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    I love these headphones they make the music sound like it has great power it is the best pair of headphones I'm planning on buying the upbeats 3 because i want earbud beats i love beats and i would recommend them to any music lover by the way the sound better than beats did when Dr. Dre owned them the way they were in the past was they only sounded good with rap or hip hop and the bass overpowered everything but the thing now is with beats ever since apple bought them they sound actually good and these beats are actually affordable :D

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    love them

    I love these headphones , they are a great option for your first pair of beats its comfortable its sounds great but i wish that it had a detachable cable so if it was damage you could easily get a new one

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    Amazing headphones. Great build and amazing sound!

    Before I purchased a pair of Studio Wireless for school, I purchased these headphones for home and online-gaming. Now because of Online-Gaming, I obviously use the mic a lot. Now overall, the quality of the mic is very good, and the other players on the other side can hear me just as good as I can hear them. Sound quality wise, these are the best sounding Beats (for the price) ever. I actually compared them to the Solo 2's, and these sounded a bit more dynamic and overall better, but I guess that expected since these headphones are still very newly manufactured. Design wise, it's also amazing. I have had these headphones for around 4 months now: No problems so far with the durability or design. I constantly throw these in my bag a lot, and I have never come across something breaking or snapping on the headphones themselves. They also feel and look amazing. I constantly get compliments of them in public, which is a great thing, I guess! If your on a small budget for a new pair of Beats headphones, then you will not be disappointed with these. Guaranteed.

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    These headphones are incredibly comfortable, sound amazing and are priced perfectly!! A great purchase "!!

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    Much too Tight!

    The sound is great and the look is beautiful, but after only a day of use I have to return these headphones and they are so tight! I can wear them for about a 1/2 hour before my ears start feeling numb and my earrings are digging into my head. This is definitely a deal-breaker flaw on these headphones. Please fix this!

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