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    Do a quick search for right side speaker repair for Beats Solo2 headphones. You'll see thousands of people with the exact same problem. These headphones are poorly made. My right side speaker went out conveniently just a few months out of warranty. Beats headphones are owned and sold by Apple, but they don't have the same quality build as Apple branded products. They are junk. The only thing they have going for them is their design aesthetic. I won't buy Beats headphones ever again. A product that costs hundreds of dollars should provide more than just a few months of use.

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    I have had 3 beats: 2 ur and 1 solo 2. I bought Solo 2 because URs broke exactly 6 times and I was tired to change them every 6 months. So I bought mine in 2015 but I haven't used them until 2016. When I started to use, everything was fine until the day that they broke. No sound was coming from the left side of the headphone and I'm sick of it. Those earphones and headphone cost at least 600 dollars. I believe that they are made out of the worst quality products. I use them very carefully. So please, don't buy any Beats product in order to save your money.

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    Very uncomfortable

    These headphone are incredibly uncomfortable. I can't give an accurate report on the sound because I can't wear the headphones for more than a few minutes. Do not buy these headphones.

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    Very bad quality, cheap plastic and metal headset

    Except if you get it for free as a gift, forget about it, this headset is made of cheap quality material and the sound is awful. They get damaged easily and for the same price range you can get decent quality ones in other brands.

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    Beats headphones

    I had bought 2 pairs of Beats headphones. The sad thing was with only using them for travelling they broke so we had sent them back and they were repaired. After, being repaired the second time of use they broke .I not happy with beats . If u are looking for headphones I do not recommend beats. My money has gone down the drain.

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    Uncomfortable and Painful!

    I have a small head and small ears and they don't feel tight when I wear them but after 30 minutes or even less my ear hurts from being pressed into my skull. And when I take them off after having worn them for a while it's like all this pressure has been lifted off my head. Not worth all the money if I can't even stand to wear them, sound is good though but still not good enough to make me endure the ear pain

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    Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I have never written an online review before, but after my experience with this product, I thought it might be helpful to give my two cents.


    1. There is a persistent quality control issue with these headphones as evidenced by various reviews across the web. The audio in one headphone will eventually stop working altogether. This occurred with my first pair after approximately 14 months. The second pair - a measly 8 months. The initial pair wasn't covered by warrantee for repair or replacement, so I was out of luck. Instead of simply buying another brand, I decided to just get a replacement pair. Another ~$200 and 8 months later, the same problem rears its ugly head. This time I figured, "No problem. It's covered since it's been less than one year". Not so much. I was told at my local Apple store that due to a small superficial crack on the outer casing, the electronic repair wasn't covered. The employee conceded that the crack had NOTHING to do with the faulty sound problem and offered to repair them for $180! For that money, I could just buy a new pair - a better quality pair I might add.

    2. These are WAY overpriced. The casing is cheap, flimsy plastic that is easily cracked and damaged. For less money, you can find a much sturdier construction that will last much longer.

    3. The sound is not balanced to 'true'. For instance, certain kinds of music, especially classical, sounds like a mussy mess with very little crispness or detail coming through. I knew this when I first purchased these headphones and didn't particularly mind as I listen to a lot of rap and use in-ear headphones for rock, folk, classical. While they sound quite good when playing contemporary rap that uses a lot of sub bass, they are substandard to just dreadful for other genres.


    I'm very disappointed with this product. I made the stupid decision of buying them a second time, but will NEVER purchase a product by BEATS ever again. I've given up on Apple customer service at this point as well. I've spent thousands with Apple in the last two years and to be told that a persistent electronic problem that is clearly due to quality control cannot be repaired due to a crack in the fragile casing is the last straw. Apple seems to have invested all their resources into marketing and growing their brand prestige at the expense of quality and functionality at this point. PLEASE..BUY ANOTHER BRAND. THESE ARE TRASH

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    Constant loss of sound in one speaker after repair.

    Having same experience as another reviewer. Sound is very good, but we have two pairs and both have had the right headphone stop working in a few months if light use. After repairs it has returned. Obviously a poor design or a manufacturing quality issue that they should address. We paid a premium price but this is not a premium product due to its poor reliability.

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    Just received these a couple of weeks ago and although the sound is nice, they are really uncomfortable! My ears hurt after 10-15 minutes of wearing, regardless of how I adjust the headband. Extremely unpleasant - what's the point of headphones that sound great but are utterly unwearable?

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    So let down.

    Received these headphones as a gift about a year and a half ago. Very impressed at first. Felt solid. Sounded great. They did get a little uncomfortable after wearing for a while, but I was willing to overlook that. They were gently used for the time I owned them. Never even left my home. The right speaker suddenly stopped working the other day. I was instructed by an Apple Chat representative to bring them into the genius bar. I was hoping for an easy solution, however the genius bar worker told me the only option was to pay $99 dollars to swap them out for another pair. Yes. They wanted ME to PAY them $99 dollars for a product that suddenly stopped working after less than two years. Shame on them. Won't be buying Beats again.

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    Right side has no sound

    They were very good headphones, until I was walking home (7 months after I bought the product) the right side went silent. At first I thought it was the cable, but then I did some research and found that it was a very common problem. On a apple support form I found this (The main issue with the new Solo 2.s is that the wire is glued into place and over time the wire losses contact with the speaker. This is what causes the issue with the beats no working properly.) I can't even contact the company to see if they can be repaired. I have a 2 year warranty with my headset.

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    Look, Sound, Feel Great but Bad Build Quality.

    I bought my beats solo2 in January 2015 since then I have had to go back to the store 3 times because the right channel stops working, I see others have this problem with the build quality and Apple need to address it because once out of warranty the repair cost is on you - I have no idea how this passed QA and is obviously a continuing problem with new sets as each time I had a problem they were replaced for new and the same issue keeps happening. This time I am going to try and get my money back.

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    I now HATE beats?!?!?!?!

    so I went to unplug my beats from my Ipad and it was stuck we got so of it out but there is still something stuck in my Ipad so now I cant hear anything ;p

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    Not great

    The beats have pretty good sound quality and look amazing, i'm not going to pretend they don't, however I suffered a similar problem most Beats users get, I look after my beats and they've never been dropped or damaged however, one day after about 4 and 1/2 months out of the blue the right side stopped working all together and there's no solution to this other than buying new beats.

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    £170 of disappointment!

    Before I say why I've given 1 star I will happily admit that the sound system is amazing and everything but I'm so disappointed with the durability of the product.

    My father bought this product for me as a congrats gift for passing my GCSE's and getting into college; but not even 6 months passed and the right channel had completely gone. How I have no idea as I'd always treated my beats with care. With this I thankfully found the receipt and took it back and got it replaced which was great. After that I was more concious of it happening and took even more care of the headset. But just recently the same thing has happened to my replacement beats; the right channel has gone again! You'd think that for paying £170 you'd get an amazing product with a long lasting life time. NOPE.

    Hopefully, this Friday I'll get my fathers money back and invest in an actual headset that's reliable for the price of £170!

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