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    Go ahead and save your money by buying a non-approved cable. These are no better. You'll get 2-4 months from a non approved one, but spend $2-3 on it. Buy ten of the non-approved ones and you'll come out way ahead.

    Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. These things are some of the most important apple products made, but they don't last more than a few months. Pathetic.

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    Cheap shoddy goods

    Like other cable split ,I am a disabled OAP and my I pad 2 is very necessary to me for shopping and keeping in touch with family and friends etc..I can ill afford the expense in replacing cables and the hassle and waiting for it to arrive.My fist cable lasted about 10 moths ,I am now on my 5 th.where is the ( British is Best. ) policy,or are they all made abroad now?Come on Apple do something about your shoddy goods.

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    hate this product!!

    I am so angry, i am currently on my second wire and i am going to have to buy a third as my phone has stopped being charged by the cable. it is really criminal that apple charges you a minimum of 500 pounds for the phone and then charges another 15 pound every time their obviously faulty cable stops working which for me is every 4-6 months . i will never be buying an iPhone ever again.

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    I hate apple chargers

    World's worst phone is iPhone because we have 3 apple products, 2 iPhone and 1 ipad we always found problems using the charger. The biggest problem is the charger and it breaks many times in a year going and coming and the journey and buying it over and over is just a big hastle and a major waste of time. I suggest not to buy it , it's a waste of money!!!

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    whose ever

    Whose Charging cable ever keeps breaking went through so many usb lighting cables that i have lost count on how many i have went though get this sorted apple like what its a joke

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    damaged easily at cable to lightning or usb end connection

    How many times do I have to buy this cable and ends up crumpled at the end??
    got sick and tired of getting this for $25. what a waste of money.
    bought a third party cable and worked better and more durable but now iOS 8 blocked it!!!
    if china brands can make durable cables, you can make your own durable!

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    Lightning quick failure.

    My cable that came with my iPad 4 didn't even last 6 months of normal every day use. It is/was too delicate. My old iPad 3 30 pin USB cable lasted longer than this lightning cable. Rather than pay $25-$30 for replacement cable, I've gone for the cheap $1 - $2 third party cables. Even if I have to replace the cheap 3rd party ones every 6 months, it is still more economical than getting a genuine Apple one that may or may not last 12 months.

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    4 cables in 1yr

    4 apples cables and 3 Belkin. What is wrong with this picture? Do you actually read your reviews and do something about them? Hello?

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    4th cable has quit on me

    I have had 4 cables quit on me in the space of one month, the cables are the new type with smaller head, the older ones (large connection) still work fine. Apple this is definitely a quality issue for you that will not go away. What will you do about fixing this issue for your loyal customers?

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    Not bad. :)

    I've been using the first cable since I bought my phone. It's been working well until I found it broke today.
    It seems that most people are facing this problem tho, I hope Apple can make improvement on this.

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    Appalling quality

    I love most Apple products and collectively our family of four have over 20 Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, iPods etc. But the lightning cables are rubbish! We've thrown four of them in the bin in the past few months.

    Apple, you really need to do something about the quality control on these cables. Either that or drop the price to about $1.00 at which point we could accept that they are a 'disposable' item.

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    I hate, loathe, despise these cables! They last all of 5 minutes! Happened with my iphone5 & now even worse with the 6!
    Wish I stayed with my Samsung Galaxy! Get your act together Apple!
    Not good enough

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    not robust at all. Should be called fizzle, not lightning!

    The previous design lasted with no failures, this lightning design should be called fizzle because the cable just behind the connector fails there very quickly.

    Very disappointing!

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    This cable is so poorly made I've had to replace it at least 5 times. I don't know if Apple is doing this on purpose to rake in more money, or just have poor quality control, but the result is infuriating. Please please please CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE CABLES. Thinking about changing to another phone simply because of this cord

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    Faulty after 6 months of use.

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    Apple is a Disgrace

    I just don't understand how a huge company such as Apple can rip off its customers and get away with it. I'm a single parent and it took me 6 months to save up for an iPad for my daughter starting college. We've gone through 4 cables (all genuine Apple cables) and now the tip of the 5th is stuck in the port. $469 for a replacement I've been quoted! My biggest gripe is that my poor daughter has been told off so many times for being careless and now I realise it's a faulty design. You're a disgrace Apple. My daughter shouldn't have had to go through that because you won't take responsibilty. You've caused arguments in my house and cost me so much money. I will be very vocal from now on to anyone who will listen about what a disgrace you are. 0 stars.

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    Constantly failing

    We've gone from about 8 of these in our household down to one working one. They all get damaged around the bottom of the lightning connector. Every single one.

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    Absolutely useless and disgusting

    The Usb cables are absolutely a waste of $25 I have spent more money replacing charging cables then I have on purchasing my phone. It is terrible that a company like apple could allow such faulty products on the market. I feel it's a money grab on their part as your phone is useless without a cable so you have no choice but to buy a new one every few weeks :( not happy I am seriously thinking of getting a different brand of phone and steering clear of apple all together. I have and iphone 4 cord that is over 4 years old and is still going strong.
    Apple really need to pick up thier game and sort this issue.

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    Over it

    I used to buy cheap knock offs only because the legit ones fail so regularly. How can the cable that came with my phone bring up a screen message saying this accessory is not supported. I've bought different cables that are MFi certified but after a couple of months the same thing, it's too expensive and is the only reason I'm moving away from iPhone in my next upgrade, at least with other smart phones a normal mini usb cable des the job. The fail rate has to be a scam and its killing Apples market share on an other wise great product

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    Poor Quality - IOS redesign partly to blame.

    My family has 8 Apple products that use lightning cables. Apple makes great products - this cable is not one of them. iPhone users plug in this cable at least once per day, so the cable needs to be very robust. I agree with the negative reviews as far as the nature of the problem - despite careful use these cables break often.

    An important point that most reviewers have not really touched on concerns the issue that this hardware problem is compounded by a redesign of IOS allowing you iPhone or iPad to "reject" a cable - thus causing them to stop working. Agree?

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