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    Never had a problem...

    I've seen a lot of negative reviews, which has motivated me to comment. I've had an iPhone 6 since release and a iPad Air. I've got 5 lightning to USB cables, all of which are still working perfectly. I've had an iPhone since the first generation and an iPad 1. I never had any problem with the old connector either and have absolutely no complaints.

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    Apple, Are You Serious?!

    As EVERYONE has already stated, my phone charger cable started coming apart even though I treated it very carefully. Just like recalls on automobiles, Apple should replace these cable for free due to poor quality and craftsmanship. What a waste of money to have to replace the cable.

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    Don't buy this because its not worth the money. It is over priced and breaks very easy. The cord will stretch out and expose the inside wires over time. Buy one that actually lasts a long time and will not break shortly after buying one.

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    Just stop working after few weeks

    I didn't even broke it, it just stop working, saying that the cable is not certified for this iPhone and can't work well, but it's the cable they sent me with the phone and it has been working for weeks... Really disappointed.

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    To the guy that is calling everyone giving bad reviews morons, you are the moron! The amount of bad review here early show the very poor quality of the cable. I've decided that my iPhone 6+ is my last iPhone, and all due to the rubbish charging cable. I'm on my third lead so far this year, no physical damage, they just stop working. This is completely unacceptable, specially when Apple charge £15+ for a lead. Sort it out! I'm already done, I'm sure a lot more will follow!

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    Piece of junk!

    I personally use Samsung products, but my husband and kids all wanted apple. I've never broken a cord on my Samsung, or had an issue period. My kids and husband are ordering new cords nearly every month. I cannot believe how cheaply these are made. They are definitely a huge money maker for apple. This product alone reaffirms my choice to go with a Samsung product. After all the horrible reviews, I can't believe apple hasn't addressed the issue. I guess frequent replacement must be their goal here.

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    Terrible quality

    I'm having to replace the cable again. The cable housing material is of such poor quality that it split apart after 2 months. Wish they would focus on durable materials for these cables. Smh.

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    Apple should be ashamed

    Incredibly poor quality. If you own an iPhone, you will be buying new lightening cables frequently. Wish Apple would spend a few more pennies per cable and build something that lasts more than a month or two.

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    1star is bring generous

    1 star is being generous!! After years of owning iPods, iPads, iPhones I am sick of having to replace the charge cables!! When this phone contract is up I'm off to Samsung!
    All gone in the same place, very poor design!

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    These constantly break and are ridiculously overpriced

    Myself and my partner have had to buy at least 8 of these during the life of our iphones. The wires constantly come away from the connection that connects into your phone. They are so poorly made and I can't believe they cost $29 when they must cost about 29 cents to produce.

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    Very unreliable

    I've had the cable that came with my phone 5 worked for 2 days, my husband's 3 months. The three I've bought since all within a year have either broken somewhere inside the wire and or have ended up with a loose connection at the chip end. The one that lasted nearly a year for my iPad broke from wear and tear, the rubber casing at the chip end unravelled. I did buy an approved one that was very strong and flexible but has now decided to stop charging (it does however sometimes change it's mind).

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    Worst charger in history!

    If I could give this 0 stars I would. I've been through about 10 chargers in the past few years of having apple products they all do the same thing the wire cover starts bunching up at the end before splitting and then stop working. I've got old chargers 10-15 years old from old phones like Nokia etc and they still work yet an apple charger lasts 6 months tops. To the idiots saying you have to look after the cable that's BS because I have looked after all of mine only pulling from the hard plastic bit and not taking it anywhere it just stays in the plug not moving and it still breaks and my old Nokia charger I took everywhere and could wind it up and everything and it still works. APPLE YOU NEED TO CHANGE THIS DESIGN AND QUICK BEACUSE IT IS TRULY AWFUL AND THE PRICE IS RIDICULOUS!

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    Two cables failed in under 10 months

    One cable developed a kink near the the non-USB end. The other appears like new but does not charge either iPad,which I bought for the kids. No other USB charge/connection cable for other brand mobile phones/readers that the family owns has failed in under a year.

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    I'd give it 1 star if it lasted 24 hours

    Got 2 cables with the iPhone 6+. One failed immediately while the second lasted 3 months. I heard so much good about Apple, but it seems to be a lot of BS from people who've invested too much money already.

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    Strongly not recommended

    This is the worst apple product of all time. When my first one malfunctioned, I thought it was entirely my own fault because due to mishandling. After I bought my second one, I handled it very delicately. To my dismay, it malfunctioned as well. A friend then gave me his extra lightning cable and this third one died as well despite my absolutely best effort to keep it in perfect shape.

    So now I have to buy YET ANOTHER lightning cable, and will be stuck with a dead phone until I get my hands on the new cable tomorrow when the shops open. Thanks apple, your products rock.

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    More expensive than the iPhone

    For the past 10 years I've been using iPods and still have 5 old generation lightning cables in perfect conditions. Since I changed to iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5, I'm about to say that I have invested more money in buying lightning cables than in the devices itself. The price for the cables are outrageous no matter if they are original or not, because the design is so weak that you'll know they will end up breaking in weeks or months (if you are really lucky). Next time I'm buying an iPhone, I'll considerate if it's really worth it: customers don't like to invest that much money in cables only. You'd better change the design of this lightning cables if you don't want to loose customers.

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    Designed to break

    My roommate got the iPhone 5s a month before I did, and we both got the lightning cables. Hers broke almost exactly a month before mine did, I couldn't believe it.

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    Total rubbish

    apple you should be ashamed of yourselves,the Lightning cables are the weak link in the new generation phones and iPad. My old white gen 2 iPod is still using its original ten year old plus cable, while my iPhone 6 is on its 5th or 6th lightning cable. Come on Apple, sort it out, or let us use good quality third party cables, they are cheaper and more reliable!

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    Flimsy Ipad Mini cable

    Didn't last a year. The coating came off and now doesn't charge at all. Same thing happened to other cables. Very disappointed at what is happening to Apple. The 4 ipads in my household are our last Apple products. We'll be switching to Samsung tablets when we finally get rid of these rubbish.

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    Im just not happy with this product. How can Apple get such an important component so wrong, it's very annoying. I am now on my third charger which is simply not good enough.

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