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    horrible quality

    my Iphone 5 is about one year old, and i'm on my 5th Lightning cable. if this keeps up i will have spend more on lightning cables than on the phone.
    the idea is great (small, fast and goes in both ways) but the quality is so much below what i'm used to from Apple.

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    Don't even need to read any reviews as it is pages of one star. Can't believe for months I've been blaming my power outlet for killing my cables. $30 each for this quality is quite abusive.

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    cable doesn't last

    I am now setting out to buy my third cable for my iphone 5. These lighting cables are very cheaply made and I have been very careful not to bend the wire at the point it connects to the phone, however, it has failed YET AGAIN. Unfortunately, had I seen how many negative reviews this product receives I would have saved my receipt. Live and learn. This is a very poor product.

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    Apple Do You READ These Reviews!?!

    Just came here to sound off about how I've burned through 3 cables in about 8 months but it looks like well over 1,000 people beat me to it. Build quality is a joke. But I guess the joke is on us because Apple is apparently happy with a 1.5 star average for an item that most of their customers have to use. Apple, time to stand behind the product you are gouging us on and offer a cord warranty or something.

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    Why can't i give zero stars??

    Dear Apple,

    The point of a Forum is to have a discussion with your users. This appears to just be somewhere your customers can rant and get more annoyed and get no answers.

    As such I'm not expecting a response but I'd like to add to the list of disgusted customers with your cabling issue.

    I have had an original Iphone, an Iphone 4s and 2nd Gen Ipad and I have a new Imac.. I am your ideal customer, locked in and going nowhere.

    It pains me to be paying out €20 every 4 months for a new lightning cable having never had an issue with any other device now that i have an iphone 5s

    Once again assuming no reply but I'm with my fellow apple users here and you need to sort out the quality of this product before you release a new phone.

    It's simply not fair.

    Sort it out please

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    One sign that Apple is losing its way.

    Not only is the lightning connector unnecessarily overengineered (putting a chip in the connector just to make it possible to flip the connector over? Come on...) the plastic and rubber are brittle and will fray and fall away within a few months' use. Apple used to believe that longevity was as important an element as feel and look. Apparently, the latter have trumped the former.

    I hope Apple recognizes the error of their way, repents, apologizes, and improves on the quality of these inordinately expensive charging cords.

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    Terrible product!!! Iphone 5 cable

    Awful product iphone 5 cable now had 6 in the last year had enough sort it out apple costing me a fortune!!!!

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    I purchased an iPhone 5s 6 months ago and I already start to switch cables. The first lightning charger lasted 4 months until the plastic wrapper breaks and everything falls apart.

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    poor quality

    I've ordered this lighting to USB cable(1m) on
    October 29, 2013
    November 5, 2013
    March 5, 2014
    May 28, 2014
    and finally there were all broken.

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    Had to buy loads of these due to them breaking all the time! Made terribly! Dont buy!

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    Both shorted

    Both mine and my wife's cable developed a short less than a year old, won't consistently charge now, also no longer charges phone to 100% when it does work. Not what I was expecting when I think of apple quality

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    poorly made

    This is not up to the expected quality from Apple. I have purchased 5 devices (4 iPads and 1 iPhone) and only two of the cables work with some manoevering after 12 months. This is not acceptable.

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    Apple should launch a free replacement program

    If I could give zero stars I would.

    Out of three of these cables that I got between 1.5 years and 6 months ago, one has failed completely and two are failing. I used to think of Apple as a brand that symbolizes quality, but I guess that Apple died with Steve.

    At the very least, Apple should launch a free exchange program to save face.

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    Worst Apple Accessory

    Lightning to USB cable is the worst Apple branded accessory I have ever used. Usually Apple stands for quality and durability, but this product is the total opposite of both. Also, they have made it worse by using proprietary hardware inside the cable makes it impossible to for third-party cables to be used for a long time (under different iOS versions) without failing. There are multiple third-party cables that are really has better built than the Apple made product and priced 10 times cheaper than Apple.

    To be honest, Apple should have at least given 2 cables with each phone or made them cheaper because its poor longevity.

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    Everyone be PREPARED to buy at least 2 or 10 ($19.99 each) of these iPhone USB charging cables throughout your lifetime because they will only. The THIN white rubber cover will rip instantly, the cable wiring itself is CHEAP.

    I recommend buying an aftermarket brand like Belkin etc. or try the flat type charging cords.

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    Proprietary garbage from Apple, what a surprise

    Worked well for a few months, then stopped working. Now it only works 1/20th of the time with the AC charger, and seems to never work when plugged into a computer.
    Of course if Apple used standard cables like every other company does I could just grab another micro USB cord or buy one for five bucks. But nope, I gotta spend another 20 dollars (probably more because where I live electronics are twice as expensive) on some cheap cable that costs a dollar or less to manufacture so it can break again in a few months.
    Good thing the iPad was a gift because I'd never buy into apple's "ecosystem" anyways. Everythings locked in, propietary, and overpriced. Next tablet is going to be an Android for sure.

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    Lighning Cable

    Can't win, you buy genuine product from apple store and doesn't last long and you buy from ebay and it's even worse.

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    No good!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't even give it a whole star! It charges fast but the cable does not last long at all. Expect to have it no longer than two months until the cord starts messing up and it becomes useless! A piece of junk and waste of money. They should be ashamed to make such a failure of an accessory! Try again!

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    10x buy this original cable and always broken

    I buy this lightning cable and very disappointed, the cable connector to iPhone always broken, and less than 1 year i have to buy again and again…please solve this problem

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    I would actually give it ZERO stars.

    I've had my phone for less than 8 months and my cable is already malfunctioning. The copper part is starting to wear down on BOTH sides of insert. The plastic over the cable is starting to stretch and crinkle. These are merely cosmetic problems, but you won't be surprised to hear that MY CABLE NO LONGER WORKS. It won't charge on my computer because apparently it uses too much power and my computer refuses to charge my phone. When I do get it to charge, I can't touch my phone or else any slight movement will cause it to not charge anymore. My phone has not been at 100% charge in over 3 weeks. I can't use lesser priced cables because Apple doesn't let "unauthorized" cables charge my phone. This is a wreck. I wish I got a Samsung phone instead because I can't even use my phone since it won't properly charge!!!

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