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    These have been truely the best headphones I have ever had. They are super comfortable, easy to use and stylish.

    I use them daily whilst sitting at my desk at work, synced to my iPhone 4S or cabled to my old Sony Network Walkman. Taking about an hour to charge, I can then use them at night when I go to bed.

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    This is a serious Headphone, I am very impressed with the overall sound quality especially knowing it's wireless! Tried a few other brands but these just blew me away :).
    Definitely the best purchase I've made for Headphones.

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    Sold my Sennheiser HD650 headphones to buy these!

    Yes... You read the review title right... I *never* thought I'd have anything to do with beats in my life. I'm an audiophile, I valued accuracy and realism over everything else... beats were certainly not known as a flat or neutral pair of cans.

    One day while meandering around the Carindale Apple store I saw the new beats and wondered if their sound signature changed much at all since the earlier version (of which I *hated*)... to my surprise they have been greatly improved over their predecessor. Bass is now much more accurate (tight) and balanced... highs are much clearer, although not neutral and mids (vocals) have a great sense of presence.

    That afternoon I spent at least an hour and a half auditioning the beats studio 2013. Two weeks later I sold my reference Sennheiser HD650 headphones and picked up the Beats Studio (2013) Wireless (in matte black).

    The sound quality of the beats out of the box was absolutely horrible, the mids and highs were very harsh and bass was lacking. Over the next 25 hours of break in the audio quality improved significantly.... mids became clear and present, bass extended and highs were shimmering. What I've come to realise coming from my old audiophile headphones to these, is that there are simply some genres I can no longer listen to - in particular anything live or with very intimate female vocal performances... the upper-mids just have a slight symblance, a harshness to them that takes the emotion out of their performance (this might get better with further break in?) - but for every other genre they sound very very satisfying .

    Oh and these things are GREAT for movies - I watched Tropic Thunder and the Dark Knight with these last night and it blew me away, the beats headphones easily reach down to 20hz.. great for explosions in action movies.

    To sum this product up... I previously owned a pair of Sennheiser headphones that were worth close to $1k new and in the 6 years I've owned them I may have used them for 100 hours of listening - in the last month of owning my new beats studio wireless headphones, I've already surpassed that mark... which really speaks for itself.

    I get more day to day value and joy out of these cans than I ever did from my reference-grade HD650s. If you want analyse and pick apart music all day long, don't get these - if you want to escape to a wonderfully warm, blissful sound signature (genre permitting) then do yourself a favour and audition these headphones next time you're in the store. They're not for everyone... but you'll realise pretty quickly if they're for you or not and I'm certainly the last person who I'd expect to fall in love with these...

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    Just go for it..

    I have been browsing headphone from last 2 months and decided to grab on of this and it was one of the best thing i did after spending a lot of money. Worth giving a single dollar.