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    cable quality is poor

    The quality of the Apple cable is awful. I've gone through numerous iPhone cables over the years, but the Lightning to USB takes the cake as the most poorly made. Fraying and cord failure is all but guaranteed after 3-4 months use. I'd suggest reinforcing the ends where the wire meets the connectors with electrical tape.

    Improve this in the future Apple. It's irresponsible to be producing cables that end up in landfills or perhaps our oceans after a few months use. You're better than that.

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    Two years wonder

    I've been using the same lightning cable that came with my iphone 5s for more two years. Still works like a new one, no defects, no delay in charging, probably better than those cheap imitator cables.

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    Never had one break!!

    I've never had a charger cord break. You all must be really rough on your cords. But my complaint is, they stop charging. I've only had apple chargers for my apple devices (5 chargers for 5 devices) only one works. Why is this happening?! I have one charger to charge all 5 devices. Lord forbid that one go out. I'd be screwed. I'm afraid to buy anymore, afraid they're all cheaply made now and are going to break or it's not going to charge my devices. APPLE, fix this!!! I'm not ok with paying $20 for a cord and however much for a box and it still not work. Help!!

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    Might have to be my last iPhone

    I am on the road a lot for work (3/4 of the month). This is the third cable I have bought in a month. My phone is rejecting cables left and right. If this continues, this will be my last iPhone. It's distressing to be traveling and run out of charge, have no way to even figure out how to get yourself to the store to buy an 'original' cable when I have no power on my phone to navigate... last chance, Apple.

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    Why do I need to buy a new cable every three months?

    I have had an iphone 5 and now an iphone 6, and with each one the main problem is the lighting cable. How is it that a company like apple cannot get this right already? I have had 6 of these things breaking or worse, just deciding notto work anymore with the message "this cable is not original" Yes it is! Is the exact one that came with the iphone... Wont buy any apple phones anymore just because of the lighting cable

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    overpriced and poor quality

    for a $29 cable you'd think it would be high quality! but no, it just falls out of the connection on my phone, making it vibrate when i move it every so slightly. i was replacing the cable which came with my phone originally which frayed! you'd think apple would listen to all these negative reviews and fix their cables!

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    The Apple usb lighting chargers are horrible. Apple products are expensive as is and being a consumer I should not continuously have to purchase chargers. No other phone chargers scrunch up and tear up like these. Leads me to believe the quality in the product is not all that is cracked up to be.

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    The charger

    why does apple's charger always get messed up quickly? No other computer brands have this problem, we pay to much for this computer or phone for this mess

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    The price is way too high for something that does NOT work. THE PHONE IS NEVER CHARGED. I have to CONSTANTLY buy new chargers. Honestly, I regret the day I bought the iphone. I wish I would've stayed with SAMSUNG.

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    Give it 2 months and the end will be stripped, broken, or won't work at all.

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    Sick of them breaking

    Have been buying the cheap lightening cables for the last few months and after them breaking on me every other week I guessed I only had myself to blame... Decided to spend my money on an official charger... This also broke within two weeks, despite how careful I was with it. What a joke, I regret buying an iPhone because of this issue!

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    Not worth $19

    I've had this cable for a little over a month and has already begun to crunch up, and once I fannaly maneuver my phone to charge takes about 5x as long. Does not last long and very over priced.

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    Terrible quality

    I'm sick to death of buying new cables. Please upgrade the quality and even change the connector, which burns out all the time.

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    bad quality

    the quality of the cable insulation peeled off after couple of week , i will g and find better quality for sure till this is fixed, any suggestion ? Belkin or Griffin ?

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    Get your stuff (to put it politely) together Apple

    The quality of these cables for the price they are is ridiculous. You can go to pound land and get the same thing, if you assume that we buy your merchandise for the logo you're mistaken- on my part at least. I buy your products because they are (although recently the more appropriate word is were) good quality; and hence, I didn't mind paying an extortionate amount. The cable I had was for my i pod- I took care of it, and disconnected it by pulling the base, not the actual wire part- broke within a year (HTC charger 4 years going strong). The metallic shield was visible (and touchable), and I would classify this as a fire hazard- I don't know how you haven't been sued yet. I think I'll go to pound land next time.

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    When a company avoids every other expense eg. taxes (hi Luxembourg billing address) why would anyone start to think they would avoid cutting corners when making their accessories? The fact that this charger is the most unreliable in production across the smartphone market shouldn't surprise anyone. One day they'll understand why it's detrimental to the future of their business to make shoddy products. Today isn't that day. We live and we learn people. Samsung is usually sold next to these phones. It's the phone with all the new features, innovative design and a charger that works ;) x

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    Expensive and not reliable.

    As many costumers have already sad, these cables WILL break a couple months after you unpack it. It is a shame, a company like apple, witch claims to have the best industrial design in the world, make such a bad quality item like this one.

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    from reading reviews of other people it makes me want to slap them across the face ... this product is to charge not to be in the kitchen and expecting the cable to reach all the way from your room... i been having apple products since the 3rd gen ipod and the cables of course get all beat up from constant use but they would still work as good as new... 1000x better than the cheap $3 6ft charging cables from china ... you get what you pay for ;)

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    Cords are good and bad on all brands

    Ok I have 3apple products. Go through lots of cords. Agreed. Doesn't matter if I buy from Apple or Office Depot or similar. Ok have Samsung android phone and well my cords are bad on that too but not only on Samsung did the cord go bad but and several phones the charging connection breaks. That's there weakness. So I bought extra battery and have change battery twice day. Won't charge and I gave oh 20 great Samsung cords . They take beating keep on ticking but the actual connection on phone doesn't.

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    Really bad

    I bought this cable 1 week ago in a Apple Store. I was really careful with the cable (knowing the fame) but in a morning the pin of the cable was impossible to take out, and now it's broken.

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