• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Extremely poor quality

    Very useless quality cable.it can use only for 6 months after that it becomes garbage.
    They don't know how to make cable.china cable is more useful than iphon cable.Try to manufacture black coloured cable because white cable become too dirty.

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    Why apple why

    Same thing, I don't even remember how many cables I already bought. Why are u doing this apple? Why? Seriously can u give me an aswear?

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    Broken after 6 months

    I had to use plyers to remove the charger element inside the phone...Poor quality for such an expensive tool...Get it right APPLE!! or at least lower the price so resemble the other poorly made cable chargers out there.

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    Yea... please redesign.

    Can you make a redesign for this charger? So it doesn't break... at all? My dad isn't buying anymore lightning cables for me, either, so you better also make them cheaper.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    4 iphones in our family, every one has an Apple supplied cable broken or breaking in the same place.
    The cheaper copy cat accesories available don't generally work, so the only option is buying Apple's expensive version. Which will surely break in a few months. Very disappointing. 1 star rating given as 0 not an option, but surely deserved.
    Apple, you are a great company with great products. But I don't think I've ever seen a worse star rating on any site, for any product, than you have achieved on this small but essential accessory. Maybe one to look at again.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible quality

    I'm on my third lightning cable and my 2nd magsafe power adaptor cable because Apple cannot make good quality cables. Each time, it's been the same problem - the rubber near the connector splits and the cable starts to fray.

    Your first thought might be "this guy doesn't look after cables." That's not true. I have mini USB and micro USB cables that I have had for years. I haven't used my lightning cables anywhere near as often as I have used those other cables. Apple cables are the only ones that have ever broken like this for me. It seems to be because of the material. If the cable gets twisted while it's plugged in (e.g. through use or moving around while charging), it puts strain on these parts and eventually splits. If all you ever do is leave your device perfectly still while this cable is plugged in then you might be ok.

    Third-party cables are also poor, I have two in front of me (one is braided for extra strength) that do not work properly when connecting my iPad to my MacBook Pro. They both continuously connect and disconnect. So, through bad third-party experiences, I'm forced to spend a lot of money on an official Apple product that I know will not last.

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    So much waste :(

    I really love apple products but having to buy a new charger nearly every other month of £20 is ridiculous, it's ba fro see all the low reviews as well and it's the same reason Apple really need to do something about this, the money I spend on charger I could use to buy the songs that I want or anything else really, I love my iPhone but it's so hard to stick with it when my partner who has had his phone for nearly 3 years now and hasn't had to buy a new charger at all and he treats it like absolute rubbish but I look after my charger and slight bend the wrong way and it doesn't work anymore, this is really the last time I buy a charger if it breaks again might have to get rid of my iPhone as it's costing me way to much in chargers which is not something I can go without.

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    Marketing Genius

    Apple designs a cable that is doomed for failure. Seriously, if this is the best that they can do then they should at least sell it at a reasonable price instead of gouging their customers.

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    Has anyone used a 100% apple original cable trying to update your phone, or doing something which takes forever to load, and suddenly the cable gets disconnected because is too freaking thin, and the wire adapters to the cable itself is too freaking fragile?!!!!

    This is exactly what is ALWAYS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!. and the stu cable is from the original phone when i bought it!. It's so irritating to treat the cable like is a piece of fragile egg shell when you have it plugged in and trying to do some work or backing up your phone. Seriously annoying and wasted of time when the cable gets DISCONNECTED when something touches lightly, or if someone calls me and i gently pick up the phone IT STILL GETS DISCONNECTED.

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    Design fail. Not fit for purpose.

    Everybody knows that these cable fail quickly in the same way for everyone. It is a failed design and Apple should be ashamed that they treat their customers so badly.

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    Re: Lightning charger-to-port connection issues

    I am now purchasing a third lightning charging cable due to the first two charger-to-port connections wearing out for my iPhone 6S (1 and a bit years old). What this means is continually fiddling with the charger/phone, not having a fully charged phone when left plugged in over night etc. Basically a nuisance to deal with. I have cleaned out the port, but this has not helped the connection issues.

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    Terrible value for money.

    I'm just about to buy my third cable in a year, and I do take care in my use of them. The plastic sheathing always breaks near the lightning socket exposing the metal. If I could give zero stars I would - they are grossly overpriced, they were expensive at £14, and the increase to £19 after the Brexit referendum was just taking the micturation (apparently Apple doesn't like us to use the word beginning with "p"). £10 might be a fair price.

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    your able chargers are absolutely terrible

    your chargers are terrible, we want a new style for the iPhone 8 or I will move to Samsung.

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    Poor quality

    Poor quality. This should not be breaking with regular usage. Apple, please make them more sturdy or lower the prices. I am tired of having to walk on eggshells when using this product.

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    Another one bites the dust!

    6 months after spending a small fortune on two Ipads for our family both of the chargers have broken with Apple refusing to replace them under warranty. This is so awful especially given so many other people having exactly the same experience as us!! I really hope you come out with something better ASAP Apple!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Cable Ever!

    I like the way cable looks and feels. I've never had any troubles with it except for the time my kid stuck it in his mouth. Overall I enjoy much more than my other charging cables!

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    Not sure how many of these Apple Lightning to USB Cables I have purchased from Apple but they keep breaking. I am careful to only connect/disconnect while grabbing the solid plastic piece and not pulling on the cable but they still short out after a few months. I don't understand how this could be a problem for so long.

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    The Worst Cable !!!

    Apple has to change this cable with a steel Lightning cable. It's the worst one, doesn't work properly.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Its one of the worst product from Apple

    I like everything but this sheer waste lightning cable. This is my 3rd cable, all my previous cables are broken and I am pretty sure the new one will break too. Apple please produce a good cable...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    When users invest on an Apple product, it almost always automatically follows that they are quality conscious. Their chargers are always a disappointment, for iPhones, MacBooks and even IPads.

    They fail very fast, and are ridiculously expensive to replace. Bunching it up to fit in a bag or winding it are very common habits and a part of daily use that the company should factor in while manufacturing. It's been many years since these chargers have been in the market and have received pathetic reviews. I'm surprised that the company hasn't taken efforts to change the insulating material around the wires.

    In your future products, we seek durability more than anything else.

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