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    Wears QUICKLY (1 month); Poor fit on some cases; Stretch marks and pits

    • Written by Christopher W from Cerritos


    1. These cases wear out QUICKLY. within 1 month, the sides of the case (the sides with the buttons) were nearly completely BLACK. Apple calls this "patina," but this is not a normal leather patina. Maybe after 1 week of use, I would call it "patina." After 1 month of use, the leather was just worn through. The actual layer of leather on this case is very thin. If this is aniline dyed (which means the dye is infused into the leather), that means the leather is wearing out. The case just started to feel "rotten" in the hand. The back of the case did have a nice patina to it, which I enjoyed. But the black sides I could not deal with.

    2. As another reviewer has mentioned, some cases fit poorly. They are too tight, and the bottom corners flare out. Out of 3 cases, I only had one that fit correctly. Be very careful when putting your cases on your phone. you might end up scratching the phone finish. if you look on the inside of the case, the corners are not lined with that microfiber/felt lining.

    3. Some cases have a sharp bottom edge, while others have this tapered elliptical cut. The sharp edge makes it uncomfortable to hold the case if you are the type that rests the bottom of the phone on your pinky finger when using it.

    4. INSPECT your case before you leave the store. Cases are coming out of the box with stretch marks, pits and scratches in the leather, and other defects.


    A. If you happen to get one that fits without defects, I think (before it wears out) that this is one of the best cases out there for the phone. The fit and finish are excellent (if you get a good one). The leather feel is excellent and rich, and the grip is great imo. I have never had a problem with the phone slipping out of my hand. I can even use it one-handed without any problems.

    B. The saddle brown color is beautiful for the limited time that it is broken in just right: when it has a minor patina so that you have a tapestry of shades of brown, and just before the sides turn black. Unfortunately, this is short-lived.

    Tips: The buttons come out of the box very rigid, where you cannot register clicks well with the sleep/wake and volume buttons. You can break them in by using your finger to press in the buttons (while the case is off) repeatedly. Think about it like breaking in a baseball glove. After 10 minutes or so, you should get a nice button feel (sometimes feels like no case is there at all).

    For some cases with the tight fit, you will never get a good button click because the case is simply too tight and does not fit properly.

    In sum, perfect case without the defects (fit, wear, stretch marks/pits, etc.). I wish Apple would have kept the bottom lip for extra protection.

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