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    Same issue as everyone else.

    My issue is the same being experienced by what appears to be quite a number of consumers. The cable twists where it connects to the lightning pin, and then refuses to work unless manipulated.

    My last charging cable experienced the same issue, and eventually ceased to work altogether. My current one is now doing the same thing.

    At $25 a cable, this is ridiculous. I expect a lot more from Apple.

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    Certified to Fail

    I bought two "CERTIFIED" Apple lightning cables from my local Apple retailer and within 3 weeks neither of them was recognized by my iPhone5. At $15.00 apiece you would think these things would work.

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    5 stars

    I've had the same cable for nearly a year with no issues. I always pull the cable out by the actual end rather than just yanking the cable as most people do. Also it's good to clean the inside of the lightning port as it gets dirty and can make your cables stop working! Just some words of advice �� love this charger. So much better than the 30-pin!

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    Cables are Apples weak spot.

    Ive owned my iPhone for 18months now and I've been through 4 usb leads due to the poor quality throughout the range of cables offered by apple. The usb lead stretches and the excess gathers at the ends, then splits and peels away. The price does not reflect how bad this product is. Apple encourage everyone to buy genuine due to safety reasons but Apple leads are worst. Not only just usb leads but I've had to replace Magsafe Charger for the same reason, rubber shielding coming away and eventually cracking and peeling.These are NOT cheap to replace at £65 a pop!. But i doesn't end there, Apples EarPods do the exactly same thing (2pairs in 18moths). If Apple don't decide to take these reviews in to consideration then i will be forced to advise companies and private owners to purchase 3rd party products and stop wasting their money on inferrer rubbish.0 stars.

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    Should be priced as a disposable product

    These only seem to last about two months before they fail. This product really seems to lack quality. I have never had this happen with any other brand. Very disappointing. I expected better from Apple.

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    Bad Cables

    With 2 Iphone 5 in our home we have gone through 8 cables in 6 months. Apple has to do something t make a stronger or better cable or they are going to lose me as customer and many others when ready to upgrade phones.

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    Apple - this design is rubbish

    6 cables, 4 brand new with an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S broken. 2 replacements (purchased) broken. The quality of these cables or the design is just awful.

    Bad, bad design.

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    iPhone 5 USB charger - money making

    Rubbish design! Cable gets bendy near phone end
    And slowly stop working.
    It's good way to make money out of it as
    Once you buy expensive phone you are not going to
    Give up using it.
    Apple needs to review it's design and price of it.
    It won't even cost them £2 but making high money out of it.
    You can not use cheaper cables as Apple blocks them after certain use
    Saying this device won't support this accessories

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    I thought apple liked to move fowards?

    I am having problems that I used to have with the iPhone 3gs iPod 2g cable, but those cables were fixed and replaced.
    This rubish lightning cable frays at the ends just like the original cables, this problem should have been fixed, funny thing is that the cables have been getting better and better and were fixed with the last generation. Nek minnit

    I honestly wish I could give 0 stars to this sorry piece of rubish

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    Should be zero stars

    5 Apple devices in the family that fit this cable/connector and I have lost count of how many cables we have purchased, replaced and purchased and replaced.

    Time to face facts - this cables design is garbage and the cable prices are ridiculous

    Long time Apple product family - all our phone device contracts are ending in a few months - not sure we are going to stick around to throw another series of "lightning cables" in the trash.

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    I wish I could give it ZERO stars!

    I've purchased so many of these freaking chargers. One night, I woke up and one of them had caught on fire and sparks were flying everywhere. Previously, I'd noticed that the charger had gotten really hot, but I never thought it'd blow up. This is insane. I am so freaking tired of buying these things from Apple and AT&T. It's so ridiculous. I haven't even had the phone that long - maybe a year. Get your stuff together, Apple!

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    I would give this sorry excuse of a apple product 0 stars if there was that option. I have gone through SIX of these horrible cables with all of them breaking within the time span of a few weeks to 1 or 2 months from general use. I can not stress how horrible of a product this is and it has made me seriously consider switching to a different brand of phone. These cables are EXTREMELY non-durable and Apple really needs to get their act together as this is very disappointing for a avid user of their products.

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    Felt cheap out of the box and performed accordingly.

    Charger gave out after a few months. I'd have to mess with it for forever to make it work and now the wire is beginning to become exposed, so if I die in a fire have no doubt of the source. I like the idea of the reversible 9pin but the execution is terrible. I worry that this is the kind of quality to expect from apple moving forward.

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    If there was 0 star option, I'd click it due to poor cable design

    Regretfully, the cable is designed in a way that causes it to break. The smaller end that goes in the phone is hard to grip so you end up pulling on the cable itself which results in a damaged cord. At the very least, there should be some sort of a grip on both ends of the cord; in addition, some reinforcing of the joint where the cables enter the plugs should be introduced. Maybe a an extra coating that is one piece with the plug AND cord - make it is multipurpose - easier gripping and extend it down one inch of the cord to protect from accidental bending and pulling. Apple is supposed to be the leader, but the cords on all their phones seem to be something I'd buy at a discount $$ store. Don't treat your loyal customers that way.

    The smaller end does slide in so much nicer than the older cables, but then due to that same smaller end, it makes it harder to remove without a grip of some sort.

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    Poor outer shielding

    I'm on my 3rd cable with normal use. The outer rubber shielding cracks and falls apart near the lightning and USB connectors leaving the wires exposed.
    If we have to buy apple approved cables, make them apple worthy!!!!

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    on the third cable, this needs to be fixed, my last cable lasted roughly 3 weeks before issues started, a few days later, no function whatsoever

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    My family is going through charging cables for our iPhone 5's at an absurd rate. The cable simply ceases to function after a few weeks, even without external signs of wear or damage. This is an immense inconvenience and an embarrassment to Apple!

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    Hate it!

    There has to be a better way to make these Apple! This cord is flimsy and won't stay connected to my iPad mini without me moving it around in place and then I don't dare move it or even breathe on it so it will charge. This is the second one that I've bought and if there were other makers and/or somehow to charge this without having to use this charger I would. I hate this product!

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    I've lost count

    I have never written a review about any apple products but I just have to write about this one right here. It is because I have literally gotten them replaced over 10 times in a year as everyone in my family uses an iPhone 5/5s. I thought the reason behind these spoilt cables was that we were handling them carelessly. However, after being extremely careful with the new ones I bought, they just seem to lose its function after a few months, or even weeks, without any apparent reason. Please do something Apple. If Apple is not willing to improve on the quality of these cables, they should at least lower its price tag.

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    I currently have 6 lighting cables and 3 have frayed near the connecter and the other 3 are getting there. The oldest is 4 months old. This kind of built in obsoleteness is needs to be addressed or apple needs to release licensing of the connecter to someone who can produce something that isn't garbage.

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