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    Great Item Works Well

    This item works as expected and it fits well it also holds in your ear when you are running but the one issue I have is when I drop them outdoors in the case it shoots open and the box is wrecked I was wondering if you can gift buyers a free case and comething that will stop them from falling out and wrecking the box and headphones but in that case they are great I love my buy and I would recommend these to other buyers this is a great item I love it best seller going l would buy these.❤️❤️❤️

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    BIHHHH LET ME TELL YALL ABOUT THESE AIRPODS. I was just in a car accident this morning. Head on collision. Car totaled. All the works. I was wearing my AirPods when it happened and somehow I lost the right one during the collision. The left one stayed on and honestly that’s the kind of commitment I need! The left one was THAT bihh. The left one said, “I’m never letting go Jack!” And she didn’t. I seriously thought I had lost the right pod but I found her about 30 feet from the site, in the middle of the street and she still works! I seriously thought that was it for the right one but being all dusty and scratched up, she still works. She a real one. Point of the story though, these AirPods survived a car accident. Get them. Best $160 i didn’t spend (my fiancé bought them for me. Thanks babe!).

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    Product Reviee

    Apple wireless headphones
    I purchased the apple wireless head phones because I started working out and I needed something a little more manageable than the regular headphones. When working out the wired headphones got in my way, so I knew I needed headphones without the core. The headphones caused me $159. Compared to Beats wireless headphones that’s a pretty good deal because the beats wireless headphones cause $199. I also have a hard time keeping silicone earpods in my ear so I knew from the jump that beats weren’t going to work for me.

    The headphones fit is pretty comfortable, they feel just like the corded headphones, but depending on your ear shape and activity level, they likely won’t feel as secure in your ear. The AirPods will fit most people, but not everyone. Unlike with most earbuds, you have no way to adjust the tips to find a better fit. If you know that the corded earbuds that came with your iphone don’t fit you, the AirPods wont either, they’re the same size. The AirPods sit fine in my ears, actually better than the EarPods. They even stayed in while I run.

    A big advantage the AirPods have over Apple’s standard wired buds is in their ability to detect when they’re in an ear, and when they’re taken out. This makes it possible to automatically pause music by removing a single bud, which can be handy when you need to quickly listen to what’s happening in your environment, whether it’s an unexpected announcement from your train conductor or a tourist asking for directions.

    • DURABLE: They survived a full cycle in the washer machine without a problem! No issues with sweat either.
    • Battery lasts for five hours and it takes only 20 minutes to fully charge.
    • Great sound Quality.
    • Do not fall out during any physical activity
    • Chargeable case
    • Universal usage, you can use the headphones to listen to music, turn on and off the microphone
    • Pair with non-Apple device

    A common knock against Apple’s wireless EarPods is that they don’t last very long. After a few months of heavy use, one of the buds will sometimes stop working. I personally haven’t had that problem yet but I hope not to experience it because for $159 that should not be happening.

    • Easy to lose/steal
    • Dirt gets inside case quickly
    • Volume adjustment via phone only
    Final Thoughts
    Hands down the best money I've ever spent! I was skeptical about them falling out when I first purchased them because of how small they are, but I have had zero issues with that even when doing intense activities like sprinting. They seamlessly pair with my phone just by opening the case! I can control the volume and change the song playing in the headphones with my Apple watch so it's amazing during workouts! Another cool feature is that they automatically pause the music when you pull one out and resume when you put them back in your ear. GENIUS! The case packs an extra charge so I can go quite a while without having to re-charge. The case is sleek and small enough to hook onto my keys without making them bulky. I would recommend again and again and again!

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    DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They are liars, the airpods are great, they pair every time. it is easy to find with the app. I love these, you will too.

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    Best Wireless headphones

    I just want to say that i bought mine in Nov, 2017. I always used straps to keep the together while im using them and one day in Jan of 2018 i had to snow blow by driveway. Some how i lost the right one and it apparently went through the snow blower, landing somewhere in my front lawn. I spent hours looking for it with no success. I gave up on the search since we got a good 6-8 inches that week. The during the summer i was prepping my grass and low and behold i find the lost airpod on the ground. I was so excited since they were very expensive and a replacement was $80 lol. I went to charge the found one and it actually held a charge. I cleaned it off from all the dirt it had and i was surprised that they still had full function. I am just amazed that they still work and i use them almost everyday.

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    Nice airpods

    I just bought this yesterday and the airpods fit perfectly to my ears. Bass is so nice. Great job apple

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    the best earphones

    they've never fallen out for me and they are the best earphones I have ever purchased

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    AirPods review

    They are AMAZING I wear them everyday they don’t fall out of my ears , they are comfy, sound quality is perfect and they connect with my phone so easy they are good for going to sleep with them so then you don’t get strangled while sleeping �� 10/10 would recommend

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    Absolutely wonderful!

    They are great! I've had no issues with them. They sound great, they are super easy to use, and the instant pairing is great. I don't understand how people loose them, I've had them for a month now and have never lost them. I've had friends with them since they came out in December 2016, and they have never lost them.

    I love them.

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    Best Purchase Ever.

    So I got my AirPods a little over a year ago. These bad boys have not failed on me once!!! I'm a skater and I wear these things every time I go skate or go to school. I've completely trashed these things and they still work just like new. They have gotten wet, fallen down sets of stairs, and been landed on by me while skating. This has been by far my greatest purchase ever. Sure they are small but instead of taking them out and putting it on the table just put it back into the charging case and into your pocket. I don't understand how they could be that hard to lose for some people. Basically what I'm trying to say is that these things are super durable and AMAZING quality. I highly recommend these to everyone even though they are a little expensive, but again...totally worth it! :)

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    Best Wireless Earphones Yet!!!

    I was thinking between getting either the AirPods, PowerBeats 3 or the BeatsX and I was even watching a bunch of videos on YouTube to see which one would be best and would suit me, some say that the AirPods fall out really easily but some say that the BeatsX and the PowerBeats 3 fall out easily but in my opinion, I got the AirPods and that I realised I made a great choice... Sounds really good and doesn’t fall out easily for me. If I had to recommend any of these to my friends, I would definitely tell them to get the AirPods.

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    Amazing resilient product

    I lost an AirPod a couple of months ago. Found it on the weekend lying on the ground, in the dirt under the clothes line. I'd obviously left it in my pocket and it had gone through the wash. Then it was in the dirt and rain for two months. I put it back in the case, and it charged. When it was fully charged I connected it to my iPad and played some music, It worked PERFECTLY!! I could not pick the difference in sound quality between this AirPod and the replacement AirPod I had purchased.

    This is so amazing! In an age of planned obsolescence here is a product that that can be subject to abuse that would have been the end of virtually any other computer product I have ever bought and still works. Well done Apple, and thankyou!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product!

    I bought my AirPods in December 2016, and after the 6 week wait for them to ship, I have been using them nearly every day since February 2017. I have had to replace both individual AirPods due to them becoming quite, but it was all covered under warranty. After using them for over a year and a half, I can say that AirPods are the most reliable earbuds I have ever owned. Normal wired earbuds never last me more than a year with minimal use but AirPods have worked with ease from day one with daily use. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I was a bit skeptical of this product to begin with but had heard many great things so decided to splurge and buy them. Although they are a bit pricey and alot more of an investment than your regular Earphones by Apple, these earphones are truly amazing! They fit in my ear perfectly and have never fallen out. The sound quality is also fantasic and the airpods are overall a good purchase. Definitley not regretting buying these!

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    One of those product which when you get you just don't want to take off

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Flawless with the exception of one flaw

    We’ve all heard people say the same things about AirPods at first glance.. “Apple headphones always fall out of my ears”, “They cost $160??”, “I could never own those, i would lose them”, “Yeah but how long does the battery really last?”...

    Well I’m hear to tell you that none of the above statements matter in any way shape or form. I purchased my AirPods over a year ago and I have never lost them once (because they never leave my side), they have only fallen out of my ear once (after one hour of boxing), the battery life is incredibly impressive (they literally charge faster than a microwave can cook food), and if I ever needed to replace them, I would pay the $159 again in a heartbeat because they are worth every penny plus more.

    Give me 90 seconds with anyone who doesn’t believe in this product and I gaurentee you I can make them fall in love with their new AirPods.. Litterally the only flaw that these headphones have is that if you want to turn the volume up or down, you have to either ask Siri to do it or hit the volume buttons on your phone. With that exception, these AirPods are Flawless and nearly priceless. Buy them.

    Oh yeah, and Thanks, Apple!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Well worth the price, they are perfect !

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    These are so good

    These AirPods are so good. The sound quality of them is amazing. And if you lose them you can just use find my iPhone to find them.

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    I got these 2 weeks ago and they're amazing! It may depend on the person whether or not if it'll fit you, but these fit perfect on me and they don't fall out too easily. I use them all the time during school and they're amazing. If you're wanting to buy some but you don't know if it'll fit your ear or not, just try some regular Apple EarPods and see if it fits you because everyone basically has a pair and these AirPods are just replicas of those except they're wireless lol.

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    Amazing Product!

    Very user friendly and easy pairing. works with all of your iOS and Mac OS devices. battery lasts all day and acceleromater works great with the W1 chip. the double tap feature works seamlessly and it actually pauses and plays music as you take it in and out of your ears. highly recommend for someone who is involved in the apple atmosphere.

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