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    Cable Breaks at end

    On my third cable.... first cables broke at the pin end where the wire meets the connector. It appears they just snapped inside. I never had this issue with the cable for my iPhone 4. Not sure what happened to the quality here.....

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    No stars

    Between 3 contracts all on IPhone 5 and 5s for different members of the family, I think we have gone through 9 in total, to creat such a masterpiece then spoiling the whole thing with a sub standard lead is disgraceful. Steve Job would be sheathing. How the standards are falling. Why should you have to make appoints, waste fuel money and parking fees to change a lead. What a joke. I wish I could give this no stars.poor poor quality

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    Poor quality

    The original cable that came with my new Ipad mini broke after a few weeks. It would only charge when you held it in an awkward position and the ipad couldn't recognise it. I took it to the apple store where I was treated like a criminal with a member of staff even screaming in my face that he was "99.9% sure it was a counterfeit cable" he then took it to his manager who confirmed that it was an original cable. The cable was then replaced and now the plastic covering the lead is beginning to bubble up and melt. I have heard that this can cause the lead to catch fire and I am now constantly worried when charging my device. This lead is poor quality and cheaply made. I would not recommend apple products with this cable to anyone!

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    Step Your Game Up with the USB cables!!!

    I've always loved the iPhone ever since owning my first three years ago the iPhone 4S. Never had a problem with the phone or the USB cable. Now I have the 5S, but the USB cable is very poor quality. It hasn't even been a year and the cable has stopped charging my phone! I've questioned what I did to "damage" this product and arrived to nothing. Basically it stopped working by itself it broke itself. Very disappointed, Apple took one step forward and two steps back with this product. Now I have to waste my money buying another one. To think that the 30-pin USB cable could last me for years and then this cable completely stops charging my phone! Makes no sense. Please go back and correct your mistakes.

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    Your client feedback is clear. Action it.

    Apple, your client feedback is clear, the only cable that can charge idevices is not strong enough for its function. Your increase in cable sales is not due to your clients replacing their 30 pin cables, its due to constantly replacing the weak connection between the cable and the head of the connector. This needs to be addressed.

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    Poor quanlity

    i already purchased three usb cables in one year, do i need to say anything else?

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    This item is an absolute joke, I have had my iPhone just over a year now and I am on my 8th charger. Ever since the ios7 update my phone just dies whenever it feels like no matter what percentage It's telling me I have, which leads to me now needing to charge my phone a lot more frequently and carrying a charger with me. The wire just comes apart from the end far too easily, I just don't get how this product is still aloud to be sold, it's robbery. Apple why don't you just look at the reviews on the website alone and sort the problem out it's a joke with the price you're charging and refusing to sort out the problem, useless.

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    It only lasted me 3 months

    It's not even a 2 star product Apple! The chargers need to be recalled because they are cheap quality and I'm sure everyone else agrees. My charger only lasted 3 months and then the cable snapped right under the plug. I thought I was an idiot but after reading all the reviews on here, I guess its not really my fault. The charger itself was made terribly.

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    Lightning cables are of bad quality

    I did buy so far 6 !!!!!!! Original lightning cables. 5 of them do not charge my iphone and ipad.

    I am totally pi.....d now and will never ever buy Apple products anymore.

    Next week I buy my wife a Samsung S5.

    How can such a big company produce such bad cables and make me decide stop buying Apple products because of the cables!!!!

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    Not fit for purpose

    I own 2 iPhone 5s, which I bought when they were launched in the UK, and have had to buy 4 replacement cables so far. Like so many other people, my cables have failed where the cable meets the lightning plug. Bad bit of design by Apple.

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    Worse charging cable EVER

    On my fifth cable in one year. Always careful not to unplug by tugging the cord but I do use the phone while it's on the charging. Nothing I can do seems to make this cable more durable. Tried adding some adhesive heat shrink over the connector and tight to the cable jacket but it still only helped for a short while. Whoever makes a better cable as a knock off could become rich, Apple surely can't.

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    This cable blows

    I have bought over 5 chargers and all of them stop work for no reason. Apple needs to fix this on the upcoming iPhone. I am tired of having to replace my charger. I used to love Apple but with this new charger I am deputing if I should stick with the iPhone.

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    Truly Disappointed

    I really enjoy using my Apple products, but I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to enjoy them when they're dead because my charger breaks so frequently. It seems like I could purchase a new Macbook with all the money I've spent on this charger. Spend less time fixing what isn't broken and start focusing on what we all need.

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    Absolute garbage

    Bought my Iphone 5C in December 2013 and have already gone through two lightning chargers and now I am having trouble with the third. The first two just stopped working and the third one completely screws up my iphone when charging. All I have to do to correct the issue is unplug the lighting charger.

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    not impressed

    Well thats another cable.....should we all factor in 2-3 cables a year?

    On the basis that you are charging your phone each day, then my cables are lasting a maximum of 200 charges - this is POOR!

    Apple - this needs to be worked on

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    Iphone 5 charger is extremely unreliable. The average life of my chargers last possibly 2 weeks before they plug in with no charge at all. Its anxiety provoking for those who depend on their phone for work and travel.

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    Will not charge iPhone after 4 months broken power wire

    Shoddy design. The cable stresses right where the outer sheath connects to the thicker rubber piece. In my case the red power wire was broken due to the stress at this point. I opened it up and soldered it and heat-shrinked it to fix.

    On the new cable I will reinforce this point with electrical tape. Nothing like a redneck-looking cable on a $500 phone.

    The older cable design was much better, the thicker part of the cable is designed to allow it to flex.

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    My charger just broke AGAIN this is the SECOND TIME it's broken. I'm not going to waste $20 bucks on a piece of stupid wire that'll break within a couple of months. DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANTED TO SPEND A $100 ON REPLACING IT EVERY COUPLE OF MONTHS.

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    Fine, if Apple is going to make poor USB cables like this one at least make them cheaper. my 3rd usb just broke and i just don't feel like buying another one again.

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    Terrible Quality

    As you can see from the title, there is really nothing to say about the new, ironically named "Lightning" Cable. After just a couple of months, the end of the charger, at the 8 pin side, just tears apart, exposing the inside electronics. Eventually, the wires just fall out of this.

    I really can't believe that a quality producer like Apple is making such junk like this, and then making us pay £15 for an essential thing that just is not up to standard. After paying £300+ for Apple products, you would think that we would at least get a charger that would last longer than a year...

    Already been through 2 of these in the last 6 months and am going to have to order ANOTHER one, otherwise no iPhone for me. Looking at the possibility of changing phones now, possibly moving to HTC or Samsung.

    Apple, redesign this NOW and get your act together...

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