• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This thing is among the worst things that could happen to Macbook

    Having to plug in this monstrous thing into macbook to charge the phone or connect one (only one!) of my USB devices is really really annoying. Shame and disappointment is included..

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    Really bad

    Yes it does provide a few ports, but only in a really bad way, e.g. the usb-c port can only be used for power, the usb port is only usb-2.0 capable and while I haven't found something wrong with the hdmi port yet I'm sure there is something!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not support Dell U3014

    I bought the macbook retina 12 inch early 2015 two days ago, brand new, also got this adapter, also brand new.

    Even though I asked Apple before buying if it would support my external Display, gave them the exact Vendor and model name (Dell U3014) and they said 'yes, it will work sir, don't worry' it doesn't work.

    I had Apple phone support for more than one hour and even they couldn't help me, said it's the Dell display's fault which it isn't because it works perfectly fine when connected to my Windows desktop computer.

    I will probably end up giving back the macbook and AV Multiport Adapter and have them return my money. Really sad...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Functional....After SMC Reset

    This adapter does the job. The HDMI and USB-C ports worked perfectly from Day 1, however the USB-A port was not functional. After calling Apple Support, we completed a SMC reset on my Macbook - that solved the problem. Once the SMC reset was complete, I had no further problems with peripheral devices being recognized through the USB-A port.

    4 stars due to the high price and the connectivity issues that I (and apparently others) are experiencing. An adapter from Apple for an Apple product ought to function right out of the box. This was not my experience.

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    Well designed but poor quality

    I bought the adapter with macbook to enable HDMI and USB. However, the HDMI plug-in became malfunctioned after one month of use. To be fair, I wasn't use it too often or with incompatible product. I hope there should be improvement on the adapter because the current version is too fragile to use.

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    Works just fine for me

    I bought it despite the bad reviews, and fortunately it worked just fine. We saw yesterday a movie on the tv (with good quality and sound on the tv) from a file that was in the external usb drive while the Macbook was charging, and it worked perfectly fine. I'm not denying others may have had bad experiences: mine just has been perfect.
    Not giving 5 stars because of the high price.

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    WARNING - Bad Hardware

    This adaptor has severe compatibility issues with external hard drives that can result in LOSS OF DATA. Apple even lists a few drives (including their own SuperDrive, pre 2011) than don't work with this adaptor, but there are more that don't work - both for storage OR Time Machine (!). This is really bizarre since the other USB-C to USB-A adaptor WILL work, but since this adaptor doesn't supply power to your MacBook, it's not a long term solution. In the instances where the Multiport adaptor DOES work with an external hard drive, it can experience drastically reduced speeds and randomly unmount the drive. The straight USB adaptor, with the same drive, does not show these issues. I can't believe Apple put this on the market without 1) more rigorous testing and 2) with this serious an issue. Having an external hard drive work with your laptop is a pretty important requirement. Terrible, terrible piece of equipment. I was an Apple employee and have worked with Macs for decades. This issue was diagnosed with a genius at an Apple Store after we went through several Multiport and regular USB adaptors, and then followed up with additional testing at home. Apple should be ashamed.

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    No USB power unless MacBook is connected

    Adapter works as advertised, with one exception: The USB port does not supply power unless the MacBook is connected. If I disconnect my MacBook to go to a meeting, for example, the USB device plugged into my adapter at my desk stops charging.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    bulky and expensive

    Although it works fine it is bulky and the design ill considered, and rather more expensive than an Apple TV this rather essential item allows you to connect a USB 3 to your MacBook, but it's terribly bulky especially when you only want to connect a USB device for a few minutes to swap files. This slightly defeats the wonder of having such a slim package as the wonderful MacBook. Hopefully they will get around to doing a USB 3 stick to USB C sometime soon... meanwhile us early adopters feel foolish

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    Expensive but cannot use Macbook 12 without it

    Actually bought this before the Macbook 12 because other than just use the Macbook as a standalone wireless device cannot connect much else.

    USB C to HDMI works very well but sometimes drops the connection. Restarting display and Macbook seems to fix it but remains annoying.

    Macbook 12 will not recognise some non powered USB devices attached via the adaptor USB 3 connection if this is to a USB 3 non powered hub. Powered USB devices - external drives - are mainly OK with this approach but not a Gigabit ethernet adapter. This ethernet adapter will work if attached directly to the USB C Multiport adaptor but very very slow.

    Power supplied to the Multiport is limited e.g. a non powered USB hub attached to the Multiport cannot support a portable USB drive and an iPhone.

    So bottom line - think carefully about your accessories before you buy the Macbook 12 but have to buy this one.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't support multiple external drives

    While Apple's USB-C to USB adaptor will power 2 external USB drives, the AV Multiport Adaptor, even though is has external power, won't support the same 2 drives connected.

    This adaptor has serious issues. Beware. Buy at your own risk.

    If this wasn't the ONLY way to power a MacBook and work with external drives, I would have returned it.

    An expensive and crippled product. One seriously unhappy customer.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Support native resolution on external monitor

    Connect Macbook -> USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter -> Apple HDMI to DVI Adapter -> DVI External Monitor and your monitor native resolution will be supported.