5 stars, which the cable does not deserve. It shouldnt have any stars at all. This thing holds together for a maxium of 6 months, then the strange rubber plastic disolves. if this material is used for enviromental purposes i cant really see how buying a new cable every 6 months is good for the enviroment but I cant come up with any other reason Apple would use this material for cables.

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