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    Dead headphones, killed by sweat

    Friendly message to the Apple / Beats design team: I'm disappointed. I bought these (expensive) headphones with the expectation that they would be well-designed to cope with a typical workout. Today, while running and enjoying my music, I heard a screechy electrical sound in the headphones followed by an increase of volume. It seemed that sweat had gotten into the volume control and shorted it out. After getting home and trying various ways to fix the issue, it's clear that the headphones are dead. They won't pair with my iPhone or MacBook Pro. Thirty seconds of Google searching revealed that many others have this same problem. The Powerbeats3 can't handle sweat.

    These are expensive headphones designed for workouts, and they don't work.

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    The Ear hook broken

    I have been using this product for 1 year. It has great superb quality sound, but unfortunately I am not happy with the built quality of the product as in its ear hook broken from its base. No drop damage or anything. Its just separated from its base. :(( (SN:FTRT219AGQ65 )

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    no bass

    has no bass. please update

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    Charging issue

    So had these for a month then had to send them in to get replaced, due to a charging issues. Started off as them not holding a charge long then just not charging at all. So took em in got given a “brand new” pair about three days later. I thought it was awesome apple replaced them and had a crazy fast turn around, and then about three weeks later I am having now the same problem as I did before. Not sure if this is a problem with all of the power 3’s or what but I most likely will end up buying a different brand after getting these fixed. Would not recommend these to anyone.

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    Terrible...DO NOT BUY

    Purchased 2 pairs for running and had a total of 5 replacements on them. Horrible product, doesn't hold up to working out or running. It's painful to deal with apple customer service and they were less than helpful. For $200 there are definitely better products out there and cheaper. DO NOT BUY this. It's not sweat resistant as indicated or as advertised. Save your money. I would rate this 0 star if there were an option.

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