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    Worst Apple Product Ever ... After 5 Uses, Will Only Charge To 3 Percent!!!

    When I purchased my iPad Pro, I purchased the Apple Pencil as well. The purchase of the Apple Pencil was a very big mistake. After only 5 uses, the Apple Pencil would no longer charge above 3 percent. This is by far the worst product accessory that Apple has ever made.

    Frankly, in using the Apple Pencil and a $1.20 iPad Stylus purchased on Amazon with the ProCreate iPad software, I would give the edge to the $1.20 iPad Stylus. Plus the iPad Stylus is also a regular pen.

    Do Not Purchase The Apple Pencil, it is not worth $5.00, let alone the $100 price that Apple charges.

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    Stopped Charging After 10-20 Uses

    I've had this for only a few months, using it every few weeks, and it no longer holds a charge (it is completely useless). I've tried plugging it directly into the iPad and using the double-female connector to charge it directly from an outlet. Neither works. The iPad won't read the pen at all.

    Overall, I used the pen for maybe 10 hours total before it went dead. Absolutely unacceptable for a hundred dollar purchase.

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    I recieved this pencil and the ipad pro for Christmas. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to recieve the iPad Pro, let alone the Apple pencil. I am a colorer, journaler, and love writing stories to make sure my grands know about me, and our past. So now I am able to edit with the pencil. I love and adore the relaxation I get from coloring the special apps made just for the pencil. The pencil glides so smoothly, on the protecter glass....I have used the pencil since December, and I have not had to replace the tip yet. I do have replacements. The Apple pencil is amazing, and now I won't be able to live without it!
    Thank you, Apple!

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    Won't hold charge. Only used it 2 times

    Ive never been this dissapointed in an apple product. I loved this device but am not much of an artist so I rarely used it. I probably used it twice in a year then I went to use it again and now it won't hold a charge. Apple would "replace" it for $80.....This makes me want to sell everything I own from them.

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    Good idea but very poor execution (maybe 2.0 will be the real deal?)

    I like the idea of idea of being able to take notes and do sketches on the iPad but this pen does not do it for me. It's too long which makes it unwieldy. That may have something to do with getting battery life. However, I would also like to have it a little bit thicker as I find it too thin (and no, I don't have big hands). I also really hate the slippery surface. I'm not looking for it to be textured for grip , but the plastic could have some tactility to it. This version just wants to slip through you fingers. Others have mentioned that there is no place to store this thing with the iPad as well as the lightning cable tip that's easy to lose. I could live with the (stupid) tips, but where do I put this thing when I'm not using it. Apple's forte is supposed to be design. They missed it on this one.

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    Needs a Total Redesign

    I was really excited for Apple Pencil and thought I'd use it all the time with my 9.7 inch iPad Pro but have found it pretty disappointing and it mostly just sits unused now. I unpaired it from the iPad because it does affect battery life and the pencil itself drains very quickly. The charging options are terribly thought out. I've never charged it via sticking it in the iPad's lightning port. The adapter that comes with it is small and easy to misplace, just like the optional tips and the end cap that removes for charging. My biggest issue is the actual size of the pencil itself. The pencil is way too long to use with the smaller iPad Pro. Maybe it's better suited to the 12.9 iPad. The pencil is lightweight but a little thick in your hands and too long to be comfortable. I really wish the pencil was shorter, thinner and more effortless to use and charge. Would also be nice if there was a magnet or something to keep it attached to your iPad. The tips are also not ideal, I have trouble with accuracy, it just doesn't behave like I expected. Hopefully the next generation addresses the shortcomings of the current one.

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    Had two of these pens in the last two weeks and they keep breaking. I keep them on my desk at work with my iPad and if I take it home it goes right back in the box. They both have just stopped working, one after a week and a half and this one on day two. Going to be returning the pen and not bothering with another one. Really disappointing for such an expensive item.

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    Don't waste your money!!!

    I finally decided to get one today and I hate it all this Pencil is meant to do is draw, and it's a waste of a $100 that could go towards something else. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!

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    Best thing ever

    I bought the iPad Pro and got the pencil for Christmas about two years ago. I love it, between the pencil and a writing app (Mazec) I am able to take hand written notes, on the iPad, from various meetings and the iPad translates it to typed text that I can then copy and paste into several programs for work. I use it on a daily basis and still have the original tip on the pencil. I also have used it for fun to draw and color in various apps. Great Product!!!!

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    Apple pencil

    So far I have not seen one thing that makes this pencil worth one hundred dollars. I feel rather stupid for buying it.

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    Great pencil, excellent for photo editing

    I've been using the pencil on an iPad Pro 12 inch. Overall it's been great!
    The precision on photo editing is excellent. The pen only comes in white so be careful where you set it.
    It can easily blend into a white background or similar setting and get misplaced.
    It would be nice to see it come in different colors. How about Red, Apple?

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    Slippery? The Fix.

    The Apple Store employee was quick to admit that one of the pencil's biggest flaws is the lack of grip. My simple solution is 3/8th heat shrink. I cut a piece that shorter than the shaft of the unit and applied with low heat. Start in the middle and work your way out. Be careful not apply direct heat to either tip.

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    iPad Pro Pencil is a waste for $99. DEFECTIVE!!!

    iPad Pro pencil worked for a short while. Now It pairs and un-pairs.................pathetic. Have tried every possible solution to no avail. So, I went to a big box store to purchase a $6.99 stylus. Oh well, my loss, Apple's gain.

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    Apple Pencil Tilt Function doesn't work

    I am now on my second Apple Pencil, having returned the first one. The Tilt Function doesn't work on this one and didn't work on the previous one....Rubbish!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Gud product

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    Nothing to add!

    It's just great. Period. No lag. It just feels like you're writing on paper. I don't do graphic design and stuff, but for everyday and business use, it's perfect!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Kinda disappointed

    I got this pencil as a gift for Christmas barely two months ago. I took it out of the case to charge it. After charging it, I noticed it wouldn't work in the app it always worked in. I wondered why it wasn't working. When I went online to problem solve, the article said the tip might have come off. I checked and low and behold it was missing. Yes Apple gives you an extra one but I'm not sure what caused it to come off. Therefore, I can't keep it from coming off again. I thought to myself, I can't believe Apple created a product so sloppily. That means I'll have to keep buying a new one. Steve Jobs wouldn't have approved this poor workmanship. I have purchased a lot of Apple products. They won't be getting more of my money for any of their new so called creative ideas. I don't trust them anymore.

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    A good first try, but needs some refinement

    As a pencil, this works great. Response is instantaneous. But there are some minor details that could use some work to make this truly great.

    First, it needs to come in more colors than just white. Black would be nice, and maybe other colors to match the various iPad colors. Second, the finish is too smooth, so it can be a bit slippery. A matte finish with some texture would help here. Third, the cap over the Lightning connector is not attached, so when you take it off, it's easy to lose. There are third-party solutions for this, but they look out of place on something that's otherwise so sleek. Apple should be able to come up with a clever way to have the connector but keep it hidden and protected when it's not in use. This applies to the adapter to connect it to a Lightning cord, too.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Love this pencil!
    Yes, it has some of the quirks listed in the negative reviews. Just make arrangements with yourself to avoid losing the 2 small parts...say to yourself, "these are very small and I will certainly lose them. Therefore I will find a small container and tell myself ahead of time to carefully place then in there. I will plan ahead to charge my pencil while I'm not using it." Yes, it is round and can roll and be dropped. Make plans to minimize that happening! I bought incase iPad sleeve from Apple Store. It has pencil holder. Yes, Apple makes lots of $. But I won't buy any other phone or tablet. And yes it makes tapping sound so forget it if that is a deal breaker for you. No you don't have to be an artist to enjoy the pencil, although it is awesome on Procreate.
    Do you want a perfect product that fulfills all your dreams of exceptional designs without anything to think about or complain about or don't have to use basic critical thinking skills to avoid losing and breaking parts or resent the price or resent Apple? Then avoid. If you simply would like a sweet white pencil that glides over glass and enhances the usability of your iPad Pro, if you are responsible enough to keep track of 2 small parts, find a way to secure the pencil, accept that Apple accessories provide the best user experience, accept that the tips wear out and you will need to replace (your mom would say to buy them in advance)then you will be happy with the long slim white pencil.

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    Great Concept- not executed properly

    The concept is great, a much needed update in digital art though the apps available to use with the pencil I wouldn't recommend much for professional use. It seems like they are mainly for personal/ leisure use or to work on your skills when on the go. The pencil can't be used with anything BUT the iPad pro which is annoying as it's pretty costly and i would think I can use it on my other Apple devices as well. It's not comfortable to hold in hand for a long time which is a con for people who like to start and finish their projects in one sitting. It's also so small and easy to lose- happened to lose mine on the plane and it's not trackable. Wish it was more comfortable, easy to store with your iPad & trackable when lost- too much to ask for in a $100 pencil?

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