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    HDMI does not work

    I bought two of these when I got my new MacBook Pro this year. I just had a chance to use it with an HDMI projector. Neither one would work. Only the regular USB port worked. I bought a non-Apple product that worked great. It's too late to return it. :-(.

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    Completely Useless

    Not that there isn't enough bad reviews on this piece of junk already but since I paid for it too. This useless device almost never recognises any of my hard disks. If it does it keep disconnecting every few minutes. Also forget about charging your iPad with this. So basically it just blocks one of the USB-C ports for a lot of money. Considering the price price of the MacBook I would have expected it comes at least with one standard adapter.

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    It's fine

    I can't see anything wrong with it, it's doing what it's supposed to do

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    Try this....

    What I found is if I segregate the (2) ports to seperate the USB-C to HDMI adapter with charge. Then use the other port dedicated to only usb-c to (old) Usb input with a fan out of 3 and ethernet the darn thing responds better. locking and sleep to wake up seems to work. I think it might be a band width confusion in the physical bus architecture. Thats my six cents

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    Today I had one of the most important meetings so far for my startup. Since my adapter is made by Apple I was expecting it to work. The screen sharing was flaky at best, and the presentation was ruined because of it. I got my MacBook just a few months ago, having only had laptops before. I thought when I pay triple the price to get an Apple product that I would have a reliable piece of hardware, instead the most basic function is failing. Please fix this asap!

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    Works exactly as expected

    I purchased a $19 Chinese knock-off adapter as I bawked at the Apple price of a AU$79 adapter. The cheap adapter displayed all the error characteristics as I have seen posted in here about the genuine Apple product - screen flickering and slowness, monitors dropping out, devices dropping out, adapter gets really hot.

    I thought I would try the genuine adapter anyway as I had nothing to lose with Apple return policy, and it works perfect! Haven't had a drop off, flickering is gone, adapter doesn't get hot.

    I would have given this 5 stars except for the price.

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    Does not work with DELL U2713H

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" and this adaptor. When attempting to use my work monitor, the display remains generally blank. Changing the resolution of the display then activates it, in all available resolutions, but this has to be done every time the computer is reconnected or woken from sleep.

    Connection and reconnecting the display has no effect.

    The USB A connection from the adaptor is also non-functional most of the time,.

    I'll be seeing visiting the Apple Store to try and see if changing the adaptor works, and then seeing about a refund if it does not.

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    Total Junk

    HDMI and USB don't work. Until this gets updated this adapter is useless. Not only that, but Apple has completely sidelined my work and all use of monitors, hard drives, and even my Apple keyboard by eliminating all necessary ports from the 2016 Macbook Pro. I was already upset that such an expensive machine doesn't come with vital ports or adapters. To have purchased this piece of trash adapter is the icing on the cake.

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    Monitor flickers as others have reported

    Computer: MacBookPro 15" Late 2016 (with new Touchbar)
    MacOS: 10.12.2 with latest (19Dec) OS Patchset
    Monitor: 40-inch Philips BDM4065 which has (1) DisplayPort, (2) HDMI ports and native resolution of 3840x2160 @ 60Hz.

    Monitor works fine using USB-C to DisplayPort adaptor (Monoprice PN 13234) although suspend/restore sometimes causes a system crash.

    I just purchased and tried this new adaptor for my office (forgot the other adaptor at home). It runs the monitor at full resolution but only at 30Hz (my understanding is this is a limitation with HDMI).
    PROBLEM: The monitor flickers constantly: it goes blank for 1-2sec every 5-10sec.

    Note that when I first plugged in this adaptor today, I was prompted to download a driver update from Apple. This seemed to install successfully though I was prompted to install it twice (with two reboots).

    I'll return this adaptor (and HDMI cable) to the Apple Store and just order another Monoprice HDMI adaptor (one for work and one for home).

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    DO NOT BUY this

    I'm using this to connect a monitor, power and a Mac USB keyboard to my MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016). The adapter worked for almost a day, but then the keyboard stopped responding. Checking the adapter I found it was so hot I could not hold it. I unplugged it and found that the ports on the back are smelling of burnt plastic. Clearly there is something fishy with this product - judging from all the other negative reviews too.

    A very bad situation. This is the only way I can connect a monitor to my MacBook - it's the only port. If Apple cannot provide me with a working adapter then my MacBook becomes severely limited!

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    Garbage Product

    My 2016 macbook won't work with any external monitor without consistent flickering. I've tried multiple adapters and screens with no success. Total fail Apple!

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    HDMI Not Working (Flaky at best. Hopefully it is a software issue)

    HDMI no longer works with either of my two monitors. Hopefully this is just a software issue (maybe with recent update) but until it gets resolved HDMI output will be useless. I am hoping the actual adapter quality is good but at the same time it is not helpful when the HDMI output does not work. Please fix as others are having the same issue and I am guessing once the HDMI issue gets fixed the adapter will not have horrible reviews.

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    Constant HDMI issues and video flickering renders the adapter unusable

    Connecting USB-C Digital AV multiport adapter to a MacBook 12 retina, 2016 running 10.12.2. Adapter seems to work ok for power and standard USB. However, I've had noting but issues with the HDMI connection to external monitors. There is a video reset or flicker every few seconds making the adapter nearly impossible to use.

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    Piece of Junk

    After so much troubleshooting, I finally realized it's this stupid dongle that keeps ejecting my external drives and disconnecting my monitor every time my 15" MBP 2016 goes into sleep mode. If you can, wait for a third party to develop a better version of this dongle that doesn't come packed with bugs. shame on you, apple.

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    Utter garbage

    This product is a piece of junk. Tried using it with my WD My Passport Ultra 3TB external drive. The adapter kept randomly disconnecting my drive every few minutes. Returned this cable the same day I bought it shaking my head at how this thing is still on the market. Never going to buy without reading the reviews first ever again.

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    kernel panic and gpurestart after sleep on 15" MBP 2016 touch bar

    not sure if it's this adapter, the Mbp itself, or MacOS 10.12.2. Ever since I started using this with my Asus PA279Q (2560*1440) over HDMI, it gives me random freezes (screen blacks out, touchbar not responsive, had to force shutdown), and kernel panics when I wake up the laptop.

    to be fair, it might be an issue of the laptop itself, but I find the chances of getting this situation much higher with this adapter attached.

    I use the laptop mostly in clamshell mode connected to the monitor with this adapter

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    hdmi to infocus projector will not work

    New MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15 inch 2.7 w/512gig will not work with our InFocus projector. I have rebooted with it in out...tried sleep. The display blinks but laptop will not recognize the projector. There is a VGA option...but that doesn't work either. My old 2011 MBP 17inch worked flawlessly. I have been an Apple advocate for a long time and choose the brand because it "just works". Love my new MBP touch bar...but I need a solution buying Apple TV and spending even more is not a solution.

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    This Adapter will shave years off your life

    In what has quickly become the norm with Apple, this adapter is flat-out awful. They took our USB's away only to replace them with this god-awful *** that refuses to work with any USB external drive. Very slow delay in transfer speeds, IF you're lucky enough to get the HDD to be recognized with this silly dongle. It's unfortunate to see the quality assurance of Apple products go down the drain, with each new iteration of "dongle". It's pretty obvious why Consumer Reports won't back what Apple considers a "new flagship" in laptops. you can't even get your return on investment, without cussing out your new, shiny white dongle (while experiencing worse battery life than it's predecessor) Shame!

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    Mac Doesn't Charge.

    I bought this adapter to extend the use of the USB-C port on my Mac. The idea was to connect the adapter to the computer, connect my HDMI cable, USB stick AND charger cable to it.

    Turns out that if you connect the charger cable to the adapter and the adapter to the computer ... the computer will not charge. If you connect the charger to the computer directly, it will charge.

    Interesting how the item description says you can connect the charging cable to it so it charges the computer ... when it clearly doesn't. $75 completely wasted.

    I bought two of these and they both behave the same.

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    Will not maintain connection to my USB A attached external hard drive

    I bought this adapter not only for the HDMI port but also to be able to keep my USB A style external hard drive connected while charging the laptop. When the hard drive is plugged into the USB A port on this adapter it continually disconnects and leaves the mounted volume in inconsistent states. If I use a cheap USB-A to USB-C adapter and connect the hard drive directly to one of the ports on my 13" MacBook Pro (non touch bar) then the drive stays connected just fine and works well. As soon as I plug it back into this Apple Multiport Adapter then it begins acting flakey again. I'm very disappointed in this product, as the $8 USB-A to USB-C I bought on Amazon is doing a better job.

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