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    phone is good as new again!

    Saw the tons of negative reviews and that gave me pause. But I went ahead and bought one anyway. I had been using an old one that I got originally with the phone and 3 years later it was no longer charging the phone well. I assumed it was a weak battery/old phone that might need replacement, but simply changing the cable did it. The phone charges super well now & even holds charge longer!! Very happy with purchase, ordered one more to keep at my office desk.

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    Terrible cable

    I have an iPhone 5s and an iPod 3rd generation. My 2 teens have an iPod 4th generation. Their lightning cable as well as mine for my iPhone 5s just bit the dust! We've not been rough on them and have taken very good care of them, but now NONE of the 3 cables work!! Since it's all 3 of the cords it lets me know that it's in the workmanship/manufacturing of the cable. I think it says something about Apple's newer products because my 3rd generation iPod cable still works fine after all of these years. I am very disappointed in Apple and will not purchase any other Apple products. I would rather go with a different company who takes pride in their work and builds their products to higher standards.

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    Complete šh!t

    Apple, listen to the people!!!!! Everything you make is great except for these stupid charger cords...with 3 iPhones and 2 iPads in the house this will be the 6th cord we've bought this year, it's really not on considering we take care and look after them well. Put some better thought into the design or at least use better materials, just fix the problem is all we ask.

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    garbage like apple the company

    apple computers are complete garbage for mindless people. the phones were the only product id buy from apple but now the phones are junk too. the cables are junk and break every month. the phones are so jacked up and freeze... bye bye apple - time for a windows or android phone

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    They made the wire a better quality and it is a harder plastic not rubber anymore which I'm happy with. I've had it for 2 weeks and its worked well and I hope it continues to work for a few years.

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    Best yet

    I have to say I have never had a problem with the cords I’ve bought from Apple, now the cheap ones from eBay is another story. I like to have extra cords at home and in the car plus in my purse so I buy one every few weeks. Wish they were cheaper though.

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    Unexpectedly stopped working..

    How about that, the cable has stopped working for my iPad! how about sorting it the heck out and prioritise it for once rather than just making new phones to bring money in! Think about your customers. In not paying that much for a cable!! I'd have better luck hand making a my own from scratch! It would last longer!

    If 0 stars was an option thats what you could be getting.

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    Constantly Breaks

    Bought 2 additional cords to use so I wouldn't have to keep moving them around - They constantly break with exposed wire showing. When I took the product in to my local store, they refused to replace saying that physical damage isn't covered. Apple seems very invested in adding new technology to their other products but can't seem to figure out how to make a cord stay intact.

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    You win. $21 for a cable.
    I managed to brick my iphone trying to update it to the latest OS - tried a handful of cables all in good shape Apple brand, Anker, and some others - but couldn't get it to restore and update. Finally went to a repair store and the update worked with a brand new Apple cable out of the box.
    So if I want to update/sync my iphone I apparently need a new and perfectly preserved cable. So i am buying this $21 cable.
    I lose.

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    Hands down, these are worse than 3rd-party cables!

    I, and everyone else that I know, extremely dislikes Lighting cables from Apple. They are made with a super thin sheathing, and so they fray super easily. In less than 6 months, you end up having to buy a new one because you can see exposed wiring coming out from the cable. Instead of spending money on the more expensive and lower quality Apple cable, you will be better off buying a name brand cables from Azn like Akr. You'll end up saving more money right out the gate, and in case that wasn't a good enough reason, they will last you 10-times as long!

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    I actually CAME back to the Apple cords!

    I was tired of paying Apple prices for my iPhone and iPad cords.
    So I found some on Amazon and got the thick cords - they lasted only a tiny
    bit longer than Apple cords. So next I bought off brands from a couple
    different sites - and the cords were too loose fitting and they'd pull out from
    the wall charger or the iPad or iPhone too easily often without me knowing.
    In addition, they would charge for like 2 seconds and stop!!!! Grrrrr!
    So, now I'm back to Apple to get my cords.

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    Could Be Better

    I've noticed the cord has gotten better but still breaking. Mine recently broke after about 9 months, which I guess is reasonable but the way it broke was ridiculous. The cord is in excellent shape, but when I tried to take the cord off my phone, the cover around the metal parts that connect it completely flew off. I can tell it got an upgrade since he cover is off, I see they added a rubber surrounding near the bottom to prevent it from slipping off but it still did, and now I can't move the piece back over it because the rubber forces the piece down or it starts to tear. Now the piece is just dangling awkwardly on the wire.

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    Waste of Money

    Hardly lasts.

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    Horrible product, I always keep 6 spares from Ebay to replace awful cables

    I buy OEM cables in bulk to replace these useless cables from Apple. They last a short time; no excuse for such trash.

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    Their cable chargers are trash

    I've had 5 iPhones and all the cables seem to tear very easy after a few months of use. I think I get 6-10 months the most with each one. It's ridiculous.

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    Lightning chargers poor quality as usual

    Buyers should have a stock option to invest in these temporary cords at $19.00 a pop! So tired of this!

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    Too expensive, rip off constantly replacing it

    Big company like Apple should redesign it

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    Work OK

    I have had my cables for years and they work fine. One has become a little frayed at the phone end, but I put a piece of sticking plaster round it and it has been no trouble for over a year. In fact our recent house-sitters took both cable and 12W power adaptor with them when they left. Not happy about that. Maybe the older cables were better made?

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    don't buy

    this review is pointless because there are 1000+ bad reviews already but here's mine anyway

    i have my ipad 4 for 4 years now and it still works great, with the expected loss of performance and battery life but not the same can be said about the charging cable, after 2 years my first one broke, teared at the connector but i used it until it didn't charge anymore so i bought a new 2 meter cable, same problem after same time, 2 years. i considered putting a big dab of silicone on it but that's too late already because it already struggles with charging. i'm not wasting money on their cables anymore there are cheaper options that are much better. safety of those cheaper cables doesn't concern me either because mine with the exposed wires now doesn't look safe anyway

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