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    Best Cable for your iPhone

    I have 2 of these cables and they are the best. They seem thicker than the short length cables and they are in perfect condition. Honestly, if people take care of their products and unplug and plug them in properly (holding the actual plug and not the cable) they will last forever.

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    bad quality !

    Seriously, you need to hire new people who able to recreate this caple.

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    Perfect with care.

    I take care of my chargers and this one has lasted for months. Still in beautiful condition.

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    Good quality cable

    I have two of these (used in different places), they are about a year old and I haven't had any problems with either. The 2m cables are slightly heavier duty than the 1m and to me look well made and fairly strong. Apart from myself my wife and daughter have also used Apple products for many years and have never had a cable fray or fail - I have had one iPad charger that died though. The only time I've had to replace a cable is after my daughter lost one.

    I only ever pull from the plug - never, ever the cable. I also sometimes use my iPad whilst it's charging (so my cables do get movement).

    I don't work for Apple and I'm not paid for this review.

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    Very disappointed

    I wish I could have given a positive review but unfortunately I've had the same issue as pretty much most of the other people who have posted a review. I brought my iPad Pro last November and it came with the 2m cable which I was very happy about initially. However that happiness barely lasted 9 months which was when the cable completely stopped working. When negative comments far outweigh positive ones you would think it would be a cue for Apple to do something about it.

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    Fav Charger, 2.0m lightning

    Before this charger I would buy a third party charger every 3 months, even the apple cords that i would stumble upon i would manage to break.. Then I found this long charger at apple and gave it a try. I took real good care of my charger (wrapping it up instead of shoving it in a bag) and it is finally giving out almost 3.5 years later! My dog has ran into it ripping it out of my charging phone at least 10+ times, I have yanked it forgetting it is even charging way to many times to admit, etc! If you can take care of your cord and try to not use your phone at all while it is charging, your cord will last you MUCH longer than the smaller cords!

    It is much more durable too, thicker even. I bought one for my boyfriend as he rips through chargers every second month, and this one is just reaching a full year. Beyond happy with this product!

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    Substandard quality

    Like all our iPhone charger cables from Apple this also broke through to the metal within app. 12 month... annoying!
    Substandard ....Will look for quality 3rd party supplier

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    Yep.. here we go again.

    These cables are the worst. Horrible! I have to replace these charger cables (regardless of which length) every couple of months. A complete ripoff!!! I LOVE Apple and my Apple products... EXCEPT the cables!!! They either stop working for no reason after about 10 uses, or the wrinkle near the end that plugs into your product (which happens ALL the time... it's inevitable!) will make the cable split open and expose wires. TERRIBLE.

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    Absolute Rip Off

    £700 for my phone and £25 every time this product breaks. You all know the problem so I won't bore you. Just an awful design. I'm furious.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (2 m)

    This cord is sturdy and has held up very well. I ordered one in 2015 and it still works great. Ordering an additional one for the office.

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    Great quality

    As I seen so many 1 star reviews, I thought I might make a mistake buying one, but after a few months of use I can see that people are "bad quality" and not the product instead... So for those who are looking to buy a longer cable then the one provided in the devices boxes, you can surely get this one as it is the same quality!

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    Better buy 0.5m USB Cable

    I bought this cable last year for 29€ and today I noticed that was broken. It is my second cable in the last 20 months!! It's very disappointing because I took care of them... Don't buy it! THIS IS NOT APPLE QUALITY!!!

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    Terrible quality. Not durable in any way.

    The cable jacket, that is the white rubber that goes around the wire of the cable, is simply utter rubbish. It is the thinnest of rubber, kinda like stretched chewing gum. All other wires are made of pvc, whilst Apple uses thin rubber. The cable will last, at most for 5-6 months before failing completely. The people that are saying that the cables last years, know as well as I do that this is not true. The cable is of the lowest standard of quality I have seen on any wire and for the price charged this is absolutely appalling. The wire is marketed for portable products, therefore, it should be designed in a way that is built to last. It should not be the case that a slight turn of the wire causes the rubber jacket to fray. I am starting to believe that the cables are designed in such a poor quality so that, along with Apples restrictions on third party wires, you have to buy a new one every since months. I find it simply appalling giving customers this wire with 600 to 700 products.

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    Nice length, not too durable

    I purchased this a couple of years ago because the length of he cable is quite nice for charging next to my bed. I've tried off brand cables but they just didn't last. I did however expect this to last longer than it did. This cable never moves. It stays next to my bed, I plug my phone in once every couple of days. And yet it is already falling apart! The outer jacket nearest the Lightning connection has broken open. And this cable is hardly tampered with! Not at all impressed considering the price I payed for it. Should still be in one piece! Makes it look like I don't take care of my things!

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    Awesome charger

    While most don't have a through understanding of electronics, as I do, Those that complain about it not working are probably using a 1amp charger with the long cable. Highly recommend using the iPad charging block (just because it says for iPad doesn't mean it won't work with the iPhone, iPhone will pull what it can handle up to the limit on its own) with this cable for best results. Longer cable = more resistance to power coming down the line, hence the higher power charging block recommendation.

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    seems the reviews are right

    I bought this 2m cable despite reading the reviews, it becomes braided at the base of the lightning connector, it's tearing off the joint and soon will be desting for the bin.

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    Pretty Good Cable

    Ive purchased two 2m cables from the Apple Store and i have had no problems at all. The only reason I bought a 2nd one was because my brother lost his cord so I gave him my old one.

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    Waste of money! but what other choice do we have?...

    Im pretty convinced I've spent more on replacement cords than I have the actual phone over the years... and I'm someone who does take care of their things. My charger doesn't leave my bedside, I dont yank on the cord to remove it but its still the constant problem, bends and inevitably splits... Sort it out Apple, how many more complaints do you need????

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    Does anyone at Apple care?

    The quality of your charging cords is extremely poor. I have replaced the cords many times. I decided to get a 2nd party cord, and now my iphone says its not certified. You need to build a better cord. Did you understand the previous sentence? YOU NEED TO BUILD A BETTER CORD. How many bad reviews does it take to have you act? Just wondering.

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    Should have saved my receipt

    I thought a genuine Apple product would be superior to the knockoffs. Not so much. And I'm not twelve years old - I take care of my stuff! I'm going to try again (love the length) but read the fine print and keep the receipt this time!

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