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    Works for me with Touchbar MBP 15"

    I think I read directions which said to connect the power cable and HDMI cable before attaching the adapter to the MBP and then turn on the MBP.
    The directions may have appeared while updating the software as there are no directions on the paper that came in the box.

    I have a very good HDMI cable which was left over from a cable company installation.
    My monitor is a Samsung 27" TV/monitor, T27B350.
    Everything works together without any problems.

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    It's a Necessity

    Do NOT buy a third party adapter that claims it does this. They're extremely unreliable, I've tried lots of the Amazon one (Sitachei, etc.); even Monoprice's wasn't that great and is always out of stock.

    It's good they lowered the price to $49, that's much more practical for this as it is a necessity. It's definitely an expensive thing but you'll be much more satisfied with it. As much as people hate dongles, I find it actually quite nice. Rather than having to plug in 3 things into my old MacBook Pro (Display, Power, Audio, USB Hub) I only plug in this one dongle and it instantly works.

    HDMI drive my monitor, USB either has my external hard drive (thats partitioned to 50% Time Capsule, 50% Storage) or a Logitech Unifying Receiver, and lastly Power. It's extremely nice to only have to plug in one thing to get power, display, storage or mice/keyboard.

    As always with Apple Product the build quality is great and it feel durable. I am a little worried about the dongle hanging off the side of my table and it potentially fraying like MagSafe or Lightning Cables, but the insulation seems much thicker on their USB-C line of accessories.

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    Causes laptop to restart / reboot

    Using this adapter to connect a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015) with an HP Pavilion 24xw monitor. Firmware is up to date and running the current operating system (10.11.6). If left with the dongle plugged in and the monitor attached via the HDMI cable it will cause the laptop to restart very 6-12 hours if left in sleep mode. Of course, all applications and windows crash. It was like this fresh out of the box, even within the first 24 hours of use.

    I bought this for my wife and I am very disappointed with the results. Call me crazy but I somehow have this expectation that technology will work. Of course things fail, but this failed fresh out of the box. Now add on the fact that it was a cool $50 for an ADAPTER, now I really expect it to work.

    I've owned both Apple systems for years. My first home computer when I was a boy was an Apple ][gs (consequently I still sometimes will name a keystroke as "open-apple Q" or the like). In grad school I had a 2000 iMac I was still using as an iTunes server in 2008. In 2006 I bought a first-generation MacBook Pro that I was still using in 2014 when something finally fried, and today I'm still using an Early 2008 iMac that is now just about 9 years old. I love that so many of my Apple products stood the test of time and for the most part worked flawlessly.

    How disappointing that the hardware just isn't as stable as it used to be.

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    Intermittent video problem solved by removing lint

    I think I finally solved the problem with intermittent video (on MacBook 12" Early 2016) after 3 months of frustration. Since I could not edit my original review, I am posting a revised review from another AppleID. I cleaned the connectors (USB-C port on the computer, USB-C plug on the adapter, HDMI cable side and port, etc) by scraping the holes with a cable tie and then vacuuming all these holes to remove any possible remaining dust or lint. I also reset the PRAM just in case (reboot by holding cmd-P-R until 2nd chime). Now, the intermittent video problem seems to be gone! So, I am revising my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. This is an indispensable adapter for me.

    Suggestion to Apple: the OS probably should also detect this intermittent video issue and suggest cleaning. I did not think lint could have been an issue because both the MacBook and the adapter were brand new out of the box when the problem started. My only slight complaint is that it is a relatively big adapter. It would be nice if it was smaller. For this size, I would want a second USB port.

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    Don't buy for 2K monitors

    This only does 2 resolutions 1080 and 4K. I have a 2k monitor and it won't adapt to that resolution. Really disappointing!

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    So I bought SSD drive and wouldn't work, wonder why.

    "The Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter is not compatible with the G-Tech G-DRIVE mobile USB 3.0 Hard Drive."
    It says in the description. Found after my G-Tech SSD drive keep disconnecting. But other external drives are also very finicky connected to the usb3.0. I use hub and multiple usb devices are connected. (mouse, keyboard, ethernet, 2 drives) It seems to give " disk is not disconnected properly" sign every time I connected to the hub. Hope my drives are okay. I think I am gonna give up on everything USB-C. HDMI works fine for me though.

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    Works perfectly with 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro and 4K TV.

    Running macOS Sierra 10.12.2. Pugged in adapter, and Mac prompted me to download update 1.0 for the AV adapter. After the update, the adapter works flawlessly to both charge the MacBook and drive a 4K TV full resolution at 60Hz.

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    Apple USB-C HDMI to Display Port not working w/ Dell monitor

    Late 2016 Macbook Pro 13" and 24" Dell Monitor. The monitor message indicates that there is a connection but no signal. Going back to VGA which was working earlier.

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    Product works with new MacBook Pro and new Dell 34" Curved display

    I was disappointed that the product costs $50 but everything works as expected. I just received my new 15" MacBook Pro today. I plugged the adapter into the USB3-C on the Macbook and then connected the HDMI and USB cables from the Dell display. The MacBook immediately offered a software update for the adapter. After a reboot, everything seems to be working just great. I love being able to connect USB3 devices to the Dell monitor. My excternal HD and iPhone seem to work great when attached through the monitor.

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    It doesn't work with new MBP 2016

    I tried to connect a Dell U2414H via HDMI and it didn't work at all, the same happened with a Sony Bravia TV. This adapter is a piece of junk. Apple should fix it ASAP as it is a 60$ expense...

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    Too expensive, too short

    I find the device is an annoying necessity in new MacBook Pros. On top of the added expense, the cord is rather short, so you cannot simply hide the hub part as it is only a couple inches from the MacBook. Not well designed and turns a nice computer into a bulky and untidy looking unit.

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    Easy as pie

    Was extremely simple. I'm able to connect my MBP 15" thunderbolt power supply, HDMI monitor, and apple USB keyboard into 1 of the 4 thunderbolt3 ports. There was a quick update and everything works as it should.

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    DO NOT BUY- Apple should recall any MacBook Pro needing this device

    Apple should recall any MacBook Pro needing this device- Just got this for Christmas, and needed to transfer my pictures from camera and use mini HDMI to HDMI, but device doesn't detect anything. Tall to apple advisor and he recommend to take computer back and get one that doesn't use USB-C.....not getting why the changes to this other ports and not even including adapters to work with own apple products. Trying to get more money from loyal customers this way, is not right at all, especially when the new MacBook Pro 15" with bar or any other for that matter are not inexpensive. Low Low, feeling bad to return a thoughtful gift from hubby but, if your own reps are suggesting that, there must be a reason. Some suggested wait until Late February - mid March (not confirmed) for "new improved version".

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Needs a certified HDMI cable for 4K display

    I initially had issue with this adapter using with my Dell 4K monitor. I exchanged the adapter at an Apple store near my home. The display would still cut out every 3-4 seconds. There was a review on here mentioning about using a "quality" HDMI cable. I usually think that quality digital cables are a complete BS. Well, thats where I was wrong. There was nothing wrong with this adapter from the beginning. I switched to a certified (that is, tested by HDMI to work at full 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 spec) cable and voila! The adapter works perfectly.

    If you have any problem with 4K monitor and this adapter, try a certified cable. You can get mono price one for cheap.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Necessity for MacBook Pro 13"

    Very much a necessity if you are buying or upgrading to the new MacBook Pro 13". Specially when you have to pick or prioritize from several dongle options? For me, this is the best investment and works with my HP Pavilion 27xw monitor...

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    Simply doesn't work with MacBook Pro and 4K Monitor

    when I use the adapter to run a DELL 4K monitor, the monitor works for about 3-4 secs. - then goes off for 1 sec and so on ad infinitum. Especially disappointing as this is the only Apple way, to run 4K HDMI Monitors with last generation MacBook Pros. Bleeding edge of technolgy .. Ordered a Display Port to USB-C Cable now an hope that soemthing will work with my new Mac :-(

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    Turning on and off now and then

    I don't think this product is compatible with Mac OS Sierra on MBP 15" with touchbar and my 4k monitor from ASUS. In 60 seconds it can turn on and off my ASUS 4k display several times. Sometimes it is stable for like 10-15 minutes but at work this is so annoying it is not possible to use. I had great problems with the old splitter from Apple too. The one that needs both thunderbolt and USB to work. It was also turning on and of my monitor (that was not a 4k monitor, just a regular) too often. High price and very poor quality control. I wish Apple could fix this.

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    Easily Fried

    I am going on my 3rd adapter. I recently got the new MacBook Pro and used this to attach my external Asus USB-A monitor. I couldn't figure out why the first adapter stopped working but just now put it together. The monitor somehow fries/kills this USB dongle. You wouldn't think it would be easily susceptible to that type of thing. Apple graciously replaced the first one. I hope they replace the second one and I won't be using that monitor anymore.

    BE WARNED USB-A devices can kill this dongle!!!

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    Doesn't work. Screen intermittently Blanks out. No solution

    As others have written, this does not work. With my 2016 15" MacBook Pro, my Dell 34 inch monitor intermittently blanks out for 3-5 seconds. Renders it unusable as a display. Apple has no solution. And no other adapter. This is the same monitor that has worked flawlessly with my 2015 MacBook Pro.

    If you are thinking of getting one of the USB-C only MacBooks and using it with an external monitor you might consider waiting until this issue is resolved.

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    Do not buy

    As others state, this product does not reliably work on a brand new 13" MacBook Pro. Constant struggles to get the adapter to recognize the display. If your monitor has a Display port - buy a Display Port to USB-C cable instead, this works like a charm with no difficulties at all.

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